People are suing McDonald's because their burgers aren't as thicc as advertised

If you live anywhere under the shadow of capitalism, then you’ve seen one of those McDonald’s commercials where a camera pans in to a burger oozing with beef juice and stacked with bacon, melting cheese, and onions. You’ve probably also had the experience of going to a drive-thru and unwrapping said burger only to find a disappointing, deflated version of what was advertised. We’ve all been gaslit by fast food chains and now, a new lawsuit against McDonald’s and Wendy’s and other fast food chains are being accused of exaggerating the size of their food.
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Marvel's Avengers Reveals Civil War Surprise for Fans

Marvel's Avengers has a special Captain America: Civil War surprise for fans of the Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X game. Since releasing Marvel's Avengers, developer Crystal Dynamics has completely reversed its tune about distancing the game from the MCU. In development and in marketing, Crystal Dynamics was adamant that it was not making an MCU game. Fast-forward, and now the only content regularly being released for the game are MCU suits for the its various different characters. The latest MCU suit is for Iron Man fans, and it involves Captain America: Civil War.
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Netflix Piles On Bad News With Bad News As Major Layoffs Are Announced

Netflix is definitely going through a rough time right now. While many millions of people still stand by the service despite the granddaddy of streaming continuing to quietly raise prices, after this January’s price hike settled in, it was revealed that Netflix lost about 200,000 subscribers across the first two quarters of its fiscal year. That was the first time Netflix lost subscribers since 2011, and now there’s more bad news, as the company has announced that major layoffs have taken place.
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The Untold Truth Of Tapatio

With its deep shade of red and remarkably pleasant spice level, Tapatío has become one of the most widespread and recognizable hot sauces in the country. For many of us, Tapatío's accessibility made it one of the first bottles of hot sauce that we regularly reached for. Compared to other leading brands that are highly vinegar based, Tapatío's flavor profile is less acidic but equally flavorful. Thin enough to thoroughly glaze anything it touches with its peppery, crimson sheen, there's truly something special about the tangy blaze. With just a quick flash of gentle heat, Tapatio keeps you coming back for more.

Kohl's says two top executives are leaving, as company seeks buyer

Kohl's said Wednesday that it is losing two of its top executives, as the retailer searches for a potential buyer amid pressure from activists to sell the business. Doug Howe, Kohl's chief merchandising officer, is departing immediately, the retailer said in a securities filing. Greg Revelle, chief marketing officer, is expected to depart June 1.

More people would rather sleep with their pet than their spouse

They might not complain about being in the doghouse now. A new survey found that pet owners actually prefer sleeping with their pets over their partners. Out of 2,000 American pet owners in the study, which was reported by OnePoll and commissioned by mattress company Sealy, 66% said they allow their precious pets to sleep in their bed, while 58% of respondents in relationships admitted to preferring to share a bed with their furry friends and not their significant others. Slightly more than half (51%) said that doing so aided their stress and anxiety, while 42% said their cuddly company makes them...

TikTok’s new ad product gives creators a chance to partner with marketers on branded content

Creators can then decide in which Branded Missions they want to participate. All creators who are at least 18 years old and have at least 1,000 followers are eligible to participate in a Branded Mission. TikTok says eligible creators whose videos are selected by brands will “benefit from a cash payment and boosted traffic.” On each Branded Mission page, creators will be able to view how much money they have the potential to earn if their video is selected.

Harlem Capital leads seed into Because, an e-commerce enablement startup

One of those is Because, a startup developing no-code software connecting disparate data sources to automate high volumes of website updates. Founder and CEO Ashland Stansbury explained that e-commerce companies are spending a collective $1.3 trillion to drive traffic to their websites, but only 3% of that leads to a customer purchase. In addition, the average business owner on Shopify is managing a large product catalog, often with over 50 products.

Sofia Vergara Lends Boost To TelevisaUnivision Streaming Debut (EXCLUSIVE)

Click here to read the full article. Sofia Vergara will lend a hand as Spanish-language media giant TelevisaUnivision moves deeper into the world of streaming. The popular actor, recognized for her turns in ABC’s “Modern Family” and NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” will create an animated series for the company’s new ViX streaming services, which has an ad-supported tier as well as a premium subscription level. Vergara will create and lend her voice to “Koati, The Series,” an original animated program based on the recent movie centered on a family of exotic animals who live in the rainforests of Latin America. The...

Variety Announces Interviews for Cannes Studio Presented by Campari

Click here to read the full article. Variety will partner with Campari to bring the Variety Studio to the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. The interview studio will run May 18 – 25 and feature conversations with top directors and stars attending the 75th annual fest. Talent participating in the interview studio includes Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, Michael Banks Repeta, Jaylin Webb and writer/director James Gray from “Armageddon Time” (Focus Features), a coming-of-age story about family and the generational pursuit of the American dream; Julianne Moore and Jesse Eisenberg from his feature directorial debut, “When You Finish Saving the World” (A24), a comedy-drama...

How Kinostar Has Been Turning Niche Audiences Into Big Business for 25 Years

On the surface, Michael and Matthias Roesch, the German brothers behind German exhibitor, sales agent and pan-European distributor Kinostar, have little in common with Ron and Russell Mael, the duo behind legendary L.A. cult band Sparks, other than sibling ties and parents with a penchant for first-name alliteration. But much like the Maels, the Roesches have carved out an enduring business in the entertainment industry by finding and serving niche audiences on the periphery of the mainstream. In place of Sparks’ theatrical art-rock, think the Turkish-and Polish-language movies that Kinostar has turned into chart-toppers across Europe; the live performances of Russia’s...

How La Canadienne Is Capturing the Year-Long Customer With New Transitional Styles

Click here to read the full article. While La Canadienne is known for its cold-weather boots, the Montreal-based brand is looking to target a four-season customer with the launch of new transitional styles. This spring, it delivered its first collection of transitional booties and best sellers reinvented in brighter, lighter shades for spring. “Historically, we’ve been a brand that lived only in the fall and winter within the wholesale department store world. Whereas in our own channels, we’re multi-category,” said president Nicholas Niro. “Now, we are working very much on bridging the gap.” Niro joined the team in 2019 after nine years...

Kohl’s Sales Drop in First Quarter; Forecasts Revised Downward

Click here to read the full article. Kohl’s Corp. joined the rank of retailers reporting disappointing results and saw its shares drop another 7.3 percent in premarket trading on Thursday following an 11 percent decline in the market’s turmoil on Wednesday. Shares were trading at $40 on Thursday. The retailer said Thursday that its sales weakened during the first quarter, lowering the company’s expectations for sales and earnings in 2022. However, the company said it remains committed to its long-term strategy, which is focused on rolling out Sephora shops inside its stores and continuing to build its appeal as a destination for...