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Pittsburgh's Polish Hill Is My Polish Hill

Polish Hill is a small neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a place near and dear to my heart. My family lived there for more than 50 years. Hardworking men - many of whom were Polish immigrants, made a life there. They owned houses, raised their families, and supported local shops and they made a life. Polish Hill is as vibrant as ever today.
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Pittsburgh’s long-range transit plans: higher elevations and lower fares

Pittsburgh transit planners are looking into the future. They are imagining a city where getting around is cheaper, easier, and sometimes airborne. The Department of Mobility Infrastructure [DOMI] released its 50-year plan in September. The Port Authority [PAT] released its 25-year plan in September as well. Themes of accessibility and equity run through both plans. Both expand transit service to underserved areas like Hazelwood and the 31st Ward.
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Steelers V Lions | WK10 NFL 2021

The first tie of the season. Mason Rudolph played pretty well in place of Ben Roethlisberger. Throwing for 50 times seems excessive but despite only completing 60% of passes, he made some pretty important plays. Najee Harris ran for 100 yards. D'andre Swift ran for 130 and Godwin Igwebuike had an amazing run as well. Lions have had some competitive games although I believe Steelers were favored in this one. I rather see a victor than a tie but it still was a entertaining game.

In 1915, Pittsburgh’s Federal Leaguers Needed Extras To Defeat A Semipro Squad

Today, we travel back to relive a 1915 Federal League exhibition game.Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. With his team tied atop the Federal League standings, Pittsburgh Rebels player-manager Ennis Telfair “Rebel” Oakes faced a dilemma. After enduring a 10-5 loss to the Chicago Whales at Weeghman Park on Sunday, June 6, 1915, Oakes’ team had a week-long hiatus dubbed as “an odd turn of the schedule” by the Kansas City Star. Oakes pondered a strategy to keep his players sharp while they remained idle from regulation play. He arranged a series of exhibition games against teams of disparate talent along the Rebels’ route to Handlan’s Park and their next official game on the road against the St. Louis Terriers.

National Adoption Month celebrates families who give kids a safe haven

Reverend Michael Murray’s childhood and his faith played equal roles in his decision to adopt. “I came from a large family of 12, including my parents. I grew up in a happy home. When you grow up in a happy home, you see the difference between enjoying your life and seeing what others put into it. So, once I wanted to develop a family, I wanted a big family.”

Steelers V Bears | WK9 NFL 2021

Both teams seemed very well matched up, but there could only be one winner. Both defenses played pretty well but Justin Fields mobility and execution became a problem, and Big Bens composure and experience showed. Najee Harris got going, Pat Friermuth has been playing well all season for a rookie but had a good breakout game. The Steelers did just enough for the win and both teams came out and gave their all. A competitive game that was down to a last second field goal, this game didn't lack much. Both teams have playoff hopes, the Steelers chances obviously more brighter than the Bears but we'll see how the rest of this season goes. #Bears #Steelers #NFL #AmericanFootball Twitch: Hallonmars1 / Y-T: HallsWay

How to plant garlic, an ancient fall crop beloved around the world

The gardener’s yearly cycle of labors typically ends with planting garlic. Garlic in our northern latitudes is planted in the fall, and harvested in mid-July. Garlic is grown by simply planting the individual cloves that one might otherwise peel and eat. Plant each clove deep, more than an inch beneath the soil surface, and mulch with a deep layer of straw (not hay!) to protect the developing plant from winter’s cold. Garlic can be grown quite close together, I like to space mine about four inches apart, allowing enough room for the bulbs to develop.

Riding the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, PA - The Best View of Pittsburgh!

Have you ever visited Pittsburgh, PA? In this video, I will be sharing a highlight of Pittsburgh as we ride the Duquesne Incline! Riding the Duquesne Incline is a great family-friendly activity to do and also allows you to see the best view of Pittsburgh! With lots to see and do in Pittsburgh, riding one of the city's inclines is definitely a must-do experience. You are able to park your car at the base of the incline and must pay for parking. To ride the incline, it costs $2.50 one way or $5 round trip per person. Once you have paid the admission to ride the incline, you will wait until the next available incline arrives. The ride on the incline is short, but don't forget to look around as the views only get better as you go up!

Steelers V Browns | WK8 NFL 2021

The Browns seem to have a lot to work on. One of the most talented rosters in the NFL, and possibly top three coming into the season. I don't think anyone anticipated them struggling this much. Odell has been treated as your average receiver, Baker's accuracy has been hit or miss, and the offense seems to be pretty repetitive. Both of these teams are still in Wild Card contention but it'll be a tough road the rest of this season. #NFL #AmericanFootball #Steelers #Browns YouTube: HallsWay Twitch: Hallonmars1