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Our family experience at Dowling’s at The Carlyle New York

Dowling’s at the Carlyle, located in the luxurious Rosewood Hotel, was one of the most mouthwatering dining experiences while staying in New York City. The elegant and sophisticated dining room instantly draws you in and creates a private and intimate ambiance for the discerning diner. Service is impeccable throughout your meal bringing back a sense of old world New York charm and we loved the menu of elevated modern American cuisine.
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Trying the NEWEST (and only) Asian Food Court in NYC! (Dim Sum, BBQ, Cheap Omakase!)

We tried the newest food court in Manhattan’s Chinatown (Might be the only one but correct me if I’m wrong). Very similar to the asian food courts you would see in Queens or Brooklyn, this new food court brings authentic and asian fusion cuisine together in one place! Where else can you get high quality dim sum, BBQ, Omakase Sushi, Peking Duck and Juicy Lobster Burgers all in one place?! Let us know what you think and which other places in NYC you want us to check out!

Our family experience at Margaritaville Resort Times Square New York

Margaritaville has opened its doors in Times Square and brought all the good time vibes, lively ambiance, and amazing service to the heart of NYC. The modern and tropical themed hotel features modern guest rooms, stylish details, and amazing NY skyline views. We were instantly awed by our decadent suite which was one of the biggest we’ve seen in the city. The separate lounge and master bedroom meant families who are travelling with children will have plenty of space and the wraparound windows allowed panoramic views from day to night.

NYC Daily Roundup 12/07: NYPD holds toy giveaway in Times Square, Kemba Walker addresses future with Knicks & more news

(Spencer Platt/Getty Images) (NEW YORK) Hello, fellow New Yorkers! Today is Tuesday, Dec. 7, and there's still time to complete your Christmas shopping. It is another mild day in the city, with the weather peaking at 45°F with no rain in sight. Sunset will take place at 4:27 p.m. as temperatures will dip into the high 30s after 5 p.m.

Best New York City Homemade Chocolate & Licorice Shop for #HolidayJoy : Myzel's Chocolate

In this video, JamesandKarla visit the Best New York City Homemade Chocolate & Licorice Shop for #HolidayJoy: Myzel's Chocolate. This lovely family-owned chocolatier not only sells a huge selection of their own homemade chocolates but also sells 160 different varieties of European licorice. We speak with the owner, Kamila Myzel who talks about her shop and how it has been struggling to survive due to the pandemic as it located in the heart of the Theater District.

New York’s Mountains, Lakes and Rivers are Beautiful!

New York has to be one of the most famous states in the world. New York City is often referred to as the 'Big Apple'. What is slightly less well know is just how beautiful the State of New York is. This compilation of cinematic footage will take your breath away. ► FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM: <a href=""></a> ► FACEBOOK: <a href=""></a> Music: Vlad Gluschenko — Flowers <a href=""></a> License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Christmas Market Columbus Circle New York City #HolidayJoy Shopping for Artisanal Gifts

In this video, JamesandKarla and their rescue dog Hudson walk through the entire Christmas Market at Columbus Circle in New York City for the most scenic #HolidayJoy Shopping for Artisanal Gifts. The Columbus Circle Holiday Market is directly adjacent to Central Park, which makes it an ideal location to visit with your pet as you can take a walk in the park after shopping.

When Steve Miller Met Mungo Jerry at Fillmore East

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Steve Miller, guitarist and singerof the Steve Miller Band, details his run-ins with promoter Bill Graham in the new book Fillmore East: The Venue That Changed Rock Music Forever. Despite their disagreements, Miller admits Graham was an innovative producer who presented the greatest blues musicians of the era to young white audiences. Here Miller discusses his first time headlining Fillmore East on Sept. 25, 1970.

Why This Blind NYC Woman Has a Sign Around Her Neck

Blind WomanThe New York Public Library Digital Collections. This is what New York City is like, today, in 2021: Wherever you go, people will ask you for something. Go to your favorite coffee spot, and someone will ask you to watch their laptop while they use the restroom. Go to your subway stop, and someone will ask you for directions. Go down almost any avenue in Manhattan, and someone will ask you for help.

Why Am I Still Single?

“Why am I still single?” It’s a question I hear a lot in my practice. As a clinical psychologist in New York City, I work with many successful clients — while they’re really good at getting things done in their professional lives, their dating life is either nonexistent or chaotic.

Opinion: “Do What You Love” Is Terrible Advice

"I was walking to my car when I overheard someone talking about the article they had just read. When I came closer, I realized that those two people were having an argument." "The first person said 'Doing what you love is terrible advice.' To which the second person responded 'How can you say that? It's great!' And then he went on for his minute or so about how all of these successful people like Oprah and John Lennon loved what they did and became successful."