4 Great Steakhouses in Maine

Photo byPhoto by José Ignacio Pompé on UnsplashonUnsplash. If you live in Maine and you like trying new restaurants from time to time, here is a list of four amazing steakhouses in Maine that are highly praised by local people for their food and service.
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Bad Virus Season: Some Maine Schools Closing Temporarily To Clean

If you've thought to yourself, "It seems like absolutely everyone around me is sick right now!" you're not far off. With a marked increase in the number of folks masking up again, and a shortage of certain antibiotics used to treat some of the more prevalent respiratory infections, the ripple effect of so much illness floating around can be seen daily in local businesses and institutions.
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Daughter of Maine's 1st Black legislator named House speaker

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The Maine House selected Democrat Rachel Talbot Ross to be its first Black speaker on Tuesday in a vote witnessed by her proud father, who made history himself 50 years ago by becoming the the first Black person elected to the Legislature in the nation’s whitest state. House members erupted in applause after picking Talbot Ross to lead the chamber. “I want any child in our state to know today that this is possible,” Talbot Ross told her fellow lawmakers. Her father, Gerald Talbot, and other family members looked on. Like him, Talbot Ross served as president of the Portland NAACP. She was elected to the House in 2016, 44 years after her father won a seat. Two years ago, Democrats chose her to be the House’s assistant majority leader, making her the first person of color to serve in leadership in the Legislature.

A Glacier, a Potter, and the Land

IN THE VILLAGE OF WAYNE in southcentral Maine, there is a potter named Molly. She has steady hands and a voice that warbles. Her home is on a narrow piece of land between lakes, and there she quarries a ton of blue-black wet clay from the backyard once every ten years. Molly draws life up from the ground, from the calls of the loons and from the community of people to which she belongs. Transmutes it into something new. When she speaks about the things she cares about, you can hear her voice trill like a stream running over stones.

Rachel Talbot Ross sworn in as Maine House Speaker

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - History is being made at the Maine State House Wednesday. The House of Representatives elected Rachel Talbot Ross as speaker, the first African American to serve in that position. She was sworn in Wednesday afternoon. Ross is a Portland lawmaker whose father was the first Black...

Maine Republicans want to end tax breaks over lobster bans

(The Center Square) – Maine Republicans are pushing back against a boycott effort targeting lobster sales, with a plan to eliminate tax breaks for Whole Foods and other food companies that pull the popular crustacean from their stores. Legislation expected to be filed by the GOP minority for consideration in the next session would prevent Whole Foods, or other groups that ban lobster sales from getting tax breaks available to Maine businesses. ...

Have You Licensed Your Dog for 2023?

Have you renewed your dog's licenses for 2023? They are supposed to be licensed by January 1st, but the State of Maine gives you a grace period until January 31st. After that, there's a $25.00 late fee imposed per dog!. In the State of Maine, all dogs age 6 months...

Rachel Talbot Ross becomes 1st Black House speaker in Maine's history

State Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross of Portland made history on Wednesday by becoming the first Black lawmaker elected as speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. Addressing the House as speaker for the first time, Talbot Ross urged lawmakers to work together on issues such as housing affordability, poverty and improving the state's relationship with the Wabanaki tribes.

LETTERS: Appalled at court’s action on public land

As one who helped draft Article 9, Section 23 in 1993 to protect our public lands from private misuse, I am appalled at this court’s action [Maine Supreme Judicial Court in the case of Russell Black et al v. Bureau of Parks and Lands et al.]. This ruling is an insult to the 243,000 Mainers who spoke loudly to protect our public lands. And it is a slap in the face to the Maine Legislature that just last year voted 26-5 in the Senate and 66-52 in the House to assert its right and responsibility under the Constitution to determine this matter. The job of the Supreme Court is to serve the people of Maine and to protect our Constitution. With this ruling, they have instead sucker-punched the people of Maine and subverted our Constitution. Most tragically, they have done so to benefit foreign corporations and illicit transactions that were intentionally hidden from public scrutiny.