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Musty Laundry? Add This to Your Washer for a Refreshing Change

As we move into the actual hottest months on the calendar for South Louisiana many of you are facing the same issues that we face at our house. How to keep all the sweat-soaked laundry clean and fresh for use as soon as possible. Now, if you don't live in the Gulf South you might not understand just how sweaty clothes can get. It is entirely possible to get at least pit stains just by walking to the mailbox and back. Yeah, it's that hot.

Giant Pickle Tackles Streaker During Baseball Game – ‘Murica

Over the past 24 to 48 hours you've probably thought a lot about what makes America such a great place to live. I am willing to bet that not that many of you included the thought of a giant pickle tackling a nearly naked man at a baseball game as one of those thoughts. But, based on crowd reaction at the stadium the pickle was on point when he speared the trespasser.

Alabama Road Closed for 2nd Time Because of Spilled Chicken Parts

Have you ever stopped to wonder what is inside those big trucks that zoom by you on the Interstate? Sure they could be loaded with furniture or tools or produce or in the case of the state of Alabama, loose chicken parts. How do we know about the propensity for the hauling of loose chicken parts in the great state of Alabama? Well, the truckers over there keep spilling the chicken goo all over the road.

Dorm Imploded at University of Alabama

Over July the 4th the University of Alabama imploded a dorm, wasn't LSU supposed to do the same thing to a dorm on campus in Baton Rouge? The short answer is yes, LSU was supposed to have already imploded Kirby Smith Hall, that implosion was supposed to have taken last month but plans changed.

Ten Stats And Facts About The Fourth Of July

Do Americans still care about the true meaning of Independence Day or is it just all about the beer, hot dogs, and fireworks?. We drink more beer on July 4th than any other day, and we'll spend about $7.5 billion on Fourth of July food. Here are a few random...

Excessive Rainfall Possible Today in Southwest Louisiana

Southwest Louisiana residents should be aware that the forecast for the region today calls for the possibility of excessive rainfall. The enhanced rain threat is being blamed on an abundance of Gulf of Mexico moisture which is being pulled onshore by a tropical weather system that has been spinning just off the Texas coast for most of this week.

Fourth Of July Weekend Dangerous For Your Phone

The Fourth of July weekend isn't just dangerous for your fingers, apparently, our phones take a beating too. Asurion is a cell phone insurance company, and they have put out their findings for the 2021 Fourth of July weekend pertaining to phone damages. They found that there are 48% more...

$366.7 Million – Single Ticket Claims Powerball Jackpot

The multi-state lottery game Powerball has not had a big jackpot winner in 63 days. That all changed with last night's (06/29/22) drawing in the big-money game. The Powerball jackpot that was reported as the ping pong balls fell last night just before 10 pm Louisiana time was revealed to be $366,700,000.00 dollars.

New Law: Cross Atchafalaya Basin Under 18 Minutes, Get a Ticket

I am not saying I have EVERY done this before, but I have recently taken a lot of trips to Baton Rouge for chemo. It became a challenge started by my dad. That's right, I'll blame him first. I can remember crossing the basin bridge as a teenager with just my permit, being scared to death to go over the speed limit there. My uncle in Baton Rouge would tell me sometimes they fly planes over the bridge to catch speeders. Course, then I discovered the Waze app and all bets were off. The speed limits on the Basin bridge are 60 for normal vehicles and 55 for commercial vehicles. This makes it the slowed game of "can I pass you" in the world!

DraftKings Bar & Grill Coming To The Nugget In Lake Charles

If you love sports betting, beer, and burgers then we have some big news for you. Draftkings was founded in 2012 in Boston by former Vistaprint employees Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman. The company initially operated out of Liberman's house. DraftKings' first product was a one-on-one baseball competition, launched to coincide with Major League Baseball's opening day in 2012. And as they say, the rest is history.

City Of Lake Charles City To Observe July 4th Holiday – Garbage Schedules Altered

The 4th of July holiday weekend is coming up this weekend and the city of Lake Charles has announced that they will be closed on Monday, July 4th. This means that the Department of Public Works, and other City Departments, including Lake Charles City Hall, will be closed on Monday, July 4, 2022, in observance of the holiday but will reopen on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.