Bucket Hats Are Having a Hollywood Moment — Here Are the Best Bucket Looks For Right Now

Click here to read the full article. If anyone is able to make a self-deprecating and comically bad action hero named Lady Bug swoon-worthy it’s Brad Pitt, whose most embarrassing moments in “Bullet Train” (like getting sprayed in the face with a bidet or losing his train ticket within minutes) is made just an ounce less cringe by the coolness factor afforded to him by a stylish outfit — namely, a floppy white bucket hat and wide-rimmed glasses that remain his staple accessories throughout most of the film. The first time you see Pitt without the floppy headwear is when it’s...
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The 12 best bucket hats to complete any outfit this summer and beyond

While you may have cringed at the idea of wearing a bucket hat five years ago, it seems like anyone and everyone has been jumping in on the 90s trend for the last couple of years. You probably can’t even scroll through your TikTok or Instagram feed for more than 30 seconds without seeing a celebrity or two rocking the popular bucket hat — let alone on the streets of New York City. Aside from being an overly hot item these days, bucket hats are also great at protecting your face from harmful UV rays. All you need to do is...
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The 20 best joggers for men of 2022: Adidas, lululemon and more

Whether you’re getting a move on or just moving from the bedroom to the couch, joggers are a guy’s best friend. Not to be confused with sweatpants, one of the best parts about joggers is their streamlined look: a loose lounge pant complete with a comfy elastic waistband at the top, that tapers and cinches at the ankle for a more tailored look. (Yes, sweats can be chic, too.) Joggers can also be made of different, lighter materials, making them better than toasty sweats in the spring and summer. We love a good pair of athletic joggers, complete with sweat-wicking...
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Downtown break in leads to arrest

Officers were unable to contact any Lululemon employees at the time of the event, reporting that they left a note for staff and taped the location off with police tape until further contact could be made.

10 Stores We Need Now In Walden Galleria

I consider myself a mall connoisseur. I grew up “mall walking” with my Grandma as a little kid (Orange Julius in hand), and spent most weekends as a teenager browsing the racks at Deb and Sears. My first job was even at my local mall - as a cashier at FYE - and boy, that 20% off employee discount perk really helped to boost my CD collection.

Shop Local This Back-To-School Season

There’s nothing quite like the fresh start of the school year, especially when it comes with new clothes, backpacks and school supplies. So sharpen those pencils and open up your notebooks to jot down some of the best places to shop this back-to-school season. The Cottage. With locations in...

PSA: The Lululemon Belt Bag Is In Stock At Amazon Right Now

The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag has amassed such a huge cult following over the past few months, it’s been consistently sold out on the brand’s site. Lululemon stores are getting daily calls asking whether they’ve restocked, and some shoppers are desperately turning to resale sites like Poshmark, shelling out as much as $145 to get their hands on the popular bag. With that in mind, we were excited to see the Lululemon Belt Bag in stock at Amazon today in a variety of colorways.

The Best Amazon Athleisure and Activewear for Summer 2022

Athleisure has been a favorite fashion trend for a few years now and with that in mind, you can always depend on Amazon for a wide range of activewear and athleisure products. From leggings to yoga pants, you can find anything you want without breaking the bank. No matter where you are, you can wear athleisure at any time, whether you are at home, working out, or running errands.

Best pickleball paddles, equipment and outfits for all levels in 2022

In a pickle when it comes to what trendy new activity to pick up for fall 2022? No sweat, as we’ve found that pickleball is the newest and hottest sport to try, causing quite the racket all over social media and beyond. The sport, similar to tennis, badminton or an enlarged version on ping pong, is reaching extreme popularity this summer and into fall. It’s played on a court similar to tennis, with a lower net and a smaller court. Instead of rackets and tennis balls, trade those in for a flat paddle and a plastic, wiffle ball and you...

Lululemon Stock: A Wonderful Business At A Fair Price

Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon (NASDAQ:LULU) is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men. What started off as a design for women's yoga apparel is now a multi-billion dollar business and one of the top global athletic apparel brands. In this article, I will conduct a deep dive into Lululemon and why I recently bought the business despite its slightly premium valuation.

The 22 Best Exercise Dresses to Wear to Workouts or Brunch

If you’ve noticed more people dressing like they’re headed to play tennis (without a court in sight), welcome to the summer of the sports dress. The best exercise dresses have become a must-have for warm days, and with good reason. These all-in-one pieces of athleisure combine a tennis skirt with a dress, offering support, style, sweat-wicking fabric, and side pockets for your essentials.

YouTuber Scours Unclaimed Baggage Store To Reunite Travelers With Their Lost Luggage

Losing luggage is, at best, annoying; and at worst, tragic. Having anything disappear is a crummy feeling, and one YouTuber has tried to lessen the blow by reuniting owners with their lost items. In a video titled I Bought LOST LUGGAGE and RETURNED IT to the Owner, Hope Allen, aka HopeScope, searches through a trove of abandoned objects to try and find beloved lost things. She has a place to start: the Unclaimed Baggage store in Scottsboro, Alabama. It is the place to look for things lost at the airport or by airlines.

Under Armour: Hidden Improvements

Under Armour continues to forecast strong revenue growth this year of 6% before multiple headwinds. The athletic apparel retailer faces strong margin pressures, reducing gross margins by 400 basis points in FY23. As with all retailers, Under Armour (NYSE:UA, NYSE:UAA) has fallen on tough times with supply chain issues. The...