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Illinois loves its people: Check if you qualify for $1,500 via AABD Cash Program being disabled or blind

Compared to other states in the United States, Illinois is relatively accessible. A large number of measures are taken to protect people and to help them get financial help. Of course, healthy people don’t face as many problems as disabled, aged, and blind individuals. The best thing is that people over here can use wheelchairs to go anywhere and that’s without any big issues.

Beyond Stuffed: The 5 Styles of Chicago Pizza

Chicago pizza is more than deep dish. Get the scoop on five different Chicago pizza styles to eat when you visit the Windy City. We have a reputation here in Chicago. We love our pizzas deep with a look similar to a casserole. But don’t be fooled – Chicago pizza is actually a varied landscape of different shapes and sizes and that doesn’t include Chicago’s iconic Pizza Puff which is a food group all its own.

CPD reports 20 shots fired and 3 fatalities over the weekend in Chicago.

The city of Chicago has long been plagued by a persistent problem of gun violence and shootings, and the situation shows no signs of improvement. With each passing weekend, the news headlines are filled with reports of multiple shootings, leaving families torn apart and communities in mourning. In this article, we will take a closer look at the problem of shootings in Chicago, exploring the root causes and examining the efforts being made to address this critical issue.

Free Agents and Top Draft Picks Line Up Nicely with Bears' Needs

The needs of the Chicago bears are many and well-chronicled. They include interior defensive line help, an edge pass rusher, a linebacker or two, help on the offensive line and a number one WR. They will also have to do something at RB, even if it's just resigning David Montgomery. Fortunately for them, their needs and the available talent match up pretty well. Having your QB in place is a huge help. Let's look at the available talent.

Find how you can help the victims of the Syria and Turkey earthquake

Local Chicago groups are stepping up after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in eastern Turkey and nearby Syria on Monday. (CHICAGO) After a catastrophic event, communities around the world take action and look for ways to help the survivors. Local groups in Chicago have already begun to seek help for those suffering from Monday's earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Lori Lightfoot trailing far behind in mayoral race

Mayor Lightfoot is facing a steep uphill battle to reelection. A recent survey from The Daily Line and Crain’s Chicago Business saw Lightfoot trailing significantly behind Rep. Jesús ​“Chuy” García (D-Ill.,), Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas, with 25% of those surveyed saying they backed García and another 25% backing Johnson, 15% choosing Vallas and 11% behind Lightfoot.

The story behind the infamous photograph of Nick Kuesis and gangster James Morelli

In the later months of the year of 1947, a gruesome crime took place that has forever been pressed into our history. Thomas Daley an alleged leader of a small gang in Chicago and his associates James Morelli and Lowell Fentress who were also known to be part of the gang, decided one night to drive up to a garage owned by a man named Nick Kuesis. The reason behind this was that in the earlier months leading to the murders, Morelli and Fentress committed a heist in which they were able to leave away with $800 U.S dollars (equivalent to roughly $10,500). However although they were both acquitted of the robbery charge, they still held a grudge on Nick's brother John Kuesis for allegedly tipping off Chicago police of their crime.

One-time payment of $500 coming to thousands of residents

Here's some good news for many individuals in Chicago. Applications are open again for the Chicago Resiliency Fund 2.0, which gives a financial boost to residents who didn’t get a COVID-19 stimulus. The Resiliency Fund 2.0 is supported by the city’s Chicago Recovery Plan, a nearly $1.9 billion share of federal pandemic relief.

Joseph Bertrand Is Running For 3rd Ward Alderman In Markham

Joseph G. Bertrand Jr. is running for 3rd Ward Alderman of Markham, Illinois and knows the city well. He has a long history of working with legislative figures and working amongst various city boards to further the community. Although there are many working toward bettering Markham as a whole, Bertrand wants to focus on the 3rd Ward specifically.

Best Places to Celebrate a Romantic Chicago Valentines Day

If you are In Chicago on Valentine's Day, here are some of the best activities and places to go. Valentine’s Day is only a week away. The Second City is filled with romantic activities to please both you and your other half. If you are just getting to know someone, there are plenty of options to learn more about them and deepen the connection. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Chicago with these fun, romantic activities.

What is Chicago-Style Pizza?

CHICAGO - Chicago-style pizza is a style of pizza that is popular in Chicago, Illinois. It is different from other pizzas because it has a thicker crust and a layer of cheese. It also has a lot of toppings like mushrooms, green peppers, and pepperoni.

Missing Black Women and Girls: Congress Woman Robin Kelly and Publisher Michael Taylor Fighting To Raise Awareness

South Suburban News Publisher Michael Taylor, said recently on WGN Radio 720 that he will continued to publish the names of missing women and girls from the Chicago south land area. During a radio broadcast this week, he told WGN radio personality Lisa Dent, that through his publications he will keep the focus on missing women and girls in the south land and Chicago Area. Taylor who publishes over 14 periodicals including the South Suburban News, The Chicago Gospel Tribune, Tinley Park Progress and Vibrant Magazine, will use them all to shine the light on the plight of missing black women and girls for 2023.

Chicago Warming Centers Open During Bitterly Cold Weather

As temperatures in Chicago dip into the single digits with windchills well below zero, warming centers around the city are available. The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (CDFSS) have opened warming shelters for the duration of below freezing temperatures. A warming center is a place residents can go to keep warm on very cold days. Chicago operates six different warming facilities open on weekdays during work hours. Additional options include libraries, police stations and other facilities that make shelter available on weekends, holidays and after hours. (See below for complete list of Cook County warming centers.) Additionally, the Garfield Center, which can be found at 10 S. Kedzie Avenue, is open 24/7 to help resident find an emergency shelter for hours the other warming centers are closed. For seniors in Chicago, there are 21 senior centers open during regular weekday work hours.