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Possible Rabies Exposure By Bat At Pool In Collin County

According to health officials in Collin County, Texas, there was a possible rabies exposure at a Celina community pool late last week. WFAA reports that the incident happened on Friday, July 1 at Heritage Celina Homeowner’s Association community pool at 1231 Stanford Lane. A bat was in and near the crowded pool, and a number of children are said to have touched the animal.
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Snake Season: How To Stay Safe

With the summer heat in a full swing, the best times to exercise are the cooler hours of the day like dusk and dawn. This is also true for the local critters. Here’s all you need to know if you are joined by a snake in your morning stroll.
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July 4th Weekend Will Hit Record Number Of Travelers, Says Report

Everyone is ready to enjoy this summer holiday weekend with family and friends. And when we say everyone, we mean it. The AAA estimates that 42 million Americans will take road trips to celebrate this July 4th, while roughly 3.5 million will choose to fly, making this the second busiest Independence Day since 2000.

Top Notch Beef By Local Producers

Today’s beef has a divisive reputation. For years, climate and animal rights activists have called for an end to mass meat consumption, citing a number of reasons from methane production of cattle herds to soil and water pollution created by too much animal waste. Dust clouds hover over feedlots in dry areas of Texas and Kansas, mimicking the choking man-made smog that threatens cities such as Mumbai and Los Angeles. To be sure, cattle ranching can be an unpopular business.

The Top 5 Beer Breweries in Collin County

All that tasting must’ve dried Mark Stuertz’s mouth because he took a detour for Collin County’s best breweries. Here’s a list of his favorites. This is an engaging, unwind-friendly beer hall with chef-driven interpretations of American classics, like house-cured beef jerky and the brewmaster’s Reuben to pair.

A Guide to Asian BBQ And Where To Find It In Collin County

When the brisket is done, as any barbecue-loving Texan knows, the eating starts. It can be Thanksgiving: A turkey is ready to be carved, but nobody is called to the table until the brisket is done. Like any coveted meat, good brisket can be eaten alone by the slice, savored, or it can be chopped up and mixed in, enhancing already-special dishes with its juiciness, its smokiness.

Housing In Collin County Is Now Unaffordable, Says Report

According to a recent report by finance website MoneyGeek (via Dallas Business Journal), Collin County made it into the 26 U.S. counties that have become unaffordable. The median home price is $403,500 while the median income only reaches $50,681. Moreover, home appreciation has risen up to 27% in the last three years. Another unfavorable indicator is home costs: Currently in Collin County, home costs as a percentage of income are 60%, double the 30% rule of thumb.

New Roadways For McKinney In The Near Future

The city of McKinney, the McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and the McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC) joined forces for a new initiative to commit sales tax dollars to invest in new roadway infrastructure. Following the adoption of a resolution on the June 21 City Council, this announcement responds to...

The Top 7 Burger Joints In Collin County

Mark Stuertz’s quest for Collin County’s top eateries continues with this round-up of his favorite burger places. Come take a look and plan your next meal with his list. Butchering and grinding since 1974, Ye Ole Butcher Shop Meat Market-Burger Joint resembles an old-fashioned meat dispensary. Its modest refrigerator case is packed with steaks, briskets, roasts, chops even sides of beef. But the on-premises/to go action is centered around its freshly ground burgers. We opted for the “All the Way Buffalo Burger with Cheese” served on a brioche bun: rich, hearty and immensely satisfying. They also serve 12-Point Buck Burgers (Tuesdays), Elk Burgers (Wednesday) and Wild Hog Burgers (Thursdays). Beef, too. For the veg heads, they have veggie burgers, but truth be told, vegetarians are a hunted species in these parts: There’s a trophy vegan torso — allegedly collected at a Dallas salad bar — mounted on the wall. So watch your six if you run exclusively on celery and arugula.

The 2026 World Cup And Its Impact On Frisco, Texas

Dallas is one of 16 host cities for the 2026 World Cup. But Dallas didn’t get the winning bid all by itself: Fort Worth, Arlington and Frisco were all instrumental in bringing the beautiful game to North Texas. Today, at the Frisco 2022 State of the City luncheon, Mayor Jeff Cheney briefly talked about the 2026 World Cup and its economic benefits.

Ultimate Sports Bar Meets Delightful Restaurant

Located at The Star in Frisco, City Works Eatery & Pour House is the ultimate sports bar and restaurant in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are a lot of reasons you may want to plan a visit, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of the best for you here.

7 McKinney Houses Burned In Massive Fire

A massive fire broke out last Saturday around 7:30 p.m. in McKinney’s Bloomridge master-planned community, engulfing seven under-construction houses. Six of them burned to the ground while one was heavily damaged. The flames also reached one occupied home, but the fire was quickly extinguished. Videos from witnesses show large...

Celebrity Chef Tiffany Derry To Judge In New PBS Food Show

Although professional chefs today have turned the art into a science, homemade food and family recipes have kept their unique, sometimes outright weird but lovely, flavor combinations. And recipes are passed on from one generation to the next, perfected over time. After all, there’s no food like momma’s.