Hiking with kids: How to have family fun outdoors

The weather is beautiful, and you want to get outdoors with your family, away from TV and video games. Lace up those walking shoes and take the kids on a hike. Look for a big park, a nature preserve or a designated open space with trails that’s a short drive from home and hit the road.
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Thoughtful wedding gifts that don’t cost a fortune

Wedding season is upon us, and for guests that can mean spending a lot of cash. Whether you’re going to a wedding of a friend or a family member, it’s likely that you will want to spend some money on a nice gift for the newlyweds. But this can get expensive. Some brides view their registry as a wish list, while others see it as a need-to-have list of essential items. Some couples have even limited registries in hopes of receiving cash. These factors can be daunting to guests.
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Cheap recipes for your backyard barbecue

Backyard barbecues are a great way to entertain, but even when you host a potluck, they can be a pricey way to party. Whether you are entertaining a small or large crowd at your backyard barbecue, you can still stay on budget. Here is our guide to cooking on the cheap for a crowd at your next cookout.

Got barbecue leftovers? Use them in these delicious recipes

You invite friends or family over for a cookout, and as usual, you made way too much food. What do you do with the barbecue leftovers? You could eat plain burgers and sausages for days, or you could transform your leftovers into delicious new meals by combining them with new ingredients.

Giant backyard games you can build yourself

Game time is fun, but for bigger fun, you need bigger games. You may have seen those giant outdoor games made from ordinary board games. These are perfect for the kids to play with all summer or for pulling out for a summer party. But buying them can cost hundreds. Fortunately, you can make these jumbo games yourself without breaking your budget.

KIND Frozen tours the country this summer giving away free frozen treat bars

KIND is known for its popular bars and snacks — chock full of whole nuts, fruits and whole grains. However, did you know the company also makes KIND FROZEN treat bars?. The first ingredient of KIND FROZEN treat bars are real ingredients from plants – almonds or peanuts – making the non-dairy treat even more special and unbelievably delicious. With flavors like Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt & Nut, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate & Nut and Mint Chocolate Almond & Nut, the treat is sure to be this summer’s go-to “dessert” for snackers of all ages looking for a healthier option in the freezer section at the grocery store.

How to save with used outdoor gear this summer

For adventure lovers, the changing of the season marks the beginning of summer outdoor recreation. Whether you’re an avid recreationalist or just starting out, you don’t have to pay full price for outdoor gear to enjoy the great outdoors. You have many ways to acquire used outdoor gear...

Stream Hulu for $1 per month for 3 months

We may earn a commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase using the links in this post. As an Amazon Associate, Living on the Cheap earns from qualifying purchases. If you don’t already enjoy Hulu as part of your at-home entertainment, now’s the time to...

Save up to $20 on Red Lobster gift cards

Any time you see a discount on seafood, you should definitely catch it as quickly as you can before it sails away. And Red Lobster is one of the most popular places to enjoy fish, lobster, shrimp and more. However, dining there can cause big waves in your budget. However, thanks to this gift card offer, you can stretch your dining dollars.

How to avoid costly travel mistakes this summer

Travel is going to be complicated this summer, and thinking that you can go back to the way you vacationed before 2020 could be a costly mistake. “Travelers are taking a lackadaisical approach to travel” as restrictions loosen up, says Manny Fernandez, vice president of global operations of FocusPoint International, a global assistance company for travelers. “They aren’t paying attention to the basics of travel preparation as they did pre-pandemic.”

Want to live without a car? Car sharing may be an option

With the prices of car ownership steadily increasing, more people are wondering if they can become a one-car family or even get rid of their personal vehicle entirely. In the past, this was only realistic in big cities with good public transportation. Nowadays, though, the “sharing economy” that brought you AirBnB and Uber also gives you access to a private vehicle only when you need it.