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Patricia Heaton defends pregnancy centers: ‘No one has ever died from visiting’ one

Pro-life actress Patricia Heaton has been very active on Twitter lately, boldly jousting with abortion defenders on the topic of pregnancy centers. After Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted about a bill she co-authored with Senator Bob Menendez designed to, in her words, “crack down” on pregnancy resource centers, Heaton noted that Warren’s rhetoric was fueling the flames of violence against pregnancy centers like hers.
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Mississippi’s infamous ‘pink house’ abortion business set to relocate to New Mexico

Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO), also known as the “Pink House,” is the last abortion business in Mississippi and was the facility involved in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court case, in which the Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Since that day, June 24, the “Pink House” has made plans to shut down and move its business to Las Cruces, New Mexico. New Mexico currently has zero restrictions on abortion.
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DEBUNKED: 11 myths about post-Roe abortion laws

Abortion advocates in the media and on social media have unleashed a barrage of myths about pro-life laws since Roe v. Wade was reversed on June 24. The misinformation is creating a wave of fear across the nation, as compassionate Americans now fear women will die and children will be born into abuse and neglect if abortion is not legal and on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy.

Is it necessary to deliberately kill a preborn child in a serious health situation?

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade, abortion advocates are doing whatever they can — including spreading falsehoods — to convince the public that deliberately killing preborn children via abortion is necessary. Live Action News has already discussed the fact that treatments for miscarriage and medical emergencies like ectopic pregnancy are not affected by abortion restrictions in any state. Aside from this, one of the most frequent arguments is that women fighting other health problems, like cancer or heart defects, will be doomed to die without the ability to intentionally end their preborn children’s lives. But is that true?

Celebrities and lawmakers share stories of their ‘abortions’ that weren’t actually abortions

Abortion stories from celebrities have been resurfacing or coming to light since the Supreme Court took the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in 2021. As these women share stories of abortion, often out of a desire to advocate for abortion access, several of them have something interesting in common — their experiences aren’t legally considered abortions.

Senator Elizabeth Warren introduces bill attacking pro-life pregnancy centers

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), along with fellow pro-abortion senators, introduced legislation last week attacking pro-life pregnancy resource centers that have been helping pregnant women with life-affirming options for decades — for free — in communities across the United States and even around the world. This attack reveals the hypocrisy of abortion advocates who both expect pro-lifers to save the world if abortion is outlawed and want to shut down the pro-life centers that are actively helping women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Texas, Ohio Supreme Courts allow pro-life laws to take effect

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, states across the country quickly began instituting laws to protect preborn children from abortion. But just as quickly, activist judges began blocking those laws, even though the overturn of Roe put abortion law in the hands of the states. So far, in two of those states, the Supreme Courts have allowed pro-life laws to take effect.

Dutch health minister recommends allowing euthanasia for young children

Dutch health minister Ernst Kuipers has introduced a proposal to parliament that would allow euthanasia for young children aged one through 12. The Netherlands already boasts some of the most relaxed euthanasia laws in the world, including allowing death for children who are over the age of 12, and for babies under age one who are thought to be terminally ill.

Savannah abortion facility closes after 40 years in business

The only abortion facility committing surgical abortions in Savannah, Georgia, has closed after operating for over 40 years. A representative for the Savannah Medical Clinic told Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) that they saw their last patient after Roe v. Wade was overturned, even though abortion remains legal in Georgia. The website confirmed the news. “After 40 years of serving Coastal Georgia in providing abortion services, Savannah Medical Clinic is sad to announce we have closed our office and are no longer taking appointments,” the message read. “We thank you, the women of Savannah, and the surrounding communities, for trusting us with your healthcare over these many years.”

Over 100,000 people participate in Spain’s March for Life

On June 26, 2022, pro-life organizations in Spain organized a March for Life in Madrid. Over 100,000 people gathered in opposition of recent changes in Spain’s abortion laws. The march also reiterated the sanctity of all human life. Over 200 civil society organizations attended the march that was organized...

Pressured into abortion, mom faces a lifetime of guilt and regret

As a cardiology nurse and a loving mother to toddler and stepson, Doreen Reese (not her real name) enjoyed caring for others. Married to a prominent neurologist, she and her husband chose careers in health care where they could help better lives. But little did Reese realize that one day, she would be faced with choosing abortion, or that she would struggle with a lifetime of guilt and regret.

Post-abortive women grieve anew in wake of Roe’s reversal: ‘I can’t ever take it back’

When I first got the news about the overturn of Roe v. Wade, I cried non-stop for hours. Tears of joy were quickly followed by tears of bitter regret over what Roe has cost me. Because 28 years ago, a scared, 16-year-old version of me aborted a child who deserved to live in a state where what I did is now illegal. And if not for Roe, I would have children – and maybe even grandchildren – today. As it is, these are dreams that will never come true.