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Lincoln Elementary Terrific Kids, Last for the Year

Evelynn Keller, Braxton Gibson, Maria Ramirez Camarena, Rowan Bond and Samara Davis. Sarah Diaz, Davia Marks, McKynli Hulet, Aden Cooley, Adam Livermore and Kaylin Williams. Tony Maigatter, Alex Diaz Herrera, Riley Shull, Paislee Kendall, Hayes Walters, Bryson Zunich and Brayden Gibson. If your organization has a Public Service Announcement that...
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Colorado’s newest Judicial District now one step closer to formation

Today’s approval by the Board of Douglas County Commissioners of a consulting services contract will assist Douglas, Arapahoe, Lincoln, and Elbert Counties, as well as the 18th Judicial District, with the division of the Eighteenth Judicial District into two separate judicial districts, as provided in Colorado House Bill 20-1026.
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How the Mountain Plover Helps Sustain Small Town Life

On first glance, the mountain plover might not look like much. The robin-sized bird’s plumage—brown-tan with a cream-colored belly and black patches on the forehead and tail—can’t compete with the prairie chicken’s bold pattern or the alluring blue feathers of a pinyon jay or lazuli bunting. In fact, its earthy tones make the mountain plover difficult to spot amid its natural habit, the plains (bird watchers agree that putting “mountain” in the creature’s name wasn’t the best idea).
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Victim advocates honored

In Parker on April 19, prosecutors, law enforcement and politicians were all in agreement. That rare feat was accomplished because of what they were all there to do — honor the people who work every day to protect the rights of victims of crime. As part of National Crime...

Ambushed Lincoln County deputy won’t be charged

LINCOLN COUNTY, Colorado — A Lincoln County deputy who nearly died when he was ambushed and shot by a man after responding to a trespassing call near a truck stop earlier this year was justified in returning fire, according to the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, which reviewed the case.

Body Cam Video Shows How Lincoln County Deputy Michael Hutton Was Ambushed

(CBS4) – New body cam video released by Lincoln County authorities shows what happened the night Deputy Michael Hutton was ambushed by Tristin Ensinger in May. The sheriff says he released video to show the dangers law enforcement face every day — but it is shocking. (credit: Lincoln County) (credit: Lincoln County) The video shows Hutton responding to a call at Highway 40 near Limon. He interacts with a trucker who had reported someone trying to break into a truck. As Hutton approaches the truck, he is shot. An emergency dispatcher tries to reach him over the 2-way radio to no avail. Responding officers get to Hutton in 21 minutes and then offer encouragement as they look for the suspect. That suspect, Ensinger, was later found nearby dead of a self-inflicted wound. Tristin Ensinger (credit: Lincoln County) Ensinger, 25, was a murder suspect out of Ohio and the sheriff says he was intent on ambushing law enforcement officers. Deputy Michael Hutton gives a thumbs up after being taken to the hospital. (credit: Lincoln County) Hutton is still recovering but is expected to return to full law enforcement duty.