Water park accused of racism for cancelling Black teen’s party as 250 guests arrived

A water park outside Kansas city is under fire for racial discrimination after abruptly cancelling a Black teen’s birthday party as guests began to arrive.Chris Evans, who organised the party for 17-year-old Isaiah Evans, said he had signed a $1,900 contract to reserve the Summit Waves Aquatic Facility in suburban Lee’s Summit city and host up to 250 guests at the party on Saturday. But when guests began showing up at the park, they were denied access to the facility. Mr Evans said while he and his wife were en route to the park to join the festivities, he recieved...
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Some Ohio shoppers hesitant to use self-checkouts

woman at self-checkoutPhoto by Ben Schumin (Creative Commons) Have you noticed that when you go shopping there are often more self-checkouts at stores and fewer cashiers there to ring up purchases for you? Self-checkout can be faster and more convenient at times. The key factor for employers is that self-checkout reduces labor costs. When you have a lot of stores, the savings starts to add up. There are over 170 Walmarts in Ohio alone. And Walmart is expected to be going fully to self-checkout. (source) Walmart can decide staff each store with multiple cashiers or you can have one area of self-checkouts.

Teresa Giudice’s wedding hairstyle required over 1,500 bobby pins, cost nearly $10,000

Teresa Giudice’s gravity-defying wedding updo was a wonder to behold, and her hairstylist just spilled some secrets about how she achieved the gorgeous look. “My girl Teresa, she is the queen of Jersey, so we needed hair that was fit for a queen,” Giudice’s go-to hair stylist, Lucia Casazza, said Monday on “Andy Cohen Live” on SiriusXM. “You know what we stand for in Jersey — you go big or you go home.”

McDonald's Is Running 4 Days of Deals on McChickens, Big Macs & More

It's that point of the summer where we collectively pretend summer isn't ending. We put on a brave face and panic-enjoying every last summer-themed activity that comes to mind. McDonald's isn’t remedying the situation. Why would it? It’s a fast food chain. It doesn't drive people to the local pool...

Beluga whale lost in French river euthanized during rescue

PARIS (AP) — A beluga whale that became a French celebrity after a wrong turn took it up the Seine River had to be euthanized Wednesday after experiencing health complications during an urgent rescue operation, authorities said. The sparkling white marine mammal appeared deep inside France last week, having accidentally veered off the normal ocean migration route that takes belugas to and from Arctic waters. Fearing the malnourished creature would not survive in the Seine much longer, a wildlife conservation group and veterinarians planned to move the lost whale to a saltwater port in Normandy, from where they hoped to return it to the open sea. A team of 80 people assembled to try to save the animal’s life, and it was successfully moved Tuesday night from a river lock in Saint-Pierre-la-Garenne, west of Paris, into a refrigerated truck for the 160-kilometer (99-mile) journey to the port in Ouistreham.

A Cherished McDonald's Breakfast Item Is Finally Back On The Menu

What comes to your mind first when you think of fast food breakfasts? For McDonald's, the breakfast menu includes staples like McMuffins, hotcakes, and hash browns, but there are some hacks that you can make to the McDonald's breakfast menu. One beloved McDonald's breakfast option was once breakfast bagel sandwiches. And although the item was taken off the fast-food chain's menu, McDonald's is bringing bagels back.

Disney World Has a Problem Visitors Won't Like

Navigating you and your family's experience at a Walt Disney (DIS) park is virtually impossible without some kind of device. With Disney's MagicBand, park visitors should be able to breeze through their park experience with nary a worry and conveniently access all the experiences on their itinerary. Disney is now on its third version of the MagicBand, simply called the MagicBand+. And with several sparkly new interactive features, fans were very responsive. But like many of Disney's MagicBand plans, the latest Band's production is struggling to meet fans' expectations.