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Woman killed by pitbulls she was dogsitting, police say

An Oklahoma mother of two was killed following an attack from four pit bull dogs she was looking after, according to law enforcementRebecca McCurdy, 28, was discovered dead in Skiatook, west of Tulsa, officials from the Osage County Sherriff’s Office said, noting that she was attacked by pit bulls as witnesses tried to save her after the dogs began “ripping at her” on 19 June. Ms McCurdy was apparently looking after the dogs for their owner, who is believed to have been out of town and a breeder of the animal, according to reporting by news outlet KTUL...

The Full Moon in Capricorn Sees All Your Hard Work

Babe, Mercury Retrograde is over. I’m all love and light, but yeezus, the transits of June 2021 were mildly difficult! Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, and Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces? Rough to say the least. The planetary transits of 2021 have required soul-searching and self-development through hard...
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Invasive jumping worms spreading quickly in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — When you’re out in your garden, ecologists want you to look for Amynthas, an earthworm known as jumping worms. They’re an invasive species that’s spreading quickly around Wisconsin and the U.S. They were first discovered in Wisconsin at the UW-Madison Arboretum in 2013. “We didn’t think they...

Your Horoscope: June 23

Today’s Birthday (06/23/21). Rake in an abundant harvest together this year. Disciplined, coordinated efforts steadily grow valuable results. Summer introspection and contemplation inspire invention, leading to resolution of autumn challenges with friends. Enjoy flowering health and work this winter, before a fun social springtime. Teamwork pays high dividends. To get...
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Duchess Kate Ditches Her Skinny Jeans for the On-Trend Mom Style, While Debuting a $1,530 Salmon Blazer

A TikTok Has Surfaced of Prince William Kicking Off a Race at Sandringham on Father’s Day—Along With Prince George and Princess Charlotte!. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her affection for skinny jeans, but there did come a time when we started to wonder if she’d ever pay attention to any other style of jean that’s currently on-trend: mom, bootcut, baggy, boyfriend, dad… You get the picture!
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TX Gov. Abbott blasted for vetoing bill punishing dog abuse

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is facing criticism after he vetoed animal abuse legislation that bans tethering dogs outdoors using heavy chains or chaining them up without drinkable water and adequate shelter or shade. Abbott says laws already in place were adequate. MSNBC's Brian Williams has details.
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IKEA’s Juneteenth cafeteria menu angers Black workers (video)

Atlanta’s IKEA furniture store outraged many of its Black employees as they attempted to celebrate Juneteenth by offering a special menu in the store’s cafeteria. Employees were sent an e-mail with the menu beforehand that included items such as fried chicken, watermelon, mac and cheese and collard greens, which many employees considered insensitive. Part of the e-mail read that the menu and celebration were to “honor the perseverance of Black Americans and acknowledge the progress yet to be made.”
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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Final Puzzle in Shocking Time to Win a Major Cash Prize

The final round of Wheel of Fortune is always a nail-biting one. With only seconds to solve the puzzle, so much rides on choosing the right letters and category. For some contestants, this costs them their chance at extra thousands of dollars—or even a new car. For others, though, it seems the stars align just right and they double or even triple the amount of money they won in the standard rounds. Even though there are only two outcomes to the final round–either a correct or incorrect guess–each time is as captivating as the last since the stakes are so much higher.

Lizzo Wore the Booty-Lifting Amazon Leggings Again In a Bold Color -- And They're on Sale for Prime Day

Lizzo wore the booty-lifting leggings from Amazon again! The musician's recent TikTok video shows her rocking a neon yellow pair while dancing with Shaun T. The singer proved the hype is real when she first shared a video of her famous curves in the affordable leggings while twerking (they're now Amazon's trendiest leggings) -- as if we needed another reason to buy the TikTok-influenced magical legging.