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Amy's Take: Healthy & Tasty Snack Hack

Summer is upon us, so when it comes to food it's nice to keep it light, and these snack hacks are the perfect way to fuel up and beat the heat. Health and Lifestyle Contributor Amy Mcree joins us live with her take on a pasta treat that packs a punch to help fight cancer.
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Set Yourself up for Success with These Healthy Meal Prep Hacks

There are two kinds of people in this world; devoted meal preppers, and those who just take each day as it comes. I know this because I have been both. In fact, I spent most of my life just making up meals each day, but as I recognized specific dietary goals I needed to hit, the fact that I was spending outrageous amounts of money on daily supermarket shops, and sometimes just forgetting to eat altogether, meal prepping quickly became my secret weapon.
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Three Hacks to Getting the Perfect Watermelon

Picking out that sweet sticky fruit can prove tricky. Last year I couldn’t pick a good one to save my life, but thanks to. Shannon Doherty, known online Tic Toc as @athomewithshannon. I will be getting the perfect watermelon. Sitting outside wearing a pink headband and a tie-dye T-shirt,. the...
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This Aldi Cart 'Hack' Is Causing Problems

As a grocery chain, Aldi is most definitely in a league of its own. The brand firmly believes in offering high-quality items to its customers without charging exorbitant rates for them (via Aldi). The store has been around for a long time and was first launched in Germany in 1961. Its presence in the U.S. is now rather impressive: It has over 2,000 outlets in 36 states.
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Make the Beach an Even More Blissful Escape With the Help of These 15 Hacks From TikTok

TikTok has blessed us with photo hacks, home care tips, cleaning how-to's, and so much more, but because it's summer, we went digging for our favorite pieces of advice on how to survive and thrive at the beach. While the beach is a (usually) relaxing escape, there are also some things (read: sand, heat, and lack of shade) that can make your day by the water a little less enjoyable. Luckily, there are countless tips and tricks to make your seaside sunbathing sesh even better. Whether you're over getting sand all over your towel or your umbrella keeps flying away, let these hacks change the way you do the beach for the better. Keep reading to the best beach hacks on TikTok, and we'll see ya on the sand!
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Testing TikTok clothing hacks: Styling one tank top six ways

Over the years, the apparel industry has attempted to make sustainable efforts worldwide, but thanks to TikTok, more and more clothing hacks are being revealed to revamp your closet staples with just one clothing item. Usually, sustainable and ethical clothing options come with a hefty price tag, which is not...

Top Travel Hacks to Know Before You Go!

If you’re itching to travel, there are some things to think abut before you head out of town. There are things you can do before you hit the road, that will ultimately save you time, money, and maybe even some stress. First, take pictures of all your important documents. it’s always great to have a digital backup. this way if you end up losing something you’ll be able to scan or print out what you lost. it might even be a good idea to share them with your travel partner for even more backup! Use a digital device to keep track of your belongings! losing a suitcase can make or break a vacation! But, blue tooth trackers can be used like a key chain, for things like luggage, your keys, wallet, or anything else you wouldn’t want to lose. You also might want to consider investing in apple air-tags for devices. also, don’t only rely on a paper flight ticket. if you haven’t already, start taking advantage of digital boarding passes. this is simple and has been around for awhile. Some people like having their pass printed out but it’s easy to misplace a piece of paper, so have some sort of backup. Finally, be aware that there are a lot of scammers out there. They might be trying to take advantage of people who are from out of town. be cautious of deals that seem too go to be true. Cybercriminals often create fake online ads for destinations at unbelievable rates. you’ll want to proceed with caution.

Travel hacks to keep your family happy

(BPT) - Whether you’re on a road trip or plane ride, every parent knows the journey can be a challenge. Long hours waiting or riding can test any kid’s — or parent’s — patience. With a little preparation, however, you can ensure your family (and you) will be happier throughout your trip.