An alleged insurrectionist had a fully assembled Lego set of the U.S. Capitol

As charges progress against the alleged rioters who forced their way into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, we've learned a significant amount about the level of preparation that some put into the attack. Some stockpiled weapons and even brought them into the Capitol, coordinating plans weeks in advance. Now we know one other little detail, thanks to some confiscated evidence in the form of a "fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set" that the FBI seized, according to charging documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.
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Disney and LEGO Reportedly Rename Boba Fett's Iconic Star Wars Ship

Disney has reportedly given a new name to an iconic part of the Star Wars universe. A new report from Jedi News reveals that LEGO is now dropping the Slave I moniker from merchandise, instead opting to call the vehicle Boba Fett's Starship. According to details that were revealed at LEGO Fan Media Days last month, the decision was made at the instruction of Disney. A new 478 piece set, which showcases the new Boba Fett's Starship name and features minifigures of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian, will be available in August.
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“LEGO-like” Vaccine Protects Mice from COVID, SARS, MERS, and Variants

"Rather than playing whack-a-mole with each new problematic variant," Anthony Fauci told James Hamblin at The Atlantic, "it just makes sense to me to use all of our capabilities to really go for a universal SARS-CoV-2 vaccine." A group of researchers led by University of North Carolina immunologist David Martinez...
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VW T2 Camper Van Gets The Lego Treatment In New Creator Expert Kit

There's no question that #vanlife is as popular as ever in 2021. We've seen countless do-it-yourself camper van builds, and while some of those projects look daunting, here's a classic camper van that pretty much anyone can assemble with ease. Admittedly you won't be able to live in it, but if you could shrink to about 1/20th your size, this little camper would be epic.
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Prepare for time travel with this flux capacitor

It feels like every day, we get one step closer to figuring out the science behind time travel. In April, for instance, a physicist tried to use scientific theories to explain warp speed time travel. The possibilities are endless when scientists put their mind to something. Until then, why not let your imagination run wild?

LEGO Darth Vader Meditation Chamber Lets You Recreate The Sith Lord’s Life Support Pod

Yes, that Darth Vader Meditation Chamber Desk will look amazing on your home office, but the amount of money you’ll need to fork out for that kind of custom furniture will likely take an amazing toll on your bank account, too. It’s the kind of thing that’s just a bit too rich for most folks. If all you want to is to enjoy the angular lines and Imperial aesthetic of the Sith Lord’s life support pod, you can get it for a lot cheaper with the LEGO Darth Vader Meditation Chamber instead.

Lego tells US company to stop making guns look like its toys

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Editor's Note: The video above is from May 2021. Danish toymaker Lego said Wednesday it had asked a Utah-based gun company to stop producing a product that makes a pistol look like it is covered with the famous multi-colored building brick. “We have contacted the company and...
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‘LEGO Masters’ Raises the Competition by Reintroducing the Golden Brick

LEGO Masters returned full of surprises after a week off. The brick building excitement was at a high with more guest cameos, the return of the golden brick, and the “elevating” competition. After a quick chat with a few network reps, an unconventional decision was made regarding the challenge. The nine remaining teams gave up the luxuries of building on a flat tabletop for an airier workstation. Adding to the LEGO excitement this week was a special Space Jam promo featuring lumberjack crooner and season one finalist, Boone Langston trying the challenge himself.

LEGO launches ‘Seinfeld’-themed set

A Seinfeld-themed toy set that replicates a key setting from the show is being released by LEGO. A miniature version of Jerry’s apartment, which has been designed by fans, will launch on August 1. LEGO versions of core characters Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer and Newman have also been created. The...

FBI seizes fully constructed US Capitol Lego set from alleged rioter's home

This article, FBI seizes fully constructed US Capitol Lego set from alleged rioter's home, originally appeared on FBI agents recovered a "fully constructed US Capitol Lego set" from the home of Robert Morss, an alleged participant in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, according to court documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

LEGO Reveals Marvel’s What If…? Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper Set

LEGO Reveals Marvel’s What If…? Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper Set. It seems LEGO loves the alternate universe mechs. Following the first Marvel’s What If…? set, based on a Sakaar Iron Man armor, the latest contains another Stark-style robotic suit. Dubbed the Hydra Stomper, this creation comes from an alternate reality in which Peggy Carter got the Super Soldier serum. Frail Steve Rogers, meanwhile, enhanced his abilities by piloting a massive Stark mech.

LEGO Unveils New Sustainable Toy Bricks Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Danish toy manufacturer LEGO is world renowned for producing colorful, plastic bricks, but the brand has recently become more eco-friendly. In 2018, the company developed its first-ever sustainable collection made from sugarcane; and now, LEGO has come even further in its mission to reduce plastic waste. The brand recently released a prototype brick made from recycled plastic bottles—the first of LEGO’s products made from a recycled material.

LEGO Star Wars 75309 UCS Republic Gunship Launches With 3292 Pieces

LEGO has been teasing the Republic Gunship from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones / The Clone Wars as the next entry in their Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series for over a year now - ever since it won a LEGO Ideas fan vote over the Nebulon B Escort Frigate and the TIE Bomber. Now things are getting real with the official debut of the 75309 Republic Gunship, which is set to go up for order here at starting on August 1st priced at $349.99.
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Utah company forced to stop selling kits that encase Glock handguns in Lego blocks

Its a topic that has recently regained national attention here in the U.S., in the fight to get guns off the streets and gun traffickers behind bars. That spotlight has now shifted in a different direction internationally, after Danish toymaker Lego sent a cease and desist letter to Culper Precision, a Utah company selling a kit that encases Glock handguns in Lego blocks.