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League of Legends Has Disabled All Chat

League of Legends has been one of the most popular games in the MOBA genre for years now but despite that, the online experience has been a tough one for some to handle. Not only for the complexity of the game but rather than the toxic experience that many players can experience when exposed to the other players who engage with them in the public chat. While this has always been the risk for players of all ages when it comes to online games, League of Legends has decided to put an end to the toxicity in the game by disabling the public chats.
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League of Legends fans are creating their own Met Gala event

League of Legends is a deep game — with one hundred and fifty champions, books of lore, events, tournaments, and esports. But one group of fans is approaching the game’s cast from an entirely different angle. The Rift Gala is a project centered around creating a high-fashion experience for League of Legends fans, and seeing how the game’s enormous cast looks in a variety of high-end styles via the power of fan art. That art is being coordinated and planned over Discord, and will roll out to the public this upcoming weekend on social media.
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Former OpTic GM reportedly rebuilding G2 League of Legends team

G2 Esports are reportedly signing former OpTic Gaming General Manager, Romain Bigeard, to rebuild the org’s League of Legends team ahead of the 2022 season, a Dot Esports report said. This news comes just days after G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez announced a sweeping initiative to retool his League...

League of Legends removing All Chat with patch 11.21

In an effort to curb toxic behavior in League of Legends, Riot Games is making a massive change to in-game communication. The developer announced that with the upcoming patch 11.21, they will disable the “all chat” functionality in matchmade queues. In a blog post addressing the upcoming change, Riot stated...

Riot details plans for European Regional Leagues in 2022

To continue to strengthen pathways for professional League of Legends players, major changes are coming to the European Regional Leagues in 2022. This includes solidifying their structure and ensuring their stability moving forward by extending license deals from Spain’s Superliga to France’s La Ligue Française. Maximillian Peter Schmidt, head of...

League of Legends to Disable 'All Chat'

Riot Games will disable "all chat" in League of Legends matchmade queues starting with Patch 11.21, the developer announced Tuesday. The move comes as part of Riot's attempts to improve in-game behavior and player experiences, and although much of that effort has focused on gameplay-based behavior, Riot wanted to address what players have described as a growing issue of verbal abuse.

What it’s like to play League of Legends in the Secretlab Worlds 2021 chair

We’ve all seen those gorgeous Secretlab chairs the League of Legends pros have been competing on at Worlds 2021. We’ve also all squirmed at the price tag when we’ve subsequently gone to check them out on the brand’s website. ‘It’s just a chair,’ we tell ourselves, vindicating our decision to not launch our wallet at the screen.

This League Of Legends Change Could Be A Breath Of Fresh Air

Many online games are unfortunately full of toxicity, and "League of Legends" is no exception. While the game got serious about toxic players earlier this year by rolling out harsher punishments for players who AFK, grief, or just intentionally lose the game, the changes weren't quite enough to clear the air. Now, "League of Legends" is looking to go the extra step by completely disabling /all chat, a feature where players can talk to the enemy team.

Riot is disabling cross-team chat in League of Legends

Riot Games is making a fundamental change to League of Legends as part of its ongoing effort to reduce toxic behavior: As of League's 11.21 patch, /all chat has been disabled for matchmade queues. "While /all chat can be the source of fun social interaction between teams, as well as...

Netflix’s League of Legends show to get an IRL event

The animated League of Legends series Arcane will hit Netflix on November 6th and Riot Games is celebrating the launch with an in-person immersive experience connected to the series. The publisher has teamed up with Secret Cinema to host the Arcane experience, which will only be available in one place: Los Angeles.

Riot Announces Interactive Arcane Experience for New League of Legends Show

Riot Games is teaming up with Secret Cinema for a new, interactive experience revolving around Arcane, the League of Legends TV show that's coming to Netflix. This experience that's being brought to Los Angeles will allow people to "experience unparalleled in-person access to the Arcane universe with iconic League of Legends champions, never-before-seen storylines, and a world of surprises," according to a preview of the Arcane production. It's scheduled to take begin on November 21st, a date which comes after the premiere of Arcane.

League of Legends’ all chat disabled due to toxicity concerns

League of Legends is renowned for being a highly toxic environment — obviously, that isn’t a good look. In response, developer Riot Games has removed the LoL /all chat command to disable cross-team communication. Many consider this a big step in righting the ship and creating a more welcoming environment for both old and new players. Meanwhile, others consider it to be a scorched-earth approach and are looking to re-enable League of Legends all chat functionality.

It’s gone: ‘League of Legends’ disables /all chat in matchmaking

After countless reports of verbal abuse via cross-team chat, League of Legends has decided to disable the /all chat function. Riot Games, developers of the wildly popular and critically acclaimed MOBA League of Legends, has finally heard the prayers of endless players. As of patch 11.21, the /all chat function will no longer be available in matchmade queues specifically. Hallelujah.

Teemo to Receive Buff in League of Legends Patch 11.21

Teemo has had his fair share of minor tweaks this season, but the scout seems to finally be getting a major buff to his kit as League of Legends Season 11 winds down. Riot Phlox recently announced the full details of Teemo's upcoming buffs, along with a note that the changes "def feel good."