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Vladimir Putin’s Troops Heading For Major Defeat In Ukraine By End Of Summer, Claims British Journalist

Russian military forces may be headed for a major defeat in its offensive against Ukraine by winter's end. Speculations on Putin’s war have analysts pinning on the Russian leader’s downfall as journalists continue to report extensive losses on Putin’s troops being hit hard by Ukrainian counter-offensives. Russia could lose its grip on its occupied territories by around autumn or winter’s end.

Donald Trump To Testify In New York AG's Probe Into His Business

In the latest development in the New York Attorney General’s civil probe into the Trump family’s business, former president Donald Trump will testify Wednesday. Fox News reported that Trump will be sitting down with lawyers for Letitia James’ office at an undisclosed location that was agreed by the parties and behind-closed-doors. It’s not clear if the businessman-turned-politician could be asserting his Fifth Amendment right or will be willing to answer all the questions that the lawyers pose to him. The specific content of these questions is also not known.

Couple Who Badly Tortured Baby Set To Be Freed From Jail

Two people who reportedly tortured a child when he was still a baby which resulted in the latter losing his legs are allegedly set to be freed before their due date. Jody Simpson and Anthony Smith have so far served only half of the original ten-year sentence handed in 2018 for what they did to a seven-year-old named Tony.

Man Takes Own Life After His Girlfriend Cheats On Him

A man allegedly killed himself after his girlfriend cheated on him in Dungarpur district, Rajasthan, India on Monday, Aug. 8. The deceased, identified only as 21-year-old Ranveer, a second-year college student, reportedly took his own life by hanging a noose from a tree on Monday, Aug. 8, after writing a four-page suicide note in which he recounted getting cheated on by his girlfriend, Times Now reported.

Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor After Argument Over Lawn Mower

A man has been accused of shooting and killing his neighbor following an argument over a lawn mower in Kansas City, Missouri on Sunday, Aug. 7. The accused, identified as Samuel Avery, 42, of Kansas City, has been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action after he allegedly shot and killed his 41-year-old neighbor Warner Trotter, on his front porch in the 3500 block of Garfield Avenue on Sunday, Aug. 7, after the two engaged in a heated argument, WFLA reported.

Cooler Box Containing Woman’s Decapitated Head Found In Mexico’s Chihuahua As Drug Cartel Violence Continues

A woman's severed head was found inside a cooler box by local residents of a neighborhood in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico on Sunday. The head reportedly belonged to one of two female decapitated corpses that were dumped and found earlier that same day. Neighborhood locals found the Unicel cooler containing the severed head in a public park, behind a personal transport unit and notified the police soon after. The two decapitated bodies of the women were also found wrapped in a blanket behind a truck parked in Paseos de Alba.

Former NFL Star Marshawn Lynch Arrested On Suspected DUI

Former National Football League (NFL) running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested in Las Vegas on Tuesday on suspicion of driving under the influence. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), officers approached Lynch just before 7:23 a.m. at Fairfield Avenue and West Utah Avenue and "determined that Lynch was impaired and conducted an arrest." USA Today reported that Lynch's bail was set at $3,381. An arraignment hearing is set for Dec. 7. The LVMPD also confirmed the arrest on its verified Twitter account.

15-Year-Old Boy Ripped Apart, Decapitated By Crocodile While Fishing With Friends

A 15-year-old boy was fatally attacked and decapitated by a crocodile at Lake Tolire in Ternate City, Indonesia, while fishing with his school friends on Aug. 2. Farjan Idham was with his friends at the volcanic lake when the crocodile attacked him. The teenager sat on a log just to rest for a while, without noticing that the reptile was trailing him beneath the water. The boy did not have time to react and run away as the predator suddenly jumped out of the water and pulled him.