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L.A.’s Latino-Owned-and-Grown ‘Humo’ Wins Gold For Two Strains, Including Their ‘Arroz Con Leche’ Sativa—at California State Fair

State and county fairs used to be opportunities to shine if you’d raised a prize-winning piglet or had a particularly shiny Nigerian Dwarf goat to show off or some sort of giant peach or something. But starting this year, The California State Fair added the appraisal of cannabis strains, awarding prizes to the best Golden State-grown ganja, in addition to its usual surveys of state-raised cheeses, olive oils, wine, and beer.

Anti-Gentrification Group Lead Protest At New NELA Restaurant Park Doing ‘American Heritage Cookery’

With its residential foothills and warehouse-pocked industrial avenues, Glassell Park has yet to undergo the rampant development and ensuing gentrification that has rapidly changed the face of its Northeast L.A. neighbors. But a handful of life-long locals sense the creeping suffocation to come, beginning with those first dreadful dominoes of...

L.A.’s ‘Benny Boy’ Cidery is Making City’s First Bone-Dry Basque-style Cider In Lincoln Heights

Seeing L.A. Dodger hat-and-high sock-wearing residents of Lincoln Heights gingerly sip on hard cider made from heirloom Newtown Pippin apples, while sitting on a two-top table about 75 feet away from cars gridlocked on the 5 Freeway, is a sight to behold. Their eyes open up in surprise as soon as they feel the refreshing, beer-like dryness, taking another, much longer sip. The apples are trucked in from a third-generation family farm in Santa Cruz, the cider extremely apple-y tasting, since there are no sulfites added.

Two L.A. Burger Shops Join Boycott Against ‘Martin’s Famous Potato Buns’ Over Donations to Anti-Abortion Politician

The sweet, soft buns known as Martin’s Famous Potato Roll are to the modern-day hamburger craze what handmade Sonoran wheat tortillas are to your Sonoran tacos, a nearly ubiquitous, cult-status bookend to smashburgers and celebrity chef cheeseburger chains the world over. But following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn...

Taco Turf Wars: A Downtown Taquería Confronts Food Truck Posting Up Right In Front of Its Business

L.A.’s informal economy revolving around the city’s Taco Life is full of unwritten rules and mutual, street-level respect among both brick and mortar businesses, food trucks, and street vendors. Nonetheless, territorial conflicts do come up. A video posted on Pablito’s Tacos Instagram account over the weekend, showing Pablito’s World owner Danny Rodriguez confronting the workers of the Woody’s Grill taco truck, parked directly in front of Rodriguez’s new restaurant in Chinatown, has brought up the age-old question: How far from a brick and mortar restaurant should a mobile food business set up, in order to show respect?

An Elotero and His Family in Santa Ana Seek Financial Help After a Firework Severs His Hand

It was around 10 AM when street vendor Francisco Azcona and his cuñado Luis López, two elote street vendors in Santa Ana, finished their food prep for their daily shift when the unexpected happened. According to Azcona, that Friday morning on June 17, he was about to have breakfast, change, and go on his daily vending route on Bristol and McFadden when he decided to go outside to clear some trash in the front yard. That was when he said he picked up a golf ball-sized ball of foil that he believed to be trash. Unfortunately for Azcona, the mysterious ball was not trash. In less than a minute or so, the ball of foil exploded, destroying his left hand and causing injuries to his chest, right hand, and face.

DTLA Developer’s Guilty Verdict May Mean Worse Days Ahead For Jose Huizar

In Smoke Screen: The Sellout, L.A. TACO and Neon Hum’s lauded 9-part investigative podcast, journalist and host Mariah Castañeda charted the meteoric ascent and shameful fall of purportedly crooked City Councilman José Huizar, who is suspected of turning his position into a racket, taking six-figure payoffs from developers of luxury buildings at the peak of downtown development, at the same time that gentrification was ravaging his constituents and former neighbors.

‘Suspicious Vehicle’ Left at LAX Last Week Is a Reminder to Always Arrive Earlier If Possible

A suspicious U-Haul left unattended at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) last Wednesday shut down a portion of the upper level during rush hour, causing some travelers to miss flights, while others struggled to figure out what was even going on. The event went largely unreported by local news outlets but shows how an unexpected emergency can make catching a flight at LAX even more challenging than it already is.

Headlines: L.A. Abortion Rights Activists Issue Call to Protest At Noon; Landlord Forced to Pay Tenants $12.5 Million Settlement In Deposit Dispute

Welcome back to L.A. TACO’s daily news briefs, where we bring our loyal members, readers, and supporters the latest headlines about Los Angeles politics and culture. Stay informed and look closely. is calling for nonviolent mass resistance to compel the federal government to reverse the overturning of Roe...