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Black Man Dies After Being Shot 20 Times In Emergency Room By Ohio Police Officers, Medical Examiner Says

On April 12, last year, 27-year-old Black man Miles Jackson was shot and killed by police officers in a Columbus, Ohio, emergency room. Jackson allegedly had a gun tucked into his sweatpants and the gun reportedly went off, which doesn’t mean he opened fire in the ER, it just means the gun went off. Now, a medical examiner has ruled Jackson’s death a homicide and reported that he was shot 20 times and suffered wounds to his head, chest, and abdomen.
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Civilian death toll in Ukraine surpasses 1,100: UN

The United Nations human rights office said on Sunday that there have been at least 2,909 civilian casualties amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That figure includes 1,119 deaths and 1,790 injuries, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights reported. At least 50 children have been killed and...

Man killed in deadly pedestrian crash identified

About one of the two victims killed Friday night after a chain-reaction crash on East Colfax near Children’s Hospital. The family has identified one of the pedestrians killed as 74-year-old Willie Davis. He was an Air Force veteran. Davis’ wife, Pat said she was in the car when this...

FAMILY AFFAIR: Parents, Grandma Charged In Fentanyl-Related Death Of Infant In Philly Suburbs

Three family members have been charged in the death of an infant who had fentanyl in his system, authorities in Bucks County said. Donna Westmoreland, who was was previously appointed as the four-month-old baby’s foster mother, violated a court order on Friday, Jan. 7, when she left her grandson unsupervised with his parents, Felicity Westmoreland and Daniel Howarth, Bensalem police said.

Drug Users Are Losing Their Fingers and Toes After Shooting ‘Tranq Dope’

PHILADELPHIA — Bill’s hands are so disfigured that he can no longer fit gloves over them. About two months ago, his right ring finger was amputated. In a matter of weeks, he could lose the middle finger on his left hand, which was swollen with a large, maroon-colored sore covering the knuckle when VICE News met him on a recent morning in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood.

LOOKING BACK: Bear eats woman at Colorado home after decade of alleged illegal feeding

People interacting irresponsibly with Colorado’s wildlife has long been an issue. One key aspect of this problem is how people tend to underestimate the risk that comes with getting close to wild animals. Perhaps no case is a better example of this than that of Donna Munson, a mountain town woman that fell victim to the bears she reportedly fed for years.

Fentanyl poisoning leaves Thornton family heartbroken

THORNTON, Colo. — Inside a Thorton home, funeral flowers are fading and family members are forced to face a heartbreaking reality — a fentanyl poisoning has claimed the life of their loved one. “Now that the funeral is done… it’s almost harder,” said Feliz Sanchez-Garcia.

Black voters suffer another significant loss in the Supreme Court

The justices are concerned that Wisconsin’s legislative maps may give too much political power to Black people. On Wednesday, as the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the first Black woman nominated to the Supreme Court, the incumbent justices handed down a decision undermining the right of Black people to participate equally in America’s elections.

Dozens of horseshoe crabs take over Florida beach

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Dozens of horseshoe crabs took over a Florida beach just in time for spring break, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Researchers said horseshoe crabs gather on beaches across Florida to complete their ancient mating ritual dating back 450 million years. Horseshoe crabs mate by pairing up. The smaller male attaches to the larger female before the pair crawl onto the beach.