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Lil' Kim Says Nick Cannon Is Now Her Manager

The rapper revealed her current connection to Cannon in Complex's interview series "Hiking With Rappers," for which she joined host King Keraun on some Los Angeles trails, but spent more time chatting about her career in a golf cart. Lil' Kim at first insisted she jogs five miles and takes...

Karen Bass Officially Kicks Off Her Run For Mayor Of Los Angeles At Saturday Event

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Rep. Karen Bass used the kickoff event for her campaign for mayor of Los Angeles Saturday to reiterate her pledge of solving homelessness if elected. “In 1994, we treated the emergency (of the earthquake) as an emergency,” Bass, D-Los Angeles, said at Los Angeles Trade Tech College. “We mobilized local, state, federal governments, the private and nonprofit sectors. Neighbors helped neighbors. We found temporary shelter and rebuilt our city. In record-breaking time. We can fix our city again. Forty-thousand people on the street is an emergency. Solving this emergency — solving homelessness — will be my overwhelming top priority as mayor.”

10 Best Restaurants in Koreatown LA

The host Steve Cha (aka Rockstar Eater) gives you the lowdown on the 10 Best Restaurants in Koreatown, Los Angeles! Los Angeles Koreatown is the biggest in the US, and has arguably the best Korean food you can find outside of Korea. With so many restaurants, which ones should you chose? This list includes Korean foods in many categories, ranging from M Grill restaurant to Hangari Kalguksu restaurant. Whether you live in LA or are visiting LA, watch this episode to see the Top Places to Eat in Los Angeles! Thanks for watching! Please FOLLOW my page to see other great food videos and recommendations!

Learn more about Car Repair in Los Angeles

Paulee Body Store lies at 1115 S. La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, one block from Beverly Hills. In addition to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, we serve Santa Monica, Culver City, Hancock Park, and West Los Angeles. Maybe it has something to do with our practical main L.A.

History Is on the Menu at 'Hemings & Hercules' Dinners

The first thing you need to know about the "Hemings & Hercules" dinner at Post and Beam in Los Angeles is that it is an eight-course tour de force of open-air, wood-fire, cast-iron cookery dedicated to two of America's first celebrity chefs -- James Hemings and Hercules Posey. The second thing you need to know is that both men were African American slaves owned by two of our Founding Fathers -- George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Revival of the Shoegaze Scene in L.A.

The shoulders of strangers that smelled of sweat and cologne rubbed against mine in a large space that was decorated with butterfly artwork and fairy lights. The red and yellow lighting, the flashing of cameras that made the shadows of the dancing crowd appear on the walls every few seconds, and the faint images projected on the walls made me feel like I was floating inside a red lava lamp. With the sonically pleasing blend of heavy guitar distortion and feedback entering the ears of the energetic crowd, a small mosh pit formed behind me while nearly everyone bobbed their heads, jumped and danced around, and flung their hair wildly. The rising band from Los Angeles, julie, was performing a few feet in front of me. I nearly lost my balance and almost fell on top of the crouching photographer near my legs when the guys next to me joined the mosh pit. The guitarist’s eyes were flicking back and forth between his electric guitar, the crowd, and the effect pedals near his black and white Vans. The bassist was strumming the thick strings of their black and white Fender bass with black fingerless gloves on their hands while she sang with a smooth voice. The drummer’s dark hair that covered his eyes would sway with the movement of his drumsticks alternating between the cymbals and snare drum, which produced a powerful pulse and clashing noise. The band trio, julie, performed on Aug. 14, just two days after the release of their EP, at Junior High in Glendale, a non-profit space that supports and empowers artists in the community.