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La Grande man in public indecency case released on bail

LA GRANDE — A La Grande man who was arrested after exposing himself to a 3-year-old is now out on bail. Daniel Breshears, 62, was taken into custody on Monday, Oct. 31, on charges of first-degree attempted sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a minor and public indecency, according to court documents. He has entered a not guilty plea for all charges. Breshears is represented by court-appointed counsel, La Grande attorney J. Logan Joseph.

37th annual Festival of Trees a success

LA GRANDE — The 36th annual Festival of Trees may have set a record. The money raised at the holiday event, conducted Friday, Dec. 2, and Saturday, Dec. 3, has not been completely added up, but Di Lyn Larsen-Hill, co-chair of the Festival of Trees, believes a total of more than $75,000 was raised. This would be the most since the first event was held in the late 1980s.

Summerville woman arrested after car theft, chase

Dec. 7—SUMMERVILLE — A Summerville woman was arrested after endangering her child while fleeing from police in a stolen pickup, according to a press release from the Union County Sheriff's Office. Deputies and Oregon State Police responded to a report of a pickup stolen from a home in...

Stolen Vehicle Leads to Police Chase Near Summerville

SUMMERVILLE – (Release from the Union County Sherriff’s Office) On Tuesday, December 6th, 2022, at 1349 hours, a silver Ford pickup was reported stolen from a residence in Summerville, Oregon. Union County Sheriff’s Deputies and Oregon State Police responded to the call. The vehicle was located on Hunter Road but failed to stop when a Union County Patrol Deputy attempted a traffic stop. The vehicle was pursued by deputies, evading spike strips on Hunter Road and was eventually stopped in Summerville. The driver, Katelyn Rose Davison (DOB-09/15/1995) was arrested and charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (164.135), Attempt to Elude in a Vehicle (811.540), Reckless Driving (811.140) and Recklessly Endangering Another (163.195). Miss Davison’s two-year old son, who was in the vehicle with her, was placed in the care and custody of the Oregon Department of Human Services. The pickup was returned to the owner.

Fruitland, December 08 High School 🏀 Game Notice

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La Grande City Council to tackle full agenda at final meeting of 2022

LA GRANDE — The La Grande City Council will hold a public hearing to discuss a proposed ordinance that would restrict camping on public property. The Camping on Public Property Ordinance would impose time, place and manner restrictions on camping and leaving belongings unattended within certain areas of the city. It would be unlawful to camp at any time within all parks, on sidewalks less than 5 feet wide and on all public property within the commercial historic district.

Wolf Depredations reported in Union and Wallowa Counties recently

NORTHEAST OREGON – Wolf Depredations both confirmed and possible, in Union and Wallowa Counties are being reported by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). These incidents took place in the Zumwalt Prairie area in Wallowa County and the Frazier Mountain Area in Union County. The following was issued by ODFW.

La Grande Parks & Rec Warning Residents to Not Top Trees

LA GRANDE – (Release from La Grande Parks and Recreation) Myth: Topping a tree will reduce storm damage and make the tree easier to maintain. Topped trees can regain their original height in as fast as 2 years. The fast growing, extremely long and loosely attached shoots caused by topping are more susceptible to breakage and storm damage. Topping leads to decay and reduces the trees structural strength. Ultimately, a topped tree requires more attention in the future than a properly pruned tree.

CHD Giving insight into Local Fentanyl Addiction

LA GRANDE – Of growing concern to some organizations and communities within Oregon is the prevalence and evolution of fentanyl. At the forefront of ongoing efforts to contain the opiate and help those suffering from addiction is the La Grande based Center for Human Development (CHD). In a series of interviews, CHD will explain the properties, risks and local impact of fentanyl along with what can be done to mitigate it. Beginning with a general overview of the substance and its risks are substance use disorder (SUD) Coordinator Lisa Whipple and Recovery Mentor Brooke Taylor.

Tour 'The Big' exhibit at Art Center East

LA GRANDE — “The Big,” Art Center East’s annual open exhibit, is now open in the Main and Orlaske galleries with works by Pacific Northwest artists in various artistic mediums. “The Big” will be on display through Jan. 28, 2023. ACE’s galleries are open to the...

Oregon Board Of Forestry Honour Goes To A Forester Expert Based In La Grande

Forestry Honour: Chuck Sarrett has worked for decades in forestry across Eastern Oregon. Partially as a result of his years of service, the Oregon Board of Forestry recently named Sarrett the Eastern Oregon Region’s Operator of the Year. Sarrett, along with the two honorees — Mike Falleur, of F &B Logging of Warrenton, and Bobby King, of R&R King Logging of Florence — will be acknowledged in Salem at the Jan. 4 meeting of the board.

Answer man: Pearl Harbor attack put La Grande on high alert

Seventy years ago La Grande’s Walt Swart had the unenviable task of searching for light in an icy sea of darkness. It was Dec. 19, 1941, almost two weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and blackouts were starting in La Grande in preparation for possible air raid attacks. Swart, a member of La Grande’s Home Guard, a local civil defense unit, was responsible for La Grande’s blackout drills. Wearing a military uniform and carrying a firearm, Swart walked throughout La Grande making sure no light could be seen coming from the windows of homes that evening and many afterward.

Quick Takes: Dec. 8, 2022

PENDLETON — The inspiration for recent works by Marie Pratuch grew from her love of the Oregon coast. Pratuch hopes visitors to Pendleton Center for the Arts, 214 N. Main St., will find something in her work that triggers a memory of a special place or experience that they’ve had, “where the waves meet the shore.”

Imbler FFA Giving Youth a Future at FFA Nationals

IMBLER – FFA isn’t just an agriculture organization, though that is a major piece of it. Whether students find a perfectly laid path straight to a post high school career in ag or simply don the blue and gold for a few short years before moving in a totally different direction, the FFA is here to set them up for success. FFA National Convention serves as a culminating moment for that success, testing all they’ve learned, celebrating those who are ready to move on, and bringing together fellow FFA members from across the nation to participate. Eastern Oregon students were no exception, going above and beyond in both competitions at nationals and their own personal goals. Continuing the series of sharing the experiences of Eastern Oregon’s FFA chapters at Nationals, and their thoughts on the greater FFA, is the Imbler chapter.

La Grande Main Street Downtown welcomes new executive director

LA GRANDE — Monica McLaughlin has a passion for downtown La Grande, and that passion will serve her well in her new role with La Grande Main Street Downtown. The new executive director joined the organization on Monday, Nov. 7. The responsibilities of her role are all-encompassing, including managing five different committees, helping facilitate grants for downtown businesses, organizing events, fundraising and increasing membership. She is here to help downtown anyway she can.

CHD Reminding Union County to Watch for Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Children

LA GRANDE – (Information from the Center for Human Development) As Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) continues to cause issues across Oregon, especially among children, the Center for Human Development (CHD) wants Union County residents to stay safe. To stay ahead of illness and prevent unnecessary health complications, the CHD has provided the following information on the symptoms of RSV and how they can affect young children.

Union County girl competes in Las Vegas barrel racing championship

Your browser does not support the audio element. A 9-year-old from Cove, Oregon, traveled over 700 miles to compete at the Vegas Tuffest Jr. World Championship. Hayden Johnson is a competitive barrel racing jockey. She began riding horses at the age of 3. Hannah Johnson is Hayden’s mother and coach. They both join us to explain what barrel racing is and Hayden’s hopes for this competition.