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Water quality advisory issued for Goose Island and Bluebird beaches

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — The La Crosse County Health Department on Friday warned people of bacteria in two county beaches. Goose Island Camp and Bluebird Camp beaches had an E.coli count of between 235/999 colonies/100mL, meaning people will have an increased risk of illness if they swim there. “Swim at your own risk and shower immediately after swimming,” said the department in a release.
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No solution reached to save Miken Sports Plant, worker reacts

(ABC 6 News) - We have a new development in Caledonia. A big hitter is getting involved to help save the Miken Sports Plant. But, struck out with immediate action, trying to save the plant and dozens of jobs. The plant makes equipment for major league baseball and it will close in 18 to 24 months, but city leaders are hoping for a miracle.
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Smoky haze from wildfires reaches La Crosse

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Smoky haze from wildfires elsewhere in North America has reached the La Crosse area. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources issued an air quality advisory for La Crosse County, as well as Buffalo, Crawford, Grant, Pepin, Pierce, Trempealeau and Vernon counties. The advisory warns that the smoke brings particulate matter in the area that can be unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Sen. Smith takes on MLB to save Caledonia, MN plant

U-S Senator Tina Smith says that all Americans should be outraged by Major League Baseball (MLB) and San Diego Padres owner Peter Seidler’s involvement in the closure of a major employer in rural Caledonia, Minnesota. “To me this is just completely wrong MLB is not only America’s favorite pastime, but...
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Great River Road designated ‘All-American Road’

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A popular Vernon County road is getting a new honor. The Great River Road was designated as an ‘All-American Road’. The road follows along the Mississippi River. It starts in northern Minnesota, through the La Crosse area on the way to the Gulf of Mexico.
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Community fights to save Miken Sports

(ABC 6 News) - There is a crisis developing in a local small town. The town's major employer is announcing it's closing down, sending around 80 jobs to China. It's in Caledonia, Minnesota, in the southeastern corner of the state and the company is Miken Sports. It makes equipment for Major League Baseball.
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Local, state groups call for faster rollout of electric vehicles

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Local groups are calling on lawmakers to invest in more clean transportation. Wisconsin Health Professionals for Climate Action hosted the online event. Members are calling for more federal investment. The group says transportation is the largest source of pollution in Wisconsin. It’s pushing for a...

Sen. Miller: Decisions on masks in schools should be made by local districts

Sen. Jeremy Miller, R-Winona, the Minnesota Senate president, posted the following statement on Facebook in response to student mask recommendations:. “I’ve been hearing from many parents regarding the recent talks about masks in schools during the upcoming school year. While the CDC and state agencies are welcome to provide recommendations, these decisions must be left to local school districts with significant input from parents, especially since the Minnesota legislature voted to terminate Governor Walz’s emergency powers effective July 1.”
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State officials advocate for clean transportation options

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) - Officials in the Coulee Region and across Wisconsin are pushing the federal government to make a major investment in clean transportation. Wisconsin Health Professionals for Climate Action hosted a virtual press conference Thursday to explain why clean transportation would be a better option for the environment.

Let UW determine its own Covid response

Some people just don’t like rules, unless they are the ones who get to make them. Wisconsin state Senator Steve Nass thinks schools in the UW System shouldn’t be able to set their own rules when it comes to Covid protocols. He is introducing legislation that would require UW La Crosse and other system schools to submit their plans for dealing with Covid to the legislature’s administrative rules committee, which he chairs. Rules vary by campus, but Nass doesn’t want the schools to be able to force their students to, say, wear masks, or even stay six feet apart. Common sense steps which campuses have embraced, and which work. Our university system has done a great job dealing with the virus. They were among the first to put safety measures in place based on the latest data. As the data evolved, so did the rules. But Nass says some chancellors want to “take advantage of the delta variant hysteria to enact excessive Covid-19 mandates.” Being practical to prevent the spread of a virus is not hysteria, it’s common sense. What UW is doing is working. There are few new cases, except for the unvaccinated. The reason students can be back in the class without masks right now is because the precautions they took worked. Preventing schools from determining how best to respond could mean a return to distance learning or mandatory mask wearing. Let’s let schools continue to chart their own course, because what they are doing seems to be working.