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How does stroke impact your vision?

The visual pathway is very long and goes from the eyes to the occipital lobe, which is the region in the cerebral hemisphere that processes vision. Since the visual pathway goes through the cerebral hemisphere on each side, stroke affecting certain areas of the cerebral hemisphere will impact the visual pathway and produce visual field loss.
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Do ‘bouncing universes’ have a beginning?

Some cosmological models propose that the universe expands and contracts in infinite cycles, but new study finds a crucial flaw in the latest version of this theory. In trying to understand the nature of the cosmos, some theorists propose that the universe expands and contracts in endless cycles. Because this...
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These two types of exercise could improve your liver health

Scientists from Western Sydney University found that aerobic exercise interventions with either high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT) could help reduce non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The research is published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism and was conducted by Dr. Angelo Sabag et al. One...

This study shows a big cause of deadly brain cancer

Scientists from the University of Virginia found an oncogene (a cancer-causing gene) responsible for glioblastoma, the deadliest brain tumor. The discovery offers a promising new treatment target for cancer that is always fatal. The researchers say the oncogene is essential to the survival of cancer cells. Without it, the cancer...

Study reveals a major cause of social anxiety disorder

Scientists from Uppsala University found that the balance between the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine may affect whether a person develops a social anxiety disorder. The research is published in Molecular Psychiatry and was conducted by Olof Hjorth et al. Social anxiety can be a highly debilitating psychiatric disorder with negative...

Does a vegan diet lead to poorer bone health?

Scientists from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment examined the bone health of 36 vegans as well as 36 people who followed a mixed-food diet. They found on average, people following a vegan diet had lower ultrasound bone values compared to the other group. This indicates poorer bone health.

What is greedflation and is it driving higher prices

Is inflation being aided and abetted by price-gouging?. The idea of exploiting inflation to create excessive profits has become known as greedflation—a concept that is typically polarizing. “It is a convenient political meme,” says William Dickens, university distinguished professor of economics and public policy at Northeastern. Inflation hit...

Five reasons why we overeat

We tend to think that we stop eating when our stomachs are full. Science shows otherwise. Here are five reasons we often overeat without realising it. Visual aspects of a meal, such as portion size, have been shown to influence how much we eat. In an American study on satiety, participants were seated at a table and instructed to eat soup.

New study finds a major cause of age-related weakness

Scientists from Ohio University and elsewhere found that the nervous system plays an important role in age-related weakness. They suggest that physical weakness in aging may be due, at least in part, to impairments in brain and nerve function, rather than changes in the muscles themselves. In the study, the...

Scientists find the cause of long COVID ‘brain fog’

Scientists from La Trobe University found the cause of the neurological conditions seen in patients with long COVID, such as brain fog. The study provides the first indications that some of the neurological symptoms of long-COVID are being caused by amyloid clumps appearing in the brain that are similar to those that cause Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.