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Are These The Best Brick Oven Pizzas In Midland Odessa?

We all love Pizza, right? Well, there's Pizza, then there's Brick Oven Pizza. Does a pizza made in a Brick Oven just hit different? Is the crust different than a conventional oven? There are fans of regular Oven Baked and then there are fans of Wood Fire Brick Oven cooked pizza. I for one love both, but yes Brick Oven is awesome! The Brick Oven technique goes way back! I have fallen in love with Wood Fire Brick Oven Pizzas. Check out these places that serve pizza cooked by Wood Fire or Brick Oven. And, if you know of some other places that do Wood Fire Brick Oven, tell us in our comments below so we can add them to the list. Are these some of the best here in Midland Odessa?
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Kevin Fowler Visits Survivor of Uvalde Tragedy in Hospital

Kevin Fowler is one of my favorite Texas Country artists and just gave us another example on why he is so awesome! According to Kevin Fowler's Facebook page, he paid a visit to one his longtime fans, a survivor of the Uvalde school shooting, over the weekend. Mayah Zamora is one of the Robb Elementary School students that survived the Uvalde tragedy and is still in the hospital.
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Who Remembers Go Victoria Day at the Astrodome

If you drive by the Houston Astrodome today, it looks like an abandoned building that is on its last legs. However, the Houston Astrodome was deemed the “Eighth Wonder of the World” when it first opened in 1965, and for good reason. At the time, Astro-turf was state of the art and the Dome was the FIRST indoor, air-conditioned stadium. I love to write about Houston Nostalgia just as much as Victoria Nostalgia.
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These Are the Best Deals in Victoria If You’re Not Cooking July 4th

What is more American on July 4th than melting off the bone bbq and delicious dessert in red white and blue?. That's why we have partnered with Seize the Deal and right now for a limited time you can get local bbq hot spot RNC BBQ and Cherry Berry for half price! That's right, these are seriously discounted gift certificates you buy directly from the Seize the Deal here which equates to HUGE savings for you. You get to throw the ultimate July 4th get-together for half the cost!

One of the Best Tejano Albums of All-Time: Con El Tiempo by David Lee Garza

It's time to add to my list of the Best Tejano Albums of all time. My first write-up was about the live album from Mazz. "Una Noche Juntos: Live.' was recorded at Rosedale Park back in the '90s and is absolutely EPIC. I then wrote about Ricard Castillon Y La Diferenzia's self-titled album that featured some of Ricardo's biggest hits. Now it's time to add to the list.

Beware of CenterPoint Disconnect Scam That is Circulating

Unfortunately, scams have become a part of everyday life, and now this! Reports are starting to circulate about individuals posing as CenterPoint Energy representatives and are using many tactics, such as requesting to check electric meters at customers' homes and cloning company numbers, threatening to disconnect services. We have some tips to help safeguard you in case this happens to you.

Second Deadly Human Smuggling Incident in South Texas This Week

It has happened again! According to the Laredo Morning Times, another smuggling tragedy has occurred in South Texas. The Texas Department of Transportation has confirmed four people are dead and three are in critical condition. Troopers said the driver evaded law enforcement and crashed into an 18-wheeler. Two of the victims are men from Guatemala and a third victim is a man for Mexico. The fourth victim has not been determined, and the next of kin is pending.

RIDE STUCK: Amusement Park Ride Gets Stuck Upside Down

As a theme park enthusiast, stuff like this always is popping up on my social feed. While this incident did not happen in Texas, this type of thing can happen anywhere. The Aero 360 at Kennywood Amusement park near Pittsburg got stuck upside down last month. The ride stayed upside down for about 15 to 20 minutes. In the video below you can see the ride start to come down as the crowd erupts in applause. I would call this a pretty dramatic experience.

What is Something That Downtown Victoria Needs Next

Over the past couple of years, we have seen life coming back to Downtown Victoria and it's awesome to see. However, our downtown is too awesome to be sitting there silent on weekends. There is so much potential to make downtown a weekend hotspot. How about stores that are open on Saturdays or bars with patios with live music as the Courthouse sits in the background. Maybe a couple of more restaurants that are open nights and weekends. What about a hotel to boost tourism in our area? That has been a rumor for such a long time already. I personally think bringing back the old Victoria Bank and Trust time and temperature marquee would truly bring back that nostalgic feel.

Possible Development in Gulf Could Lead to Wet Weekend in Crossroads

Currently, a disturbance in the northern Gulf of Mexico is being monitored for tropical development. and it could lead to abundant rain later this week and weekend. Right now, it is known as Invest 95-L and it has a chance to become a tropical depression through Thursday. At this point, it really doesn't matter if this strengthens to depression or not. This area will combine with an old frontal boundary will enhance rainfall on parts of the Texas coast through late this week and this weekend. You can check out the latest weather radar for the Gulf of Mexico by visiting

Texas Mom Conceives Second Baby While Already Pregnant

This is a miracle pregnancy. According to an article by NBC-DFW, Cara and Blake Winhold went in for a sonogram at 5 weeks to show a budding pregnancy. Weeks later they went in for a second sonogram and it showed a second heartbeat that wasn't there the first time. Cara said the nurse said ‘OK, there’s the heartbeat, nice and strong,’ and she's like, ‘Well, let’s check out the other one,’” Cara explained. “I cried. I was shocked.” The Winholds say they were told the boys were conceived about a week apart. This is a very rare occurrence that is called superfetation.