22 Obvious Ways To Tell You’re From Texas

Living in Texas for over a decade has made me realize, that we literally have our own language 'round here. Nothing against the English language, but there is not a single thing or situation Texas slang can't describe. If we tried to keep track of how many times y'all was...

Possible Development in Gulf Could Lead to Wet Weekend in Crossroads

Currently, a disturbance in the northern Gulf of Mexico is being monitored for tropical development. and it could lead to abundant rain later this week and weekend. Right now, it is known as Invest 95-L and it has a chance to become a tropical depression through Thursday. At this point, it really doesn't matter if this strengthens to depression or not. This area will combine with an old frontal boundary will enhance rainfall on parts of the Texas coast through late this week and this weekend. You can check out the latest weather radar for the Gulf of Mexico by visiting

Texas Mom Conceives Second Baby While Already Pregnant

This is a miracle pregnancy. According to an article by NBC-DFW, Cara and Blake Winhold went in for a sonogram at 5 weeks to show a budding pregnancy. Weeks later they went in for a second sonogram and it showed a second heartbeat that wasn't there the first time. Cara said the nurse said ‘OK, there’s the heartbeat, nice and strong,’ and she's like, ‘Well, let’s check out the other one,’” Cara explained. “I cried. I was shocked.” The Winholds say they were told the boys were conceived about a week apart. This is a very rare occurrence that is called superfetation.

Brett Eldredge Brings High-Spirited ‘Songs About You’ to ‘GMA’

Brett Eldredge brought some fun to ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday (June 28) by performing "Songs About You," his latest single and the title track of his new album. Although uptempo, the song details the arduous process of trying to get over a past relationship. As Eldredge sings, when the tune's character starts moving on, a song reminds him of his ex-love and the memories come rushing back. The song's production contrasts with the bittersweet story, however, offering upbeat, jazzy instrumentation.

Luke Combs Spoofs Bad Fisherman During ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Comedy Sketch [Watch]

Luke Combs may be best known as a hit-making country superstar, but he's no slouch in the comedy department: A hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip proves it. The video stars Combs as a faux-salesman for a store called Bass Amateur Shop, and, as Bass Pro Shop aficionados might guess, he's selling fishing gear to people who are pretty clueless about what they're doing.

Check out the Biggest Lottery Wins in the Victoria Area

I always love following big lottery wins. What tickets the was and where was it sold. Let us start out by saying that it's another ticket not sold in Victoria. It's also a win that goes against my theory of big jackpot tickets being sold at inconspicuous stores. This ticket was a $2 million dollar jackpot winner off of the $30 Premier Cash ticket. It was sold in Sweetwater, Texas at Murphy USA!

Welcome to Victoria, This Used to Be a …

I was scrolling through my social feeds last week and I came across a social post that got me reminiscing. Check out the original post that was posted thanks to a Facebook post by Andrew Schiavone below. I mean, we had only one Blockbuster but other than that this meme is absolutely true. So I reached out on social media for your input. Check out this list that will bring back so many memories. Of course, there are so many that we can continue to add to this list. However, some of these photo assets are hard to find. So if you have a 'throwback' picture from Victoria. Send them my way at

Make Plans To Join Us Thursday for our Regional Business Expo

Regional Business Expo Thursday 9 to 12 at Hilton Garden Inn. If you are looking for work or just a change of pace, update that resume and make plans to join us this Thursday, June 30th for a chance to score your dream job AND hear from local business owners who want to offer sound advice for employment in the future.