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Road Trip! 21 Things to Do and See (and Eat) in Broome County!

This is the latest in our series of "county spotlights" We have already featured Chenango and Genesee county's and now it is Broome County's turn in the spotlight. Broome County is one of the largest counties in Upstate's "Southern Tier." With around 200,000 residents, There are several big cities as well as many smaller villages and towns. Binghamton is the county seat and the biggest city with 50,000 residents.
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Southern Tier Fireworks Complaints Down

Area law enforcement agencies are reporting a few complaints about fireworks overnight but not as many as in the less than ten years since New York allowed the use of some devices including sparklers. Rockets that shoot into the air are still illegal and municipalities can choose to ban fireworks...

Stop Releasing Balloons! Over 50 Collected From New York Waters

Stop releasing helium-filled balloons into the air! You're killing the wildlife. More than 50 balloons were collected from the water recently that came from all types of occasions - graduation, Father’s Day, anniversary, and birthdays. Medical face masks and plastic bottles were also among the catch of the day when the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) patrolled the water.

Paycheck Panic – New Yorkers Are Burning Through Money Faster Than They Can Make It

If you live in New York and if you have a tendency to blow your budget two weeks after payday, welcome to the club!. While the number of people using coupons and promo codes has increased by 79 percent in just the last year and while rising inflation has everyone raising their eyebrows and wondering what could be coming next, New Yorkers are simply awful at sticking to their budget.

Have New Yorkers Already Given Up on Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is tanking and the glow it once had seems to have dimmed. Last month, Bitcoin suffered some pretty deep losses which left investors and financial experts a bit unsettled. Interestingly, CouponBirds conducted a survey prior to the June cryptocurrency crash that revealed the average New Yorker said they would be fine with receiving 51 percent of their monthly salary in virtual currency.

Katy Perry and More Celebrities Celebrate the Fourth of July 2022

Celebrities including Madonna, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Lizzo and more took to social media to mark the Fourth of July Monday. However, their posts were not all joyful while celebrating the American holiday on July 4. Instead, many celebrities chose to use the day to speak out regarding the Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and send abortion rights back to the states. The court's decision, which was handed down in late June, did away with nearly 50 years of legal precedent.

Halsey Opens Up About Abortion That ‘Saved’ Her Life, Rewriting Their Will While Pregnant

Halsey opened up about undergoing a life-saving abortion, as well as their experiences with pregnancy, in an honest essay. The "Without Me" hit-maker returned a request from Vogue for responses to the Supreme Court's ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade and nearly 50 years of legal precedent. In it, she reflected on three past pregnancy losses experienced before giving birth to son Ender in 2021.

Woman Arrested at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Slapping Husband Over Stress of Vacation

Planning a vacation can be stressful. One unfortunate husband learned that the hard way when his wife lost her cool and slapped him at Walt Disney World. According to Orange Circuit Court records, the altercation took place on June 3 at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. The woman, identified as 31-year-old Westchester, Ill. resident Asia Curry, was charged with domestic violence.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Tops $1 Billion And Becomes Biggest Hit of 2022

Tom Cruise’s career is definitely not in the danger zone. His latest film, Top Gun: Maverick, was already the biggest hit of his entire career. But the movie keeps on grossing major bucks, week after week week. And this weekend, despite competition from Jurassic World: Dominion and the brand new Elvis biopic from Baz Luhrmann, it crossed the $1 billion threshold in worldwide ticket sales.

Body Cam Video of State Trooper Rescuing Conklin Dog Released

Video recordings showing a New York state trooper moving quickly to help free a golden retriever trapped in a culvert near Binghamton have been made public. State police have released the video from the body cam worn by Trooper Rasaphone, who was sent to Pierce Creek Road in the town of Conklin Sunday morning.

The 15 Best Needle Drops In Movie History

As Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” becomes a chart-topping hit thanks to its placement in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, one thing becomes perfectly clear — music and film (or in this case, highly cinematic television) are undeniably linked. A great song has the power to elevate a movie scene, while a well-executed scene can breathe new life into a track. But there are some song uses in films that just stand out. There’s something magical about them. It’s hard to put a finger on what makes a needle drop special, but you know it when you hear it.

New York Judge Hands Landlords Big Legal Win

Per Lucas Willard of WAMC Northeast Public Radio, a New York State Supreme Court Judge has struck down Albany's "good cause" eviction law, handing New York landlords a massive win. The "good cause" eviction law would have made it exceptionally more difficult for landlords to evict tenants. The law also...