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Illegal Immigrants Intentionally Damaging Property, Says Texas Sheriff

KINNEY COUNTY, Texas—This year’s illegal immigrants are unlike those from previous years, according to Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe, who was also a Border Patrol agent for 31 years. “We’re starting to see more intentional damage,” Coe told The Epoch Times. “I’ve never seen it quite like this. Somebody’s making...
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Stanley L. Metcalf

Stanley Lin Metcalf, Aug. 14, 1945-May 8, 2021, owner and publisher of the Kinney County Post Newspaper, died at his home in Brackettville, Texas, early Saturday morning, after a lengthy illness. Stan was born in Amarillo and was the only child of Lindley Wilson Metcalf and Bobbie Nell Howze Metcalf....
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Kinney County officials declare area a non-sanctuary for migrants

BRACKETTVILLE, Texas — Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials reported last week that, in just one day, agents apprehended more than 800 migrants. Many of those arrests unfolded in Kinney County, where commissioners approved a resolution on Monday declaring the community is not a sanctuary county for migrants. The resolution...
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Rural communities overrun with human smuggling

Kinney County is being bombarded by hundreds of illegal aliens on a daily basis. Our local law enforcement is overwhelmed with human smuggling activity and high-speed pursuits occurring along roadways. These individuals, who unlawfully enter our county, originate from many different countries, including the Middle East. Our homes are being...
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Texas border sheriff tells 'Fox & Friends' smugglers overwhelming deputies: 'We can’t sustain this’

Kinney County, Texas Sheriff Brad Coe told "Fox & Friends" on Friday that the "unprecedented" migrant surge and smugglers are overwhelming the state’s deputies. BRAD COE: Right now, we're seeing something unprecedented, I've worked in this county for 35 years, and we are seeing a vast number of human smuggling events there; human trafficking. I said yesterday, between one o'clock and four o'clock, my deputies had four human smuggling events happen. I've got six deputies to cover 1,300 square miles. So this push is keeping my deputies working overtime. We can't sustain this.
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Kinney County declares state of disaster due to rise of migrants

KINNEY COUNTY, Texas – Kinney County issued a declaration of disaster over the rise of migrants entering the country at the U.S. border. Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan signed the declaration -- claiming that residents have been assaulted, threatened and robbed -- on Wednesday, April 21. “We have had deputies...
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Smugglers Abandon Unaccompanied Migrant Children in West Texas

On Monday, Border Patrol Agents near the Rio Grande in Kinney County discovered five unaccompanied children abandoned on the bank, miles from the nearest town. Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero for the Del Rio Sector said they had lanyards around their necks with cards presumably bearing the names of relatives in the United States. They had no supplies, water, or food to prepare them for conditions in the hostile and remote area.
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Kinney County Sheriff stopped two human smuggling attempts over weekend

KINNEY COUNTY Texas - The Kinney County Sheriff's Office apprehended two human smuggling attempts over the weekend. According to a Facebook post, two smugglers and 16 undocumented immigrants were taken into custody. The individuals will be processed by the U.S. Border Patrol and the smugglers are facing possible charges.
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Winter wonderland turns into winter crisis in Brackettville

Kinney County – What started off as a winter wonderland for so many Texas residents has now turned into a winter weather crisis. Not just in San Antonio, but in smaller surrounding counties as well. In Kinney County, many have been without power for days. Brackettville residents get their electricity...
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Rural Texas counties are struggling with no water, electricity

KINNEY COUNTY, Texas — As we continue to struggle with these cold temperatures, many across South Texas are also struggling with the lack of power -- and in some cases, water. In surrounding rural counties, the struggles can be even more of a challenge with no access to nearby resources.
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High speed chase results in apprehension of human trafficking smuggler

Sunday morning a human smuggler (Coyote) was stopped by Border Patrol in Kinney County, soon after the initial stop the driver fled the traffic stop in the vehicle and as officers pursued he began to fire at the officers with a semi-automatic rifle style firearm. Thankfully no officers were struck. As the officers continued to try to apprehend the suspects, the fleeing vehicle entered Uvalde County and turned north on HWY 55. Real County Sheriff’s Office responded to assist and Officer Alex Alejandro was able to successfully deploy a spike strip and blow out two tires on the suspect vehicle. The partially disabled vehicle continued to flee with officers in pursuit and was brought to a stop near Ranch Creek, just south of Camp Wood. As suspects and illegal aliens bailed out of the vehicle to flee on foot, officers apprehended them as quickly as possible, but one escaped into the woods near the river. Six illegal aliens were taken into custody and one human trafficking smuggler was apprehended immediately.