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Are These The Top 10 Best Rides At Adventureland?

Adventureland has had many great rides come and go over the years. Some great new rides and some amazing older rides still give parkgoers a great experience. Next year we will even see two new rides! Those rides are named the "Flying Viking" and the "Draken Falls" which is a log ride. Personally, I'm excited to see a log ride at the park again.
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The Two Quad-City States Are Some Of 2022’s Best States To Live In

Sometimes it's hard for us to see the good in the state we live in. People have a tendency to find more of the bad things than the good things. The two states that make up the Quad Cities -- Iowa and Illinois -- were just put towards the top of a list of 2022's best states to live in. Hopefully this study and the facts we're about to show you shine a brighter light on the good things about the two states that make up our area.
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Is Cyberbullying Still An Issue For Kids In The Quad Cities?

Sadly the answer to our question is yes. At least before online bullying, you could at least put a face to the name of your bully. Now it is much harder. Bullying and online bullying are nothing new. Cyberbullying has been around for a very long time. Sadly many areas saw a rise in cyberbullying in 2020 as more kids switched to online learning. As kids spent more time online bullying also started to happen more online.

Is It Legal To Spread Ashes At the Iowa State Fair?

Watch where you walk at the Iowa State Fair! Animal manure and food that's been dropped are the least of your worries. As an Iowa transplant, I just love going to the Iowa State Fair. This is my second summer in the Hawkeye State and I have always enjoyed my brief visits to the Des Moines Fair.

5 Songs You Didn’t Know Miranda Lambert Wrote

It's no secret that Miranda Lambert is an immensely talented songwriter. She's the driving creative force behind most of her biggest career hits, from early releases like "Famous in a Small Town" to more recent singles, including "Bluebird," "We Should Be Friends" and "If I Was a Cowboy." When she's...

You Could See 9 Different Species Of Bat In Iowa

I decided to write this story after we found out we had a bat problem in our house. We found this little guy in our house last night. He looked cute, but when those wings open it's a bit scary. We got him to fly away outside, but I assume this won't be the end of our bat problem. We most likely will need to call a professional. Now let's stop focusing on the bats in my house and focus on how many bats are in Iowa.

The Case of the Mysterious, Sudden Closure of the Moline Denny’s

It's like a breakup via text. Thursday, the Denny's in Moline suddenly closed. WQAD reports that on Thursday, a note was found on the door of the Moline Denny's, announcing the closure of the restaurant. Permanently. And if you look on Google, Denny's on 52nd Avenue in Moline is indeed listed as 'permanently closed'.

A Davenport Golf Course Has Cosmic Golf And It Looks So Awesome

People think golf can be boring. As a golfer myself, I find joy in shanking the ball for a couple of hours on a hot summer day. But for those who want to give golf a try, maybe hit some golf balls without all of the boring stuff, or golfers who want to add a little flare to the game, a Davenport golf course is offering cosmic golf on the weekends and it looks like a blast.

A Quad Cities Community Baby Shower Is Giving Out Free Diapers

Baby showers are always fun to attend, but it's kind of required to buy a gift when you attend unless you're the mother-to-be. But what if we told you there is a baby shower you could attend and you don't have to bring anything? In fact, this baby shower is giving you as the parents free stuff. Quad-City community members, agencies, and organizations are coming together to help parents in the Quad Cities by hosting a drive-thru Community Baby Shower & Resource Event on Wednesday.

Cirque Italia’s Water Circus Silver Unit Coming To Davenport

The circus is coming to town! And not just any circus. Cirque Italia is bringing its Water Circus Silver Unit to the Quad Cities at the end of this month. This show combines incredible production and circus arts together to create a night that will be remembered for a long time. Tickets for the family are on sale now for a fun evening.

Lost Island Waterpark Inviting The Oldest Person Possible To Go Down Slide

Lost Island is giving away a lifetime pace to someone young at heart. Now before you go pushing grandma down one of Lost Islands' scariest slides make sure you know the rules. Lost Island has plenty of great events for you and the family, but this one caught my attention because it is so bonkers, but it is also such a great and fun idea for the many people out there who are truly young at heart. You can see other events here.