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Star Celebrates Fourth Of July Parade [Photos]

Thousands of folks showed you to celebrate America as Star hosted its annual Independence Day Parade. Spectators who were kids and kids at heart set up chairs along State Street to enjoy one of the state's most festive parades. The parade began on time and featured everything from a man...
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Why Boise Doesn’t Have an Independence Day Parade?

Today we celebrate the birth of our great nation, America. In communities throughout our country, cities will hold parades honoring veterans, patriots, and community leaders. However, one Idaho city will not have a Fourth of July Parade; that city is Idaho's capital city, Boise. How can the capital of Idaho...
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Listen to Journey’s New Single ‘United We Stand’

Journey has released "United We Stand," the latest single from their upcoming album Freedom. You can listen to the song below. The mid-tempo track is classic Journey, with Neal Schon's repeating guitar melody anchoring the song and Arnel Pineda's impassioned, soaring vocals bolstered by rich backing harmonies and dramatic horns as he sings, "United we stand / Divided we fall / Just hold on to me, girl / And together we can face it all."

Country Proud: See Artists Wearing the American Flag

While a few country artists only wear the American flag on special occasions, others will pull out a patriotic jacket, tank top or guitar whenever the mood strikes them. Country music leads all genres in terms of patriotism, so it's not surprising to find many pictures of the biggest artists wearing the American flag over the last ten years. Some photos in this gallery come from post-9/11 remembrances or concerts. However, Carrie Underwood wore a tank top modeled after the flag just because.

13 Songs That Make Us Proud to Be American

Celebrate America with these 13 great country songs by hitmakers Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings and more. All 13 of the songs listed in the above video (find a playlist below) make us proud to be American. Which is your favorite? Keith and Paisley actually have two songs apiece on this list, and we're pretty sure you'll be able to guess them. Darryl Worley's post September 11 hit, Lee Greenwood's iconic American song and a lesser-known, but still impactful, track from Faith Hill also make this list.

Idaho’s Largest Fireworks Show Is Not In Boise

Welcome to the Fourth of July weekend, where Americans, young and old, celebrate our nation's independence by going to parades, hosting barbeques, and watching many fireworks. In Idaho, several cities will host their fireworks displays once dusk arrives on July 4th. However, which city in Idaho can legitimately lay claim to the largest fireworks display in the state?

Aerial Fireworks Are Illegal in Idaho, So Why Are They For Sale?

We welcome you again to the fireworks season where dogs, people, and otherwise law-abiding citizens lose their minds as ordinary Idahoans become law breakers. Every year we see the hardworking entrepreneurs that man the numerous fireworks stands throughout every parking lot, roadside stand, or back of a truck along a deserted road selling us any fireworks that we like.

Why July 3rd is so Special to All Idahoans

Today is July 3rd, the day before celebrating our nation's independence. Today is also known as Idaho Day, when the Gem State became the 43rd state in the union. Idahoans near and far have taken time to celebrate our great state. There is a native pride in Idahoans regardless of whether or not you were born in the Gem State.President Benjamin Harrison was the president who allowed Idaho to become a state on this day in 1890. The president visited the former Idaho territory and planted a tree to celebrate the occasion. The Idaho Territory was created by President Abraham Lincoln during our nation's most challenging time, the Civil War. Many Idaho historians believe Lincoln had a particular affinity for the land that would one day become our home.

Idahoans Are Paying More Than Ever For Favorite 4th Foods

It seems that every summer season has its way of defining the months spent between spring and fall. In the sixties, they called it the summer of love. A few years ago, during the pandemic, it was the summer of shutdowns. The summer of 2022 could be called the summer of inflation and high prices for every item known to humanity.

What is Boise State Football’s Future, Pac-12 or Big 12?

Boise State football fans are trying to figure out what's next for their team amid the news that USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12. Wishful Bronco fans wonder if the Pac-12 could invite Boise State to join their beleaguered conference. Although Boise State joining the Pac may be a long shot, who would've thought that USC and UCLA would ever leave for the Big 10?

Washington and Oregon Now Control the Pac-12

The fallout of USC and UCLA leaving the Pac-12 continues to resonate throughout college football. It appears for the time being that Oregon and Washington will not be leaving the Pac-12 for the Big 10. The power of who controls what's left of the Pac-12 now goes transfers to Washington and Oregon.

See Photos of Some Creepy Native Idaho Bugs

My son and I found this unique and fun looking leaf bug hanging out on our front door. We carefully caught it in his little bug aquarium with some leaves and sticks and kept it for 1 night. We then let it out in the backyard the next day. The bug was fine we got to see it up close and personal for an evening and let it go back on its way. We were fascinated by the leaf like veins and tiny little suction cupped feet.

The Most Mispronounced Place in Idaho is…

If you live here you most likely don't have to think twice about how you are pronouncing things because you have heard the names and places enough to know how to say them properly. Think about a time you were visiting somewhere else and mispronounced a street name or town name because you just didn't know better. You very well may have said it wrong to a local and they were too nice to correct you. Or they just waited until you went on your way and then laughed at the ignorance.

Idaho’s Average Income Is…Actually Good?

No matter where you look, if you look up "money" or "income" on the internet, the results as of late aren't spectacular. It's hard out here in these streets for most people. That is, unless, you live in Idaho. Let us explain. Idaho's minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour....