Sparkle Light Festival Brings Lights, Games, and a Two-Story Tubing Hill to Rosemont

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we know that seeing lights is on everyone’s holiday bucket list. Sparkle Light Festival in Rosemont offers families the opportunity to take countless holiday photos, enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate, and soak up holiday fun with their loved ones. Read all the details below about visiting this new festive light display at Impact Field.
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Sloomoo Institute Chicago: A Multi-Sensory Slime Experience

Calling all slime fans: you do not want to miss Sloomoo Institute Chicago. As we walked out of the doors from this experience, my kids told me it was the best day of their lives! This multi-sensory slime experience had something in store in every corner we turned: a section with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) sounds, a waterfall slime area where you get to drenched in slime, a slime lake, a DIY slime area with various textured and scented slimes all over the exhibition, photo opportunities, and more.
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Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum in Lisle

We recently went to the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum at Benedictine University in Lisle and were amazed at all there was to see! There are over 3,500 mammals, birds, sea creatures, reptiles, amphibians, insects, skeletons, and more to examine and learn about throughout the museum. When we arrived, the museum worker...
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Get Immersed in Harry Potter: Magic at Play Chicago

All Wizards, Witches and Muggles are transported to a day at Hogwarts while exploring Harry Potter: Magic at Play. Located in Water Tower Place in the heart of Chicago, visitors will practice their Defense Against the Dark Arts, get lost in the Forbidden Forest, and even sample a round of Butterbeer. Harry Potter: Magic at Play is filled with interactive exhibits and plenty of photo opportunities for all of the biggest Harry Potter fans. Details below will help guide your visit through the Great Hall, the Quidditch Field, and much more.

Family-Friendly Breweries in the Western Suburbs

For beer and cider fans, enjoying the local brewery is one of the easiest ways to shop local. After all, most of our local breweries are owned and run by folks who live in the nearby communities! Our western suburbs are home to a variety of relaxed, family-friendly breweries where kids can be kids and parents can enjoy a cold beer or cider (and in some locations, a full kitchen and food menu). Nearly all of the businesses on our list have outdoor dining space, offer non-alcoholic beers, and rent out space for private events. Let’s brew up some fun together!

Giveaway! Galaxi Fun Zone

Galaxi Fun Zone, a glow-in-the-dark, one-of-a-kind indoor family fun center in Aurora, is offering one lucky Kidlist reader 4 all attractions passes valued at $149! Keep reading to find out all the fun you can have there, party options, and how you can enter the giveaway. They opened in 2020 and are excited to share all they have to offer.

Climb the Newly Updated TreeTop Escape in West Chicago

TreeTop Escape, found inside West Chicago Park District’s ARC Center, is a newly updated, one-of-a-kind indoor play area perfect for burning off extra energy. Whether climbing to the third level, or sliding down the tube slides, visitors will have fun exploring this rainforest-themed space. My son, who loves animals, pretended to be a fish in the river, and immediately spotted the large tiger on top of the tree.

Nothing Scary about ‘Leonardo! A Wonderful Show About a Terrible Monster’ at the Chicago Children’s Theatre

Leonardo! A Wonderful Show About a Terrible Monster uses hundreds of illustrated paper puppets, book pages, two-dimensional props, furry monster puppets, and songs to bring Mo Willems’s books to life. Manual Cinema wanted to re-create the experience of holding one of Willems’s book pages, which are big, bold, colorful, and full of visual rhythm, with a playful use of scale. Like all Manual Cinema productions, you can watch the big screen like a traditional movie, or watch the artists below as they create the story in real time… There is no wrong way to watch the show!

Kids Art Classes and Studios: Drawing, Painting, and More

Art classes are popping up everywhere around the suburbs! Art, drawing and painting classes are wonderful ways for your little Picassos to express themselves while developing motor skills, confidence, social development and more. Creative kiddos of all ages can draw or paint during open studio time, classes, workshops, and summer camps. This is the one list you’re going to want handy if you’re looking for the perfect art class for your kid.

Chicagoland Children’s Choirs and Youth Choirs

Children’s choirs are help kids hone their skills, build confidence, and partake in a group that fosters creativity and respect. Plus, singing together is an excellent way to make new friends! Children’s choirs across Chicagoland welcome kids of many ages to come and join their voices together. We’ve got you covered with our list to help you find the right choir for your kids.

Cooking Classes, Baking Lessons, and Foodie Fun for Kids

Cooking is many things: a life skill, a real-time science experiment, a creative outlet, and — in the right atmosphere — a whole lot of fun. While involving our kids in dinner prep is a great goal, it’s not always possible . . . especially when it’s 6:00 p.m. and everyone’s hangry. At a cooking class, kids get the chance to create in a more relaxed environment. So lace up those aprons, wash your hands, and find a fun kids’ or family cooking class near you!

Dance Classes for Kids in the Western Suburbs

Dance is great for fitness, coordination, and fun! Whether your family has an aspiring breakdancer or a ballerina (or both), the western suburbs are full of awesome options. Many of the studios listed below offer the typical ballet and tap, but also hip hop, instruction for boys, and classic cultural dance styles. Check them out and bust a move to a studio near you!

Chicago’s Museum of Ice Cream is a Picture-Perfect Sugar Rush

Museum of Ice Cream transports visitors to a candy-colored world of sprinkles and scoops that’s tucked away inside the Tribune Tower off of Michigan Avenue. Unlimited ice cream treats, a giant ball pit “pool” filled with plastic sprinkles, and beautiful exhibits galore are designed to delight visitors of all ages. We headed downtown to see how the experience held up as a destination for families with young kids.

Route 66 Playground at Harvester Park is Now Open

The excitement is palpable. I was able to be at Harvester Park this afternoon right when the Park District was taking the fencing down at the new Route 66 playground. Kids were gathered around, waiting to frolic and play on the new equipment, while I snapped a few pictures to give all of you a preview!

A New Family Favorite: Ide’s Grove West Park in Woodridge

I think our whole family has a new favorite park: Ide’s Grove West in Woodridge is one of the most fun playgrounds we have ever been to! And that’s saying something, because we have visited a TON! This park opened in October of 2020, but was hit hard by the devastating Woodridge tornado in summer of 2021, so it was closed for a while clean-up efforts and re-structuring took place. Though it had to endure some setbacks, we can say with complete confidence that Ide’s Grove West, which features inclusive preschool and elementary playgrounds, is back and better than ever!

McElroy Pediatric Dentistry Brings Smiles to Kids’ Faces

We are honored to introduce you to McElroy Pediatric Dentistry! They have decades of experience in pediatric dentistry and children’s dental health with strong ties to the community. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist or wanting to schedule the first appointment for your child, we hope you’ll check them out below! Nicole from the Kidlist team has been taking her family there for years and can’t say enough about how they create a friendly and warm environment in addition to being experts in their field.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Marriott Theatre For Family Fun

We’re off to see…a charming, talent-filled stage production of The Wizard of Oz! Whether you’re a fan of the classic movie or just love live theater, this hour-long, child-friendly presentation is a great choice for kids of all ages. It was the ideal first live stage show experience for our kids – not too long, and really engaging. Among our highlights were the friendly ushers, who welcomed every child like a distinguished guest, and the live dog playing the role of Toto. After all, who can resist an adorable fluff ball whose real-life name is Sir Reginald?

New Park! Centennial Park in Elmhurst

There’s a new playground in Elmhurst with a zipline, green covered picnic table structure, and fountains! Centennial Park was completed this month and it’s such a great space. Keep reading for all the features!. The majority of the playground equipment is designed for children 5-12 years old, but...

13 Ideas for a Family Weekend in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

For generations, Lake Geneva in Wisconsin has been a magical summer getaway for Midwesterners, and the same holds true for me: Our family lake house has been the setting for so many of our best memories. I am happiest when I am here, spending time by the water and watching the sunset over the lake at night—there is nothing else like it. Just 90 minutes northwest of Chicago, Lake Geneva offers many family-friendly activities and restaurants to ensure a great vacation experience. Here are some of our favorite family spots that I grew up with and have now become special traditions for my children as well. Hope to see you on the lake!