Feeling Stressed? Check Out This Rage Room In Nacogdoches, Texas

In the immortal words of Limp Bizkit's smash hit song 'Break Stuff', “It's just one of those days!" Sometimes the best way to handle your anger is to just go with it. I had a friend that would go to a thrift store and buy a bunch of cheap dishes and just keep them handy. Inevitably she would have a bad day and end up smashing the dishes. She said it made her feel much better. Now I know she was ahead of her time.
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This Austin, TX Comedian Goes Viral With Her Hilarious Tik Tok About Texas Heat

It's hot as _______ in Texas this summer. You can fill in the blank with the word you think is appropriate. The word that comes to my mind, while an appropriate description, is definitely not suitable for work. Well, good news for all the vulgar-word hating folks here, one Austin, TX comedian's viral Tik Tok perfectly explains this summer... Without a single swear word.

Major Wreck in Lufkin Ties Up Traffic at Highway 59 and Loop 287

Officials with the Lufkin Police Department and the Texas Department of Transportation are strongly advising motorists to avoid traveling around the south side of Lufkin near the Loop 287/Highway 59 interchange. A log truck lost its load on the northbound flyover at South 1st Street and Loop 287. Thankfully, no...

Feast of Famine: Some in East Texas Get Flooding, Others Stay Dry

We knew that the remnants of a tropical disturbance would be raising the chances of rain over a very parched Deep East Texas. For the most part, those chances of rain were about 50-60%. That means forecasters believed that in that you basically had a 50-50 shot at getting some measurable rainfall during the forecasted period.

What Could Have Been a Tragic Event at Chambers Park in Lufkin

I have worked at KICKS 105 for over 30 years, and every day for most of those years I pass by Chambers Park on my way to work, and when I'm heading home from work. I've gone there on many occasions just to sit and enjoy my lunch. I like the numerous huge shade trees and the serenity that the park offers.

Nacogdoches Now Added to East Texas Counties Under a Burn Ban

Add Nacogdoches County to the quickly growing list of counties across Texas that have put burn bans in place. Today (Friday, July 1st), the Nacogdoches County Commissioner's Court held a special meeting at which they voted to enact a county-wide burn ban. Effective immediately, all outdoor burning is prohibited in...

Tourists Will Be Amazed At The Seven Wonders Of Lufkin

When you live in Lufkin you don't recognize the wonders around you every day. I recently asked my Facebook friends what the seven wonders of Lufkin were. They came up with many answers, and it was hard to narrow it down to just seven. Looking at their answers it leads one to mull over what a wonder really is.

Luke Bryan’s ‘Country On’ Is a Modern Blue-Collar Anthem [Listen]

With "Country On," Luke Bryan is speaking directly to the blue-collar fans who pay to see him live every weekend. The country-rock anthem doesn't name names, but it calls out under-appreciated professions and gives each a little urging. Farmers, cowboys, truckers, bartenders, fireman, Music City guitar pickers and the men...

Here’s When Your East Texas School Will Be Going Back to Class

As we wave goodbye to June and usher in July, it's almost time to say those three words that cause some people to shiver, and not because they're cold. We are less than a month away in some school districts from teachers being called back in for those work days leading up to the new school year. Then, there are other districts where the students still have almost eight weeks before the first day of class.