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Are These The Best Brick Oven Pizzas In Midland Odessa?

We all love Pizza, right? Well, there's Pizza, then there's Brick Oven Pizza. Does a pizza made in a Brick Oven just hit different? Is the crust different than a conventional oven? There are fans of regular Oven Baked and then there are fans of Wood Fire Brick Oven cooked pizza. I for one love both, but yes Brick Oven is awesome! The Brick Oven technique goes way back! I have fallen in love with Wood Fire Brick Oven Pizzas. Check out these places that serve pizza cooked by Wood Fire or Brick Oven. And, if you know of some other places that do Wood Fire Brick Oven, tell us in our comments below so we can add them to the list. Are these some of the best here in Midland Odessa?
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Why Does Tom Green County Have An Odd Shape?

It's unavoidable. When looking at a map of Tom Green County, the first thing that stands out is the odd shape. There is a long, rectangular panhandle off the northwest corner of the county roughly 2 by 24 miles that extends far westward. The story of how this so called...

These Are The Most Dangerous Roads in Tom Green County

The upcoming 4th of July weekend is one of the biggest highway travel holidays of the year. Each year in the U.S. thousands lose their lives on highways across the U.S. Unfortunately, Texas has a reputation for dangerous highways. In fact, Texas consistently ranks as the 4th Most Dangerous State in America for drivers. Only Florida, California, Arizona and South Carolina are worse than Texas for driving.

Monkeypox Cases Are Spreading in Texas

No, there isn't a real reason to freak out about monkeypox, but the State of Texas wants everyone to know what's going on. The Texas Department of State Health Services announced this week that at monkeypox is here in Texas. So far, state officials have identified 12 monkeypox cases in the State of Texas, and the first few cases were were people who traveled outside the United States.

The Government Says Don’t Use Baby Neck Floats

Babies seem to instinctively love the water. It always fun to watch them splashing and enjoying the kiddie pool . Keeping them safe while they have fun is always a top priority. With that in mind, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning parents and caregivers babies to...

Sunny Sweeney Is Hosting A New Show On Sirius XM

Sunny Sweeney has always burned the candle at both ends throughout her career and it has paid off in many ways including launching a new radio show on Sirius XM. Not only is Sunny releasing a new album called "Married Alone" on September 23rd, but she is also starting a brand new radio show on Sirius XM's Willie's Roadhouse channel. I love the name of the show because it fits so well. The show is called "Sunny Side Up" and Sweeney is now officially Willie's Roadhouse weekday morning DJ with her show running from 7am-1pm Central time weekdays.

5 Crazy Things Less Expensive Than Gasoline in San Angelo

Gas prices are outrageous. They have come down a little to an average around $4.24 a gallon in San Angelo and Abilene. Economists predict even more turmoil to come in gasoline prices. The government is talking about removing the federal gas tax temporarily to give some relief. How much relief? It's only 18.4 cents a gallon. I've seen prices rise more than that in an afternoon.