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Why Are So Many Indiana and Kentucky Restaurants Featured on ‘America’s Best Restaurants’?

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Ribbon Cutting Event at Guy Fieri's new restaurant/family entertainment venue in Pigeon Forge, TN. While I was there, the crew from America's Best Restaurants was on hand to film a special episode. I chatted with Matt Plapp who happens to be the genius behind this push to generate excitement for locally-owned restaurants.
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Great Off-the-Beaten-Path Places to Park Your Motorhome in Kentucky

I love motorhomes. If or when I ever get one, I will move into it. It will be my address. Maybe we'll pull a Nomadland one day and tour the country. Regardless, I am completely enamored of the best gift ever given to the long-distance road warrior. It was just seven years ago that my family was staying with my uncle in Silver City, New Mexico, and I was offered his motorhome as my guest bedroom; they were out of space in the house. I reacted like a little kid.

Tourism at Mammoth Cave National Park generates $69.2 million

MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. – Mammoth Cave National Park brought a cumulative economic benefit of $69.2 million to the local community. A new National Park Service report shows the funds came from 516,000 visitors to Mammoth Cave National Park in 2021, who spent $47.9 million in communities near the park that supported over 600 jobs, according to a release by the park.

LBL Quota Deer Hunt Applications Open July 1

Online applications will be open the month of July for firearm quota deer hunts at Land Between the Lakes. Beginning July 1, those interested can visit for the process. Fees are $10. These quota hunts don’t just provide unique recreational opportunities within the west Kentucky and northwest Tennessee regions....

The BiKeWriTer | Hitting the road to Kentucky

June 27, 2022 – Packed with some urgency and a goal of hitting the road towards Kentucky at 5 p.m. after work. It would stay light until 8:30 p.m. was my guess and I could at least get out of town. “Where are you going again,” asked a friend...

Keep human and fur babies safe in the heat

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-How hot is too hot?. The high temperatures we’re experiencing in South Central Kentucky can pose a danger…especially to young kids and pets. The most important thing for safe play outside is to keep your child hydrated. There’s an easy rule to know how much water...
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Land Between the Lakes Quota Deer Hunt Applications Available July 1-31

Land Between the Lakes, Ky/Tenn.- June 27, 2022 – Applications for firearm quota deer hunts at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area are available online. July 1-31: Quota hunt online application fees are $10. Quota hunts provide unique recreational opportunities within the region and help maintain healthy...

Spend the Night at this Haunted Opera House in Kentucky

I am convinced that there are two types of people in this world. The first are the ones (like me) who cover their eyes during scary movies and still somehow mange to jump out of their seat (It's that music, I tell ya). The second are the ones who celebrate Halloween for months on end and are more interested in people's real encounters with ghosts than the special effects of Hollywood. My aunt and uncle fall into the latter as they use their PTO from work to schedule ghost hunts all over Indiana and Ohio.

Puppy Rescued By U.S. Soldier Overseas Needs Help to Make it to His New Home in Kentucky

Goose the puppy has found his wingman; now, he needs a way to get home. According to Guardians of Rescue, an animal welfare nonprofit, Staff Sgt. Corey recently met Goose while deployed overseas. Several soldiers found the stray puppy whimpering, stuck in a drain, and decided to rescue the scared dog and bring him to Staff Sgt. Corey. The soldier and pet instantly fell in love, and now Staff Sgt. Corey is determined to bring the dog to his family and home in Kentucky.

Six New Bottled-in-Bond Whiskeys From Outside Of Kentucky

Bottled-in-Bond was created to set straight whiskey apart from rectified whiskey. It set a minimum standard of quality that requires the whiskey had to be 1) Made at one distillery, 2) Made in the same season, 3) Aged at least four years in a bonded warehouse, and 4) Bottled at 100 proof with nothing added but pure water. Many distilleries are mature enough now that they have four year old whiskey in their bonded warehouses and they are releasing bonded whiskey. It is their way of stating to the market that they are authentic and their whiskey was all made by them and not sourced. The law states that the DSP number of the distillery has to be placed on the label of bonded whiskey to show the source of the whiskey. In the past, some whiskey that was contract distilled was Bottled-in-Bond and the distillery making the whiskey allowed their DSP number to be used on the label or tax stamp. The prime examples for this were the private labels made by Stitzel-Weller for places such as the Drake Hotel and other labels that purchased barrels of whiskey from them with a contract to distill the whiskey for them.
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“Pups on the Patio” at Local Seltzery

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Local Seltzery and the Kentucky Humane Society have announced a “paws”-itive partnership to help those furry friends in need. Every Sunday the Local Seltzery will host a “Pups on the Patio” event to benefit local pets looking for their forever home. The event will donate 10% of Sunday sales to the humane society.