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Cleveland offers more jobs than some Sun Belt powerhouses

Greater Cleveland is creating more jobs than most cities in the Midwest region and, indeed, more than in some Sun Belt economic powerhousesGraves Lumber. That is intensifying the demand for more new housing, including these apartment buildings being built by Columbus-based Avenue Partners on West 73rd Street in the Battery Park area.
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Duck Island apartments, townhouses planned

Proposed by M Panzica Development LLC, the Abbey Ave. Apartments & Townhomes, would fill one of the largest undeveloped plots in Duck IslandGLSD. The enclave is actually part of Tremont but many consider it a transition area between Tremont and Ohio City to the west. Either way, it’s a hot development zone. This is the northeast corner of the proposed apartment and townhome development.
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Sherwin-Williams sets new HQ groundbreaking date

Sherwin-Williams’ new headquarters tower will be the fourth-tallest building in downtown Cleveland’s skylinePickard Chilton. Reaching 36 stories and 616 feet above the corner of West 3rd Street and Superior Avenue. But the exact site where the golden shovels of a groundbreaking ceremony will turn shovels of dirt isn’t exactly clear. The new date for that ceremony is — 5 p.m. Dec. 15, 2021.
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Apartments + Meijer market to break ground Dec. 14

Grocery store supports more Fairfax, University Circle developmentsBialosky. An expansive six-story apartment building with a ground-floor Meijer grocery store at Cedar Avenue is one of many developments getting underway along and near East 105th Street at the east end of the new Opportunity Corridor Boulevard. Ground will be broken for this new building on Dec. 14.

Sherwin-Williams HQ builders to get an HQ, too

View and location of the 18,000-square-foot Gilman Building next to the 1-million-square-foot Sherwin-Williams global headquarters.Pickard Chilton. The Gilman will apparently endure for a couple more years as the construction offices for the headquarters project after a construction management firm acquires it in the coming days.

Browns V Lions | WK11 NFL 2021

A messy win, but amazing run performance on both sides. D'andre Swift legit looked like the future answer at running back for the Lions. Nick Chubb putting up a great solo performance without Kareem Hunt, although expectations are already high for him considering he is considered one of the best backs in the league, and in my opinion with Derrick Henry out he is currently the best. Coaching will continue to look like a issue for the Browns so eventually they'll have to make a change their or at the quarterback position and move on from Baker, which I don't see happening anytime soon, but you never know. Twitch: Hallonmars1

BOOMING! More big East Side warehouses coming

Four large development sites on Cleveland’s near-east side, Opportunity Corridor, Slavic Village host the mostMyPlace/KJP. Four large development sites on Cleveland’s near-east side, ranging in size from 11 to 40 acres, are already on the market and/or being developed for one user or many end users to capitalize on the locally and nationally booming warehousing and light-industrial market. All the sites are close to major highways and transit lines to ensure access to shipping routes and the region’s workforce.

Four regional trail projects advance

Cleveland Metroparks get $950,000 to make four regional trail projects shovel-readyMetroparks. Four regional trail projects in Cuyahoga County were advanced in their planning to either study their feasibility or to develop detailed engineering and environmental documentation so they can be eligible for federal construction dollars.

Cleveland Clinic to demolish ex-Cleveland Play House

Clinic has no long-term development plans for the siteGoogle. Featuring three theaters around a central rotunda, the 1984 renovation of the Cleveland Play House and inclusion of the former Sears department store resulted in the largest regional theater complex in the United States totaling nearly 300,000 square feet. But since CPH moved to the Allen Theater downtown in 2011, Cleveland Clinic Foundation has struggled to find a new use for the facility which is to be razed.

Sherwin-Williams HQ groundbreaking delayed

An empty Jacobs Lot on Public Square in downtown Cleveland greeted pedestrians, motorists and homeless peopleKJP. An empty Jacobs Lot on Public Square in downtown Cleveland greeted pedestrians, motorists and homeless people on the November 16th morning. Instead, there was supposed to be a large tent set up on this lot for a ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate the official start of construction of Sherwin-Williams’ new global headquarters.

What Was That Wednesday Night? And, What Happens If All Of A Sudden We Lost Our Grid?

Screenshot via Warren’s Real Breaking News! on Meta. Oh, my! What was that Wednesday night? At between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., everything in my house went black for about 2 seconds before returning to normal. My TVs, my lights in the kitchen, the baby’s room, and even my indoor tropical garden, which I keep lit with about 30 or more energy-efficient grow lights, so my plants don’t die in the winter.

Fairfax Market development wins financing

Site near Cleveland Clinic, University Circle to be Meijer store, apartmentsBialosky. Now just vacant land, the southwest corner of East 105th Street (at left) and Cedar Avenue (at right) will likely be a very different place soon. With construction due to start early next year on the Fairfax Market and many other developments nearby, this part of the Fairfax neighborhood may be a vibrant, urban neighborhood in just two years.

Two Tremont markets fade in a rite of passage

Tremont doesn't have a grocery store but it does have tiny neighborhood markets. And two are about to fade into history.KJP. If left unattended for one growing season, the vines would surely swallow up the Fairfield Food Market in Tremont. The dive is a reminder of Tremont’s working-class era as well as the years before gentrification began to take hold at the start of the 21st century. But gentrification swallowed up the market before the vines could.

Don’t Count On 911 To Find You When You’re Injured On The Trail

The weather in Ohio has been crazy. It’s the middle of November and you can still hop on the bike and take a comfortable spin through the woods and cornfields. My friend and his wife headed out yesterday on a trail near Akron. We’re lucky to be near a lot of well-maintained, picturesque trails that follow the old Ohio and Erie Canal system throughout Northern Ohio. (Find out more about the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail here and here.)