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Popeye’s is Coming to Kennewick, but NO Cajun Rice for You!

With all the talk about Popeyes coming to Kennewick (you can read that article HERE), my wife and I thought we would make a quick run to Sunnyside to grab our favorite Popeyes fixins for dinner. My wife got the chicken sandwich that has caused so much ruckus, and it is actually quite good. I had the chicken nuggets that were crispy delicious. I dip them in their blackened Ranch dressing, which is really good. Anything blackened is not burned you know! It's blackened with the seasonings. And the ranch dip is not by any means black but has the blackening seasoning in it and it's very tasty. I also ordered a large Cajun Rice. To me, their Cajun Rice is not really a side dish, it's more the main event. I was saddened to hear through the little speaker in the drive-thru, that Cajun Rice is no longer on their menu! What? Really? So I Googled it and sure enough, Popeyes Cajun Rice fans are in an uproar and asking everyone to sign a petition to bring it back. I saw online where someone posted that they contacted Popeyes and a spokesperson said that it is off the main menu, but may come back. What the heck and why? So I settled for a large order of the red beans and rice. While I was missing my Cajun Rice terribly, the red beans and rice is actually really good. Surprisingly good. Spiced just right. Gives you just a tiny bit of heat on the back end! I mean on the back end of your taste buds silly. Here's hoping they bring their Cajun Rice back, but I was pretty satisfied with the red beans and rice to be honest. Looking forward to Popeyes in Kennewick and skipping the trip to Sunnyside in the near future.
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WSP slows traffic on the Blue Bridge, rescues injured cat

PASCO, Wash. – Washington State Patrol troopers employed a rolling slow down Friday, all to rescue an injured cat from the Blue Bridge in Pasco. Troopers said they had received multiple 911 calls and decided to get in front of traffic to pick the “scared little guy” up off the roadside.
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OMG! Burgers & Brew to open new restaurant in Hermiston

HERMISTON — OMG! Burgers & Brew is opening in downtown Hermiston on Oct. 1. It is the second location for the popular restaurant, which has operated in Pendleton for more than three years. It is a good time to open a restaurant, said Rodney Burt, OMG! owner. COVID-19 has caused...

Let's taco-bout the 5th annual Pasco Taco Crawl, get your tickets now

PASCO, WA – The fifth annual Pasco Taco Crawl is coming soon!. Taco trucks and Mexican restaurants in Downtown Pasco are participating in this annual event supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties. Customers, called “Taco Crawlers”, will purchase booklets - $25 until early September 20,...

4 animal deaths now tied to the Columbia River

RICHLAND, Wash. — After a press conference with the Benton-Franklin Health District on September 16, 2021, it was announced that there are now six incidents reported with animals getting sick and even dying after contact with the Columbia River. Rick Dawson, the Senior Manager of Environmental Health announced in the...
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TROT needs volunteers to lead horses in therapy sessions

KENNEWICK, WA – A local organization that offers equine therapy to people with physical and mental challenges is seeking volunteers to help lead horses during sessions. Therapeutic Riding of Tri-Cities classes are back in full swing and with an increase of new rider applications, staff with the organization need some help.
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Use the Force to find your way to Baby Yoda in this Tri-Cities corn maze

The Baby Yoda craze has spread to Pasco in the form of an eight-acre “Mandalorian” corn maze. Middleton Six Sons Farms carved the timely-themed maze for its annual fall festival at 1050 Pasco-Kahlotus Road in Pasco. “The last 2 years have been tough for both kids and adults — we...