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Missouri Crystals are INSANELY BEAUTIFUL! A Different Way of Crystal Hunting!

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I've never been to Missouri, but my friend Dustin who lives there sent me a box full of INCREDIBLE crystals that he has found there. Now, I absolutely want to go visit! So in this video my friend Allie and I unbox these crystals out at her farm, so before the unboxing I show you some of her beautiful farm animals, along with a song that I wrote! A lot of you may not know that I'm also a musician, but that is my other passion. Allie and I both had a blast opening these crystals. Thankfully it was a bright sunny day and all the crystals sparkled very nicely in the Florida sun. You can rest assured that one of these days I'll be traveling to Missouri to hunt for these incredible crystals myself!

The New York writer and the London used-book seller

Mark & Co. Booksellers in the 1960s that is now a restaurant.Source. One of my old favorite books is 84, Charing Cross Road written by Helene Hanff. It was recommended to me over 20 years ago and I still have an affinity with this book. It’s a quaint book published in 1970 and primarily consists of correspondence between writer, Helene Hanff, and Frank Doel, a dealer of used books at Mark & Co. in London, England.

Unsolved crimes by unidentified I-70 killer

I-70 crossing over the Kansas River from Kansas to Missouri in Kansas City.Wikimedia. On May 7, 1992, Sarah Blessing, age 37, was working alone in a gift shop known as Store of Many Colors. A video store owner, Tim Hickman, saw a man cross the parking lot and walk past his store. Then he heard a gunshot. When he got to his front door, he watched the man disappear around the corner. A grocery store clerk who outside saw the killer leave Blessing’s shop. He said the killer left the parking lot and walked up the hill behind Blessing’s store that led to Woodson Road.

Remembering the First ‘Secret Santa’ of Kansas City

Photo Credit: Steve Hartman, CBS News (Dec. 15, 2016). The late Philanthropist Larry Stewart would give away hundreds at Christmastime. Larry Stewart was one of the most generous men who came to be known as the Secret Santa of Kansas City. I remember hearing about him every Christmas through the years. He would always make the news going around handing out $100 bills to people he felt really needed it.