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Texas Is Home to the World’s Largest Spring-Fed Swimming Pool

Summer in Texas means you better have a pool (or lake) nearby or you just might not survive the brutal heat we're accustomed to. Whether you take a dip to cool off or merely for exercise, you need to visit Balmorhea State Park (close to Big Bend) to check out the Largest Swimming Pool in Texas. It's also the largest freshwater pool in the United States and the world's largest spring-fed swimming pool.
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Rattlesnakes Love Texas Beaches Too

Reposted from an article in 2021 to remind Texans to be extra careful on Texas beaches. You've heard of the movie, 'Snakes On A Plane' but thanks to the sunny spring weather and the life cycle of rattlesnakes, we have ' Snakes On A Beach" to watch ( out for) too.

Blue Bell has the Perfect Way to Keep Your Ice Cream Cold at Your Picnic

Its hot. That's why a nice bowl of ice cream is always in order to help cool us down. The thing about that heat is that ice cream won't last very long before it turns into an ice cream soup. Well, to no one's surprise, Blue Bell is here to help. They have a line of pint size koozies to help keep that ice cream in a solid state just a little bit longer.

Every True Texan Needs This New Blue Bell Koozie

This falls directly in the "why didn't I think of that" category. Blue Bell Ice Cream has come out with the most Texan accessory ever. If people don't live in Texas they don't really understand the need for koozies on drinks. It's super hot here, and we need something to keep our drinks from becoming immediately warm.

Waterfalls In Texas? Yep, Hit One Of These UP!

Waterfalls in Texas? Yes, why not! It's not the first thing you think of when thinking of TEXAS, but that's why it's even better when you find them. When's the last time you saw a waterfall in Texas? A waterfall in Texas definitely stands out. So, where are the waterfalls and which ones are closest to us here in West Texas? Check them out and don't go chasing waterfalls, unless they are in Texas! ! LOL.

The Weird History Between the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles

As the Orioles have officially won the series this week against the Texas Rangers. Let's take a look back at the history of these two teams. As many of you know, I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. When I was a kid, my city only had one professional sports team. The Baltimore Orioles and those 90's teams were STACKED. I have so many fond memories of going to Camden Yards and watching the Birds. As a kid with no football team in Maryland (remember Ravens didn't come til 1996 and the Colts left in 1984) I needed someone to root for.

Awesome! Your Kids Will Love What The Old Steinmart In Midland Is Going To Be!

A few months back, maybe even this time last year I wrote an article wondering and also making suggestions as to what the old Steinmart building in Midland off of the loop and Midkiff could be? View that article here. Despite my best efforts to manifest a Nordstrom Rack for myself or a Five Below for my kids, we now have an answer as to 'what is going in the old Steinmart in Midland?'

Don’t Miss Parker McCollum This Saturday At The Hacienda

You still have time to get your tickets for Parker McCollum this Saturday night at The Hacienda. Parker has been selling out venues all over the country and I am sure this one won't be any different. Get your tickets HERE!. The LimeStone Kid, now known as your ACM New...

Are These The Best Brick Oven Pizzas In Midland Odessa?

We all love Pizza, right? Well, there's Pizza, then there's Brick Oven Pizza. Does a pizza made in a Brick Oven just hit different? Is the crust different than a conventional oven? There are fans of regular Oven Baked and then there are fans of Wood Fire Brick Oven cooked pizza. I for one love both, but yes Brick Oven is awesome! The Brick Oven technique goes way back! I have fallen in love with Wood Fire Brick Oven Pizzas. Check out these places that serve pizza cooked by Wood Fire or Brick Oven. And, if you know of some other places that do Wood Fire Brick Oven, tell us in our comments below so we can add them to the list. Are these some of the best here in Midland Odessa?