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Worst-case scenario puts Oahu aquifer at risk

Honolulu would face some serious pain if the aging tanks that store some 187 million gallons of Navy jet and diesel fuel at Red Hill were to suffer a catastrophic leak. You're reading a premium story. Read the full story with our Print & Digital Subscription. Already a subscriber? Log...
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Honolulu shut down its largest water source in Oahu due to reported contamination of Navy well near Pearl Harbor

Honolulu shut down its largest water source on Oahu Thursday night following reported contamination in the potable water system for Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. The city's Board of Water Supply (BWS) shut down the Halawa Shaft after the Navy said Thursday it found "a likely source of the contamination," which is believed to be petroleum chemicals initiated from the Red Hill well, the Navy confirmed in a virtual town hall meeting.
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Navy list resources for families impacted by water contamination during virtual town hall meeting Saturday

HONOLULU (KITV4) - Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Military Personnel held a virtual town hall meeting on Saturday regarding resources for military personnel and their families affected by the current water contamination. They provided resources to all those in the affected areas and answered questions regarding clean water, accommodations, and test...

Column: Trump moved U.S. in right direction by picking immigrants to aid U.S. security, economy

A sovereign government with a solid immigration policy determines who is permitted to enter the country, both temporarily and permanently, and picks citizens who will contribute to the country’s intellectual life, economic prosperity and overall safety. Mahalo for reading the Honolulu Star-Advertiser!. You're reading a premium story. Read the full...

Column: Board of Water Supply’s Ernest Lau is excellent example of quality official working for good of people

The headlines used to say “flirting with disaster,” but now Hawaii is facing a full-on pollution and health threat that has been worried about and directly predicted for years — pollution-causing leaks linked to the 20 gigantic military fuel tanks constructed under Red Hill. Mahalo for reading the Honolulu Star-Advertiser!

Honolulu cuts water supply for nearly 100,000 residents amid health concerns

The city of Honolulu has shut down a well that supplies water to nearly 100,000 residents in Hawaii in an attempt to avoid contaminating the water supply with petroleum from an underground aquifer it shares with the U.S. Navy. Nearly 1,000 military households have already complained that their tap water smells like fuel and some have reported experiencing stomach cramps and vomiting.Dec. 4, 2021.

Honolulu holiday lights event makes a comeback for 2021

Honolulu City Lights, a monthlong public holiday event that dates back to 1985, is returning to a more typical set-up this year after significantly adjusting in 2020 to meet Covid-19 regulations. The nonprofit event is operated by the City and County of Honolulu and for most of its history involved...

Hawaii Conventon Center will fully reopen in January

The Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu will reopen all of its exhibit halls in January. Since the onset of the pandemic, portions of the convention center have been used as temporary space for services such as unemployment claims processing, Covid-19 contact tracing, rental and housing assistance, vote counting for elections and holding the Hawaii bar exam. The center offered space for social distancing that the traditional venues for those activities did not.

After feeling ill for months, a Navy family asks: Was it the water?

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Inside her home at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Navy mom Jamie Simic gets bottled water, warms it on the stove and then washes her 7-year-old’s hair. They cannot use the tap water because the smelly oily water sometimes has a yellow color and it’s most noticeable in...

Column: Historic info at Pearl Harbor memorial deserves accuracy

The National Park Service (NPS), Department of the Interior, apparently doesn’t remember the “Day of Infamy” at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial (PHNM) very well nor has any desire to improve that situation — despite having the assets, real estate and funding to do so. Mahalo for reading the Honolulu...

Honolulu water utility shuts down well after fuel contamination

Honolulu's water utility said Friday it shut down one of its wells amid concerns over fuel contamination in the Navy's tap water supply, according to the Board of Water Supply. Why it matters: The fuel contamination concerns threaten one of Honolulu’s most important water sources and a key military base,...

Firecracker permit applications available

Planning to make some noise on New Year’s Eve? Then don’t forget to get a firecracker permit from the Honolulu Fire Department. You're reading a premium story. Read the full story with our Print & Digital Subscription. Already a subscriber? Log in now to continue reading this story. Print subscriber...