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CB2 Rejects ‘Mayor’s SoHo Rezoning Plan’ with Scathing Resolution

Last night, Community Board 2 overwhelmingly voted to reject what it called the “Mayor’s Plan” to rezone “SoHo, NoHo and Chinatown.”. In a bold lead statement, CB2’s SoHo NoHo Working Group released a resolution that rejected the rezoning proposal as follows: “The proposed SoHo, NoHo and Chinatown rezoning fails to achieve affordable housing goals and instead incentives office, dormitory and large retail development and will displace existing rent-protected and low-income residents.”
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Editorial — Give input on the maps: Residents need to participate in Aug. 12 redistricting hearing

In 2022, voters throughout New York will cast ballots for candidates in newly redrawn congressional as well as state Assembly and Senate districts. There’s nothing new here with this process. Data on population shifts based on work conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau every 10 years determines how boundaries look. This time-honored system stems from a mandate from the U.S. Constitution.
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Biden's voting rights betrayal

In a July 13 speech delivered in Philadelphia, President Biden suggested that he finally grasped the severity of the GOP attempts to fundamentally alter the way elections are done in this county. The 30 new election laws passed by Republicans in states across the country that will make it more difficult for Black and Latino voters to vote and easier for GOP legislators to wrestle control of elections away from non-partisan officials, Biden said, are the "most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War."
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Gov. Phil Murphy is begging NJ residents to get vaccinated

As the Delta variant keeps spreading and COVID infection rates keep climbing in New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy continues to beat the vaccination drum loud and clear. During the latest COVID update in Trenton on Monday, the governor implored everyone to get the vaccine, and he rejected suggestions by some that he’s using scare tactics to convince those who are not vaccinated to roll up their sleeves, or encourage an us-against-them scenario.
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“KMD – MF DOOM Way” street renaming ceremony announced in New York

The City Council of Long Beach has announced that a street renaming ceremony will be taking place in honour of late rapper and producer MF DOOM, real name Daniel Dumile. The street in Long Beach, New York, will be renamed “KMD – MF DOOM Way” to pay tribute to the artist’s musical projects. KMD was the hip-hop group Dumile formed with his brother, Dingilizwe ‘DJ Subroc’ Dumile, using the alias Zev Love X. MF DOOM was the moniker he later took on as his villainous alter-ego, along with Metal Fingers, Viktor Vaughan and King Geedrah.
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State invests $15M to lift COVID vaccinations

THE BRONX — The state will invest $15 million to encourage the last quarter of New York adults to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as new cases increase in communities with low vaccination rates, officials said. The state has 117 ZIP codes with new daily COVID infections per capita above the...
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Free Staten Island beach concerts are back for one weekend in 2021: Dates, acts and more need to know info

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Borough President James Oddo, along with The Bini Foundation, have announced two big summer concerts coming to Staten Island in August. The borough will be welcoming Vito Picone and the Elegants on Saturday, Aug. 14 at 6:30 p.m. at Turtle Circle in Midland Beach. Local musicians Lina Fiscardi and The Expressions will be joining this concert as the band’s special guests.