What Analytics Should Brands Ask For From Influencers?

At the end of this show each week, I invite you to ask me a question or present an influence marketing problem you might have and either email me about it, or even better, email me a voice recording so I can actually drop you asking it here on the show. So far, I haven’t had a lot of takers and that’s fine. Though, I will send you a signed copy of Winfluence the book if I use your question on the show.
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Is The Influencer Pay Gap Closing? And How Do We Tell?

According to The State of Influencer Equity report from IZEA, black creators on average make more than white influencers. But find a black creator that thinks that’s accurate and you might be the first. In fact, other studies and surveys show the influencer pay gap through the filter of race is still very far from equitable.
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Creating Influence in the Middle East

This is a special episode of Winfluence. I’m going to step aside and let you hear someone else guide a discussion about influence marketing. There’s another great show on the Marketing Podcast Network called The Endless Coffee Cup. Matt Bailey of Site Logic is the host of that show. He welcomes expert guests from all around the world on a variety of marketing and business topics.

A Deeper Dive into Gamers as Influencers

We learned on a recent episode of Winfluence that we’re all gamers. If you play Wordle, or 2048 or Solitaire on your phone, you’re considered a gamer. When you think of the label that way, and filter that label through the lens of influence and influencers, a stereotype is shattered a bit, right?

How to Find and use CPM in Influencer Marketing

It could be the economy. Or opportunity. Or greed. But I’ve become fed up with the ever-increasing price tags influencers and content creators are putting on brand engagements. For you brands and agencies out there, I’m guessing you might be as well. In the most recent edition of...

The Talent–Talent Manager Relationship

As you know here on Winfluence, we spend a good deal of time talking to influencers and content creators. We also have had the chance to dive into the talent management side of the industry and see the space from the angle of someone who is mindful of the creator’s business and the brand’s needs in interacting with them.

The Challenges of Good Influencer Discovery

Without question, the number one issue that brands and agencies have in the influencer marketing space is simply finding the right influencers to use for a campaign. While that might seem like a simple solution to solve for (there’s a whole industry of software companies with search algorithms meant to do so), typing a few characteristics into a search engine isn’t really a good solution, regardless of how complex the search engine’s algorithm is.

Everything Influencers Need to Know About Email Marketing

Too many content creators and influencers are building their homes on borrowed ground. And someday, the landlord may well swoop in and hand them an eviction notice. That analogy is actually a toned down version of reality, though. When an influencer or content creator puts all their content on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Facebook, they’re building their house on borrowed ground. When they build an audience there, they are decorating and investing in that house.

The Best Advice for Influencers From An Experienced Influencer

When you have the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional, you should always take it. When I found out I could get Chris Gibson on the line to pick his brain as it were about being an online content creator, an influencer who has created a career over the last 15-plus years doing that kind of thing, I knew I had to jump at the chance.

A Frank Discussion About The Influence Marketing Software Landscape

I’ve been working with and tinkering around on social media software, including influencer marketing platforms, for the better part of 20 years. I started cutting my teeth on content management platforms, social media management platforms … then in the late 2000s and early 2010s, I became somewhat established as having a degree of expertise with social listening platforms.

Presenting Own It: A Podcast Aimed at Closing The Ad Agency Gender Gap

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, but I have a day job. At Cornett. It’s an ad agency. And I love it there. What may come as a surprise to you is Christy Hiler, the owner at Cornett, is very rare in the ad business. And by that, I mean less than one percent of all advertising agency owners are women. Read that one more time.

The Alpha Collective is One Ticket to Web 3.0 Success

I waxed poetic a couple of weeks back about the Metaverse. It is part of the larger grouping of new technologies and opportunities that fall under the umbrella of Web 3.0. The Metaverse, which is largely virtual worlds, is all about experiences. Then you have crypto currency, which my best...

Public Speakers are Influencers. Here’s How to Find the Right Ones.

I attended my first in-real-life conference last week. Social Media Marketing World happened with actual, physical people in an actual physical place – the San Diego Convention Center – and mostly without masks, though the hugs and enthusiastic closeness is still faint compared to what they once were.

The Teenage Slime Queen Turned Successful Entrepreneur

About three or four years ago my daughter Katie came home with a gallon jug of borax and another of Elmer’s glue and announced she was going to make slime. As you can imagine, I was more than thrilled to have a 10-year-old playing with chemicals and food coloring all over my house.

An Event to Help Your Child Become a Creator

It shouldn’t surprise you that three times more children ages 8-12 want to be YouTubers than Astronauts. But there’s a good chance your child’s STEM program doesn’t yet account for the reality of the Creator Economy?. My pal T. Adeola is solving for this with the...

The Opportunity & Nuances of Gamers as Influencers

How many of you would call yourselves a gamer? Well, if you play Wordle, you’re a gamer. If you got sucked into Angry Birds, Candy Crush, or Trivia Crack … gamers all. I have 3-4 games I have on my phone to pass time waiting at a doctor’s office, or to watch while I sit with my family watching a show I’m either not into or can listen to rather than watch. That makes me a gamer.

Cooking Up Great Content With The Grill Dads

Many of you know I host another podcast on the Marketing Podcast Network called Digging Deeper. Occasionally on that show, we interview someone that has a perspective or focus on something that either is, or is related closely to influencer marketing. When we do, I like to share that interview here as well. Why not make sure you get the good intel, too.

What Brands & Influencers Need to Know About the Metaverse

The Metaverse has been on the top of minds and conversations of most people in the marketing space in the last few months. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg and Meta, ne’ Facebook, went all-in on VR to inflate stock prices because they had Oculus headsets to sell now, this seemingly new virtual world as a consumer and business reality has produced an explosion.