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Half a day in Ogden: what to do

I have spent a lot of time in Utah during my life, with both of my parents originally from the state. Recently, they relocated back and I’ve had the opportunity to visit as an adult, which has been a much different experience from taking trips growing up to visit grandma and grandpa as a family. I’ve found that the state has a lot more to offer than I previously thought and I’ve made a point to explore a new area each time I’ve visited family this year. As a liberal, non-religious lady with a passion for history, Ogden has been high on my list of places to visit, as I’ve heard from many sources that it developed an early ability to stand out on its own in a state that can sometimes seem a bit white-washed. I finally got the chance to spend a short day exploring the area and love it. I had such a great time that I am considering staying overnight for my next visit. In the meantime, I did figure out how to make the most out of a day trip to the city. If you are looking to do the same, here are my suggestions for your trip.
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Get your Denver pad Instagram-worthy: hidden and unexpected places to buy houseplants in Denver Part 2

I moved into a new apartment about six months ago. After not having my own place for several years, I have enjoyed each and every part of setting up my new home. From selecting trash cans to store under my kitchen sink to picking out the perfect comforter for my new bed, it’s been a really enriching and even empowering experience. Though I’ve loved it all and continue to enjoy the journey, one of my favorite aspects has been building a collection of houseplants. It was also the easiest place to start when it came to decor. After all, you can’t visit Pinterest or Instagram for even an ounce of apartment inspiration without becoming completely and utterly plant-hungry these days.
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Janice Formichella

A visit to Historic Downtown Provo

Though I’ve visited Utah many times in my life, I’ve never stopped to think about exploring the Provo area. It might have been my preconceived notions about what the college town may have to offer (the town houses the main campus of the LDS Brigham Young University), or maybe it was because I simply didn’t have the town on my radar. Regardless, it was never a place I would have thought to spend a free afternoon.
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Get your Denver pad Instagram-worthy: hidden and unexpected places to buy houseplants in Denver Part 1

Houseplants have become one of the biggest trends in the #apartmenttherapy segment on Instagram these days, so much so that it has nearly outgrown any niche status and could instead be considered a full-blown mainstream craze. Interiors aren’t considered drool-worthy unless they are creatively packed to the brim with various houseplants and no area of the home is off limits. “Traditional” houseplants (think leafy Pothos or ferns) are still perfectly welcome, just as long as they are plentiful and fill every spare inch. Succulents, once relegated to the window sill or perhaps used as fillers in larger gardens, are now one of the most popular pieces of apartment decor found online. And traditionally used in the Southwest as front yard ornaments, cacti such as bunny ears and totem pole are found indoors in apartments in all areas of the country.
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A-Hoy! My First Trip to Ship Tavern and the Discovery of My Regular Neighborhood Bar

It appears that I have landed in the land of the theme bar. Denver really has it all when it comes to creative spaces to drink and I am loving it! In the last week I have discovered (but not visited) a new Prohibition bar (story on that coming soon), a tiki bar, and a cowboy bar. For someone who can’t ever get enough kitsch or new experiences, I think I’ll be loving my Denver nightlife (or afternoon life...) adventures for a long time to come.
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A Solo Day in Denver: What To Do

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the single life. I relish in it. Right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, I’m also brand new in a city where for all intensive purposes, I don’t really know anyone. So, you may ask, do I get lonely?
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Denver: Two months in (am I glad I moved here?)

A few days ago I celebrated my two-month anniversary of living in Denver. I celebrated with a long walk through my new Capitol Hill neighborhood followed by a trip to the central library, attending a women’s history lecture, and a gluten-free beer with a smokey tempeh salad at the neighborhood vegetarian hang out. It was all the makings of what I hope will be a normal Saturday in my new city. it got me thinking about the droves of people who are moving to the area and their experiences. Are there other former expats without cars who are happy to be here? Are there other single gals just diving in and going for it, despite not having many contacts? How are other people basing their decision to come to the Mile High City?
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Denver Tourist To-Do or Not-To-Do #1: Byers-Evans House

Byers-Evans House: To do. Still an up and coming city yet to emerge with many nationally recognized landmarks of its own, seeing Denver as a tourist can be a bit confusing. At the very least, it can be hard to know where to start. There are lots of suggestions for out of town road trips and lovely scenic experiences. Then there are the classic “things to do” suggestions that may as well have been prescribed by the local government offices. Botanic Gardens, The Denver Zoo, Denver Art Museum, beer tours, etc. Nestled in the bottom of the list you may find the Byers Evans House museum, which operates underneath the History Colorado umbrella. You will certainly find it hiding under the more well-known Molly Brown House, but that’s just because of the famous name. The Byers-Evans House is a tourist experience that I give a “To-Do” rating. And here’s why.
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Got to get out and I have nowhere to go: my first trip to Esters Neighborhood Pub.

(Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado) Recently, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. It was Sunday afternoon, a time that often finds me itching for activity. I was staying with friends while waiting for the lease on my new apartment to start and the vibe at home was just, dull. 3:00pm hit and I had such an urge to get out of the house that I couldn’t resist it. AllI really felt like doing was scrolling through Pinterest to get decorating ideas for the said apartment, but I knew I couldn’t do it there.