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Real estate Leads - July 1, 2022

Find out what areas are developing rapidly to capitalize on growth opportunities for your business. Leverage data around foreclosures, building permits, mortgages, transactional data and more. Identify the individuals and developers securing the largest commercial and residential building permits in the area, with details on the date, location, dollar value...
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Podcast: BDO's Jim White on innovation and the economy

Jacksonville Business Journal Editor Timothy Gibbons recently sat down with with Jim White, tax partner lead for BDO's national and Florida health care industry practice, for a segment of the Florida Business Minds podcast. Sponsored by TECO Peoples Gas, the audio series features candid conversations with top business leaders from...
Picture for Podcast: BDO's Jim White on innovation and the economy
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Higher education isn't immune to inflation. Here's where it will hurt the most.

“Inflation is going to be really disastrous for higher education,” Griffith said. “(...)The vast majority of the schools don’t have the resources to correct for inflation.”. THIS ARTICLE IS FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Continue reading with your subscription. Access 4 weeks of business news and insights.
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Public Company Executives

Quirk transitioned to the role of executive vice-chairman and Nolan transitioned to the role of CEO on Feb. 1.

Liens & bankruptcies Leads - June 24, 2022

Learn which local businesses have recently filed for bankruptcy, unpaid income or unpaid payroll taxes. Mechanics' liens are included. Utilize this information to navigate opportunity and avoid risk. The latest information available concerning unpaid tax levies filed by the Internal Revenue Service against individuals and businesses. Federal Tax Liens (1)