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Jackson Schools Reviewing Two Proposals For New CTE Building

The Jackson County School Board will schedule a special called meeting to further review proposals to construct a new CTE building. The initial plans include a facility with four learning areas for trades such as HVAC. Director of Schools Kristy Brown called it the biggest project since the Jackson County Middle School or Dodson Branch School gym.
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Stories From the Past - She Sang At Her Own Funeral

Stories From the Past - She Sang At Her Own Funeral. Music was something she always loved, even as a very small child. Her daughters told me that never a day went by without her picking her guitar and singing an old gospel song or two. Her favorites were old ballads, gospel music, and of course, Mother Maybelle songs. Her name was Velma Brown Hood, someone whose voice sounded a lot like Mother Maybelle Carter. And when Velma passed away in August of 2004, she sang at her very own funeral.
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Former Jackson Schools Bus Driver Arrested For Sexual Battery

Former Jackson County School Bus Driver Kenneth Borawski has been arrested for sexual battery by an authority figure. The investigation began with a complaint of suspicious activity to School Officials who immediately started an internal investigation and contacted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Video recordings provided by the Jackson County School System as well as statements obtained by the investigators uncovered evidence that Borawski had inappropriate contact with an underage female during his duties as a bus driver.

Jackson Student Leading 4-H Dairy Month In Her Community

The month of June is Dairy Month as local 4-H’ers showcase the industry to the community. Jackson County Student Savannah Agee serving a second year as the county’s chairperson. Agee said from school visits to senior centers, she spends this month promoting the industry. “Dairy Month is not...

Escaped ADOC inmate from Jackson County recaptured

UPDATE: As of Sunday, June 5 at 12:29 p.m., Johnny Lewis Payne was recaptured. ADOC says the Marion County Sheriff's Office in Marion County, TN recaptured Payne. He surrendered without violence. PREVIOUS: Authorities in south Alabama are searching for a convicted thief who escaped from a corrections department community-based facility...

#4. Jackson County

- Median household income: $35,880 --- 34.6% below state average, 44.8% below national average - Households earning over $100k: 9.7% --- #3,038 highest among all counties nationwide - Households earning less than $15k: 16.7% --- #172 highest among all counties nationwide

Districts Ignore State Policy, Deny Special Needs Services to Homeschooler

When Cassandra requested special education services from her local school in Tennessee, she was told her daughter could not receive any while being homeschooled. District staff clarified that Cassandra would have to seek services for her daughter in a different school district, the one where her church-related homeschool umbrella is located. But when Cassandra sought services there, she was told she wasn’t eligible because she wasn’t residing in the district.

Educators Working To Get Students Re-Engaged Post-COVID

Educators across the Upper Cumberland have expressed difficulty getting students reengaged with school after COVID. Jackson County High School Principal Jason Hardy said that he has seen signs of disengagement in his students. He said that faculty and staff made it a priority to get kids back to a routine this school year.

Jackson To Use $1.9M Of ARP Funds To Extend And Rehab Water Lines

Jackson County working to extend and rehab the water line in four areas of the county. Mayor Randy Heady said those areas include Big Branch, Lambert Hollar, Sycamore Hollar, and Spring Fork Creek Road. He said that the project has been in the works since he first took office. “One...

Granville Fire Department board approves plan to reduce insurance premiums 15-20%

$85,000 raised since January through memberships, grants, donations; $40,000 additional required. GRANVILLE – Following a reorganization in January, the Granville Fire Department has raised $85,000 of $125,000 required to fund a plan expected to lower fire insurance premiums by 15-20% for Granville residents and businesses. The plan includes recruitment incentives for up to seven volunteer firefighters who will receive a $1,000 stipend upon completion of a rigorous 12-week, 94-hour training program, a $25 stipend for any Jackson County firefighters responding to fire calls in the Granville fire district and purchase of essential equipment. Included is a $40,000 “dollar for dollar” matching grant to close the gap on required investments.

Jackson Chamber Hosting Small Business Seminar Thursday

Jackson County Chamber of Commerce will partner with the Small Business Development Center to help small businesses learn more about funding opportunities. Tyler Asher is the Small Business Development Center Director. He said that the seminar Thursday morning at 11 will help small businesses more efficiently apply for loans, and explore other lending avenues.

Jackson Schools Sends TCAT Hartsville Contract For Review By Board Attorney

Jackson County Schools has sent its TCAT Hartsville contract to its board attorney for review. Director of Schools Kristy Brown said that the board directed her to do so after recent changes in the contract that involves TCAT Hartsville and Macon County Schools. “Because we’re working with another school board...

Jackson Seeking Professional Services For Airport Development

Jackson County issued a request for professional services to help in the development of the Jackson County Airport. Mayor Randy Heady said that this process is one that occurs about every five years. He said that engineering services like these help get airport funding, maintain upkeep, and assist in new projects and upgrades.