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Geek taxidermy: Get wall art in the form of a disassembled iPod Classic or iPad mini

Grid Studio disassembles well-loved gadgets and presents their rearranged innards as framed wall art. And its nostalgic collection for Apple fans just got two new entries. The collection now includes a fourth-generation iPod Classic and a first-generation iPad mini for your aesthetic consideration. Grid Studio adds disassembled iPod Classic and...
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How to get a free gift card ($1000)

The iTunes gift cards available in the market are a dime a dozen. The cards can be accessed in multiple ways, either from a particular site directly or from a link that has been posted on a reliable site. The thing to note as with all other down loads is that this must be the original version and not a fake that will let you down.
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Try this strong cable if you keep replacing your broken charger

How often are you replacing your iPhone charger cable? What about the charger for your iPad? Apple products are great, but the stock cables don’t exactly last that long. Luckily, buying from a third-party manufacturer doesn’t mean settling for something that wasn’t specifically designed for your devices. VIBRANCE Connect USB-C to Lightning Cable are high-quality cables made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod (MFI), and for a limited time, all sorts of cute-colored cables are on sale for $39.99.  If you’re still using the cable your iPhone came with, you’re probably getting used to the sight of a fraying base and a...

RIP Car Thing, Spotify's weirdest experiment yet

Car Thing, Spotify’s unique and short-lived in-car device, is no more. The streaming service quietly announced it had discontinued its first foray in hardware during its Q2 earnings presentation, noting that the decision “negatively impacted” its reported gross margins. A short life — It’s a strange end...
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Analysis: Why Spotify's 'Car Thing' Was Destined for the Hardware Graveyard

LOS ANGELES/STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Spotify Technology SA's Car Thing player is now a thing of the past. The world's leading audio streaming service on Wednesday announced it would discontinue the device just five months after it became available to all users in the United States. In doing so, Spotify became the latest software technology company to stumble in an attempt to build hardware.

What? Billings Shopper Finds Brand New Walkman Knockoff at Target

When I was a kid, a Walkman was the coolest electronic gadget available. Look, ma! It's portable! I can take my Poison and Motley Crue cassette anywhere. Before there were CDs (and long before the invention of the iPod), cassettes had revolutionized the way we purchased and enjoyed music. Released in 1979 with a retail price tag of $150, the Sony Walkman allowed us to take the tunes anywhere. Millions of units were sold until the company finally discontinued the legendary portable cassette player in 2010.