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Iowa Dog Cruises Down Interstate

Iowa roads always have something weird going on with them... Usually, it's road work, but This TikToker caught an unusual sight while on 151 North while heading to Cedar Rapids from Dubuque. She saw a dog sitting on the back of a truck while going about 70 miles an hour.
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Hunt For Fossils On The Beautiful And Easy Russell Wildlife Rabbit Trail In Iowa

Finding buried treasure is usually just a pipe dream, but not at Russell Wildlife Area in Iowa. If the treasure you’re after is fossils, you won’t be disappointed at this 220-acre county park hidden in Mahaska County. You’re likely to pick up a whole handful of various fossilized water plants and animals… and you’re even […] The post Hunt For Fossils On The Beautiful And Easy Russell Wildlife Rabbit Trail In Iowa appeared first on Only In Your State.
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When It Comes to State Fair Food Iowa Crushes Missouri

A website has ranked the BEST foods at all the state fairs and honestly Iowa's item sounds 100 times better than what they chose for Missouri. has ranked the BEST fair foods by state and their results when It comes to Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri are interesting. According to their ranking Iowa have the tops of the fair food in my opinion, they say the best fair food in Iowa is a Porkchop on a stick from the pork tent. Then of the Tri-States I would say Illinois would come in second place with a classic corn dog from a place called Vose's Korndogs apparently Willie Nelson has requested those specific corn dogs. AND then they have Missouri.......
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Marketing 101: Why Did This Iowa Whiskey Turn its Back on Iowa?

First and foremost, I love whiskey, and still love Templeton Rye whiskey even though they did Iowa dirty. It's my grandfather in-laws favorite whiskey (he's a native Iowan). For years, actually. And we'll get into that. First, though, they are making things right, which we'll also cover. So for starters, let's get into why Templeton Rye, a popular Iowa whiskey is no longer made in Iowa.
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An Iconic Iowa State Fair Ride is Getting Its Own Butter Sculpture

The famous Butter Cow won't be alone at this year's Iowa State Fair! Another butter sculpture will be making its debut in 2021. If you've ever been to the Iowa State Fair, then you've no doubt noticed the giant green and yellow slide that's stationed on the fairgrounds. Well, this year is that slide's 50th anniversary, so the Iowa State Fair has decided to celebrate the occasion the best way they know how... by giving it its own butter sculpture! The Iowa State Fair's website reads:

New chapter in space travel may take a while to reach Iowans

Governor Reynolds is set to address the recent deployment of Iowa State troopers to the U-S Mexico border in Texas. Support from host communities makes RAGBRAI rider proud to be an Iowan. Updated: 3 hours ago. A first time RAGBRAI rider said the support from host communities makes him proud...
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Sioux City man wins $25,000 Iowa Lottery prize

SIOUX CITY -- A Sioux City man recently won $25,000 in an Iowa Lottery scratch game. Ramon Puente, 21, won the prize playing the Wild Bingo scratch game and claimed his winnings Tuesday at the lottery's regional office in Storm Lake. He bought the winning ticket at the Casey's store in Correctionville.