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How to stop the iOS Photos app from showing pictures of your ex

Imagine this: you’re having a nice day, the weather is great, you’ve enjoyed a brilliant breakfast… and suddenly your iPhone shows a photo memory with your ex to inadvertently ruin your day. Why, you ask, as you curse the heavens, does this have to happen to you?...

Facebook accused of failing to detect ‘rampant election fraud’ campaign ad bought by Trump-backed Republican

Facebook has been accused of failing to detect and stop a campaign advert repeating the “Big Lie” about the 2020 election bought by a Republican candidate who backed by Donald Trump.In the aftermath of Mr Trump’s defeat by Joe Biden, several social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, embarked on efforts to address false information spread that the election had been rigged.Mr Trump, who was one of the biggest spreaders of falsehoods about the election, was banished from both platforms, and social media companies said they were working to address disinformation in the months ahead of November’s midterm election.The...

Facebook-owner Meta to share more political ad targeting data

May 23 (Reuters) - Facebook owner Meta Platforms Inc (FB.O) will share more data on targeting choices made by advertisers running political and social-issue ads in its public ad database, it said on Monday. Meta said it would also include detailed targeting information for these individual ads in its "Facebook...

Google and Match Group sign prenuptials before heading to trial over Play Store billing

Earlier this month, Match Group, the company behind dating services Match, Hinge, Tinder, and OKCupid, filed a court complaint against Google, joining numerous other app publishers alleging that the company abuses monopoly power by forcing them to use the Play Store's billing program — and accept divvying away up to 30% of their revenues — in order to be listed on the platform. This week marked a temporary settlement between the parties, but it may only set in place a holding pattern preceding a trial.

New parents Google more than 2,000 baby questions during infant’s first year!

NEW YORK — From diaper rash to sleeplessness — the average American parent worries about their baby 2,153 times within the first year. A new survey polled 2,000 U.S. parents with a child under two analyzed the ups and downs of their baby’s first year and finds that parents worry about their baby six times each day. These worries come from a good place, however, as 62 percent of parents often or always consider how their decisions now will impact their baby’s future.

The 6 Best Websites for Children to Learn a Foreign Language

Children generally find it easier and quicker to learn a language than adults; if you have kids of your own, you should encourage them to become multilingual. Whether it's understanding other cultures, the freedom to communicate when traveling, or greater job opportunities, the benefits of learning another language can't be overstated.