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UK ministers were warned of Rwanda political killings before approving flight to deport asylum-seekers

Ministers attempting to send asylum seekers to Rwanda were warned by a Foreign Office official that the government in Kigali used “abitrary detention, torture and even killings” to stifle political opposition, the High Court has been told.Priti Patel’s Home Office is currently embroiled in a legal row over whether its asylum policy is lawful and – ahead of a court battle next month – foreign secretary Liz Truss has sought this week to keep certain documents relating to the government’s plans a secret.The contested extracts relate to comments made by an unnamed Foreign Office official tasked with reviewing a...
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8PM: Bump “Relative Stangers”

A new episode of Bump airs Thursday at 8PM on WCCB Charlotte’s CW. Click to watch season trailer on YouTube. BUMP is an Australian comedy-drama series about Olympia Chalmers-Davis, an overachieving 17-year-old student who knows exactly where she’s going. Her boyfriend, doctor’s son Lachie ticks all the right boxes; she and her best friend, Reema, share an ambitious 10-year plan: top grades, international relations at a university, work for the UN, save the world.

Rwanda asylum plan: UK ministers partially lose Rwanda secrecy bid

Ministers have partially lost an attempt to keep secret a series of comments about Rwanda from an adviser. The High Court said on Wednesday some of what the adviser had told ministers must be disclosed in a major court case over the Rwandan refugee policy. Lawyers for the government had...
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Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in... Vietnam?

By now most of us are familiar with the fact that (most) Apple products are assembled in China. Well, this could very well change in the foreseeable future. Reports suggest that Apple is expanding production diversification in Vietnam. The American tech giant will start making Apple Watches and MacBooks there for the first time.

Firefighters subdue deadly blaze at key oil facility in Cuba

HAVANA (AP) — A deadly fire that consumed at least half of a large oil storage facility in western Cuba and threatened to bring more power failures to the island’s already fragile electricity system was largely controlled Wednesday after nearly five days, authorities said. Flames that recently consumed the fourth tank in the eight-tank facility in Matanzas were almost quelled, although the third tank remained on fire and surrounded by smoke, officials said. Col. Daniel Chávez, second in command at Cuba’s firefighting department, said the fire could keep burning for the next couple of days, but he did not expect it to spread further. He said the next step is to cool the area. The blaze killed at least one person and injured 128 others, with 14 firefighters still reported missing and 20 people hospitalized. The fire also forced officials to evacuate more than 4,900 people and shut down a key thermoelectric plant after it ran out of water, raising concerns about a new round of blackouts in addition to the ones the government announced last week for Havana.