“I Wanted To Drop To My Knees And Crawl Into A Ball.” Cancer Survivor Shares 5 Tips For Weathering Life’s Storms, Urges, “We Can Persevere.”

This article originally appeared on and reflects their mission and beliefs. I wanted to drop to my knees and crawl into a ball. The radiologist had seen suspicious masses, and after a biopsy, I awaited the results. I received the call while driving and pulled into the closest parking lot to answer. I stepped out of my vehicle to hear the results. The only words I remember from that conversation are “you have breast cancer.” I had my four kids strapped into their car seats and needed to process this information and get back to mom duty. The store could wait. I called my husband, cried hysterically as I reported the news, and then pulled myself together to drive home. This would be one of many events I would experience in surviving the storms of life.

Engineering Students Craft Custom Bike So Man With ALS Can Feel The Wind On His Face.

Once an Auburn Tiger, always an Auburn Tiger. Back in 1986, Gary Godfrey was an industrial engineering student at Auburn University in Alabama. He was also an athlete who rubbed shoulders with NBA great Charles Barkley on the basketball team. Gary met his wife Carol, also an Auburn alumna, and had a successful career in logistics for 30 years before he was diagnosed with ALS in 2019.

Feisty Mama Cat Trusts Humans Again Thanks To Her Rescuers — And 1 Loving Dog.

Stray cats are often half-wild and have minimal trust for human beings. Many have only experienced cruel treatment from the people around them, so it’s difficult to convince them that some people are genuinely good and want to help. When animal rescuer Kim first saw a pregnant black-and-white cat in her neighborhood, she had to set a trap to get the animal to safety.

World’s Youngest Opera Singer Stuns Everyone With Golden Buzzer-Worthy High Notes.

Victory Brinker believes that everyone has a talent. Hers just happens to be unforgettable!. Adopted as an infant, the Latrobe, Pennsylvania child was constantly using her voice from the moment she could speak. Mom Christina Brinker claims she noticed her baby’s “perfect pitch” when she was just 2 years old. By the time she was six, Victory declared she wanted to be an opera singer, and she didn’t want to wait to do it.

This Man Grabbed A Suitcase — And It Grabbed Him Back!

A man was loading luggage into his car when he noticed that one of the suitcases was considerably heavier than the rest. Still, he didn’t think much of it as he dragged it toward the trunk… until a hand reached out and grabbed him! Turns out, his sister who had claimed she wasn’t going to make it to their family vacation actually had a trick up her sleeve —and what a trick it was! Her brother totally fell for it!

The Best Find: Teacher Reunites With Military Son During Lost And Found Day.

A New Jersey teacher never thought she would “find” something (or someone) special during her high school’s designated Lost and Found Day. This day is an opportunity for students to claim lost items like lunchboxes, clothing, and school supplies. That’s why, when she saw her son walk onto the stage, she was in pure shock. Because her son is in the military, she had no idea he was back in the States much less at her school!

15 Reasons To Get A Duck That Are Honestly Pretty Convincing

When we think of pets, we normally think of dogs, cats, and maybe the occasional indoor bunny. We don’t often think of ducks as being pets; they’re more like farm livestock. There’s a Twitter page that disagrees with this line of thinking, however. “Why You Should Get A Duck” has more than 487,000 followers who have all become duck fanatics thanks to their uber-cute posts. Honestly, their evidence is pretty convincing.

Cat With Purrfect Zoom Attendance “Graduates” Alongside Her Human.

Woody Allen once said, “80 percent of success in life is just showing up.” There’s so much truth in that statement!. Francesca Bourdier did a lot more than just show up to earn her degree from the University of Texas at Austin, but when graduation rolled around, she wanted to acknowledge the friend who kept her company during every single Zoom class she attended: Her cat, Suki.