A Fiery Midair Collision Between Planes That Horrified the World

The world's deadliest mid-air collision between planes occurred on November 12, 1996, over the village of Charkhi Dadri in India. The planes involved in the crash were Saudi Arabian (Saudia) Flight 763, a Boeing 747 en route from Delhi to Dhahran in Saudi Arabia, and Kazhakstan Airlines Flight 1907 which was inbound from Chimkent, Kazhakstan.
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New research challenges established ideas about infant crying

If you are a new parent who, in a more or less sleep-deprived state, googles this question, then the answer could reassure you. Many top Google hits will refer you to an old study which concludes that infant crying normally peaks at around the age of six weeks, after which it decreases markedly and stabilizes at a low level after three months.
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Hindu women press for access to Indian mosque, in latest dispute

MUMBAI/LUCKNOW, India, May 20 (Reuters) - A court case started by five Hindu women in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's political constituency has become the latest battleground in India between the Hindu majority and minority Muslims over access to historically contested religious sites. The women, backed by an influential hardline Hindu...

Woman visiting from India says she was taken into a van, robbed in Queens

A woman in Queens said she was grabbed off the street, taken into a van, and robbed while she was on her way home from temple in Richmond Hill. “The guy on the front said, ‘If you speak, we’re going to kill you,’” said the woman, who would only be identified as Mrs. Kaur because she's scared for her life.

Actress Pallavi Dey Found Dead, Partner Arrested

Pallavi Dey, who stars in the Bengali TV series Mon Mane Na, was found dead on May 15 in Kolkata, India. Her family suspected murder, and her live-in partner, Sagnik Chakraborty, was arrested on Tuesday. Dey was 25. Authorities found Dey hanging from a ceiling fan, leading investigators to suspect...

Teacher arrested in India for bringing beef to lunch

A Muslim teacher in India was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly bringing beef to school for lunch.Dalima Nessa, the headmistress of Hurkachungi middle school in Assam’s Goalpara district, brought cooked beef along to a local school festival, when the education department was conducting a periodic review of the functioning of the government school and facilities.“The incident occurred on 14 May, when the headmistress got beef from her house so that she could offer it to the guests, including the teachers and villagers,” Mrinal Deka, the additional superintendent of police in Goalpara district, told The Independent.“The offer was not well-received with...

More than 200 kidney stones removed in one hour from single patient in India

At least 206 kidney stones were removed by doctors from the organs of a 56-year-old man in an hour in India’s southern Telangana state.The man from Hyderabad city was reportedly suffering from severe pain on the left side of his groin for six months.The increasing heat reportedly exacerbated the man’s pain.Doctors at the city’s Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital removed the stones from the man through a laparoscopy or keyhole surgery – a procedure that allows a surgeon to access the inside of the abdomen and pelvis without having to make large incisions in the skin.The patient was using locally prescribed...

Amazon Hit With Discrimination Complaint

Click here to read the full article. The New York State Division of Human Rights alleges that Amazon discriminates against workers with disabilities and pregnant employees. This content is for Limited, SJ Promo- 40% off, Annual, SJ Promo 50% off, $2/ Week, $3 / Week, SJ Promo- 25% off, $15 a Month and SJ Test 1 members only. You can read up to five free articles each month with a Limited Level Subscription. Please visit the site and log in, or subscribe to read. More from Sourcing JournalChildren's Place Talks Amazon Launch, Pack-and-Hold StrategyNew York Assembly Voted to Ban PFAS From 'Common Apparel.' Here's What That Means.Can Consumers Shop Amazon Responsibly? This Startup Thinks SoBest of Sourcing JournalDTC Explainer: Everything You Need to Know about Direct-to-ConsumerTariffs and Their Place in the American EconomyThe AEPC: Learning More About India’s Apparel Export Promotion Council

More than 1.2bn people face potentially fatal health risks from extreme heat, report says

More than 1.2bn urban and rural poor people are at high risk from extreme heat and a lack of cooling, a new report states.This represents an increase of more than 28 million people compared to 2021, according to Chilling Prospects, a report by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL).The release of the report comes as South Asia struggles with a long-running heatwave that has seen temperatures hit an unprecedented 49C in Delhi.The same temperature has been recorded in other parts across India and Pakistan , while governments issue health warnings and urge people to remain indoors.Damilola Ogunbiyi, CEO and Special Representative of the...

Poorer workers struggle amid India's brutal heatwave

Jeetu sells clothes in a cart for a living. As extreme temperatures in some parts of India reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit, families like his are forced to choose between going to work under the agonizing heat or letting their families starve.

Singer Arrested for Road Rage

Police in Chandigarh, India arrested Punjabi singer Kamal Khaira and another man for alleged road rage outside Panjabi University on May 12. Khaira and the other man, identified only as Randhir, allegedly assaulted a car driver near a gate that at around 10:20 p.m. that night, police said. Although the victim thought Khaira and Randhir may have been intoxicated, a medical examination found they were not, according to authorities. The suspects have been released on bail.

Assam: The mushrooms killing India tea garden workers

When Anjali Kharia sat down for dinner with her daughter on 8 April, she didn't know this would be their last meal together. After a long day of work at a tea garden in Assam's Chapatoli village, Ms Kharia had made her way home, walking through the gentle curves of the hills around her neighbourhood. She ate and slept immediately.

Thieves Return Stolen Treasure To Temple After Being Haunted By Nightmares

Thieves have returned stolen artifacts to a temple in Uttar Pradesh, India, after suffering nightmares following the theft. Last week, police said that thieves had stolen 16 idols of Lord Balaji, an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, from the temple in the Chitrakoot district. The idols were largely made of copper and silver, with one made of ashtadhatu – an alloy made of gold, iron, silver, lead, copper, zinc, tin, and antimony or mercury.