In These Times

In These Times

Damning Report Shows Unions Have Plenty of Money to Organize—They Just Don't Spend It

Many people who are passionate about the labor movement, myself included, have long had the vague but haunting sense that the most powerful institutions in the union world are not doing enough to stem the bleeding that has been sucking power from unions for decades. Well, there’s good news and bad news on that front. The bad news is: that sickening feeling was correct. The good news is: now we can put some numbers on it.
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Black Women Will Face the Brunt of Abortion Bans. The Solution Is Universal Healthcare.

On July 29, Louisiana reinstated a controversial abortion ban, which led to the immediate cancellation of procedures in the state. Following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade in late June, a number of states across the country have moved to outlaw abortion, and in Louisiana, women in poverty will bear the worst burdens of the newly reinstated ban. These women are the true experts regarding the fatal risks of taking away reproductive freedom in the state — not anti-abortion politicians.
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How a Small Town in Maine Stopped a Silver Mine

PEMBROKE, Maine — One May evening, residents packed into a Pembroke meeting room to decide the future of their town. On the agenda: Should Pembroke ban industrial metal mining?. The coalition of farmers, environmentalists and retirees who had called the vote wasn’t sure what to expect. Pembroke, a town...

Starbucks Holds Life-Saving Benefits Over Trans Workers' Heads

OVERLAND PARK, KAN. — Maddie Doran worked at the Starbucks on 75th Street and Interstate 35 for 10 months, ​“not only to pay the bills,” she says, but because the company’s health insurance covers gender-affirming surgery. Many health plans exclude gender-affirming care, despite the fact that the medically necessary procedures can be lifesaving — Harvard research shows gender-affirming care can significantly reduce suicidal ideation, for example.

The UAW Just Made It Easier for Auto Workers to Go on Strike

Reformers in the Auto Workers won day one strike pay at the union’s constitutional convention in Detroit last week. They also forced open debate on the top concession that has weakened the union in the last 15 years—tiered contracts that condemn newer workers to lower pay and benefits beside ​“legacy” workers doing the same job.

The White House's Plan to Stem Migration Protects Corporate Profits—Not People

Last month, the White House announced more than $1.9 billion in ​“private sector commitments” to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as part of Vice President Harris’ ​“Call to Action” to address the root causes of migration from northern Central America. The irony apparently lost on the White House is that it is promoting the same economic model that has caused so many to be forced to leave their homes and migrate in the first place. The United States has long promoted corporate interests, which generate profits for U.S. companies and local elites, at the expense of the majority of the peoples of northern Central America, and this new ​“Call to Action” is no different.

The Manchin-Approved Budget Bill: A Hell of a Lot Better Than Nothing

This year’s budget reconciliation bill — the recently announced Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) — debunks some popular nostrums on the Left, namely the idea that it doesn’t matter if Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is on the side of Democrats or Republicans in the U.S. Senate. This delusion is reflected in wishes to see Manchin disciplined for his egregious behavior, which has indeed been egregious, by being thrown out of the Democratic caucus, or by being deprived of his committee leadership positions. In either case, his vote would likely belong to Sen. Mitch McConnell, Republican leader in the Senate, and by that stroke, the new majority leader.

The New ‘Lavender Scare’ Is an Attack on the Working Class

Things are getting very dark in this country, and it’s likely going to get worse before it gets better. At every turn — as collective society breaks down, as the ruling class continues to rob us blind, as humanity barrels towards climate catastrophe — working people are being encouraged to turn on each other and to see certain groups of their fellow workers as the enemy. From the demonization and increasingly violent attacks against LGBTQIA+ people, to an extremist-dominated Supreme Court preparing to strip away queer people’s right to marry, to legislatures around the country working to eliminate trans people’s right to exist, we must respond to these assaults on our neighbors and coworkers with the same spirit of solidarity that gives life to labor’s eternal message: an injury to one is an injury to all. In this special and urgent episode, we speak with Gabbi Pierce and Martha Grevatt about how far the labor movement has come in defending the rights of LGBTQIA+ workers, how far we still have to go, and what role the labor movement can and must play in fighting for dignity and equality for all.

We Need a New Constitution

On June 30, capping off a controversial term, the Supreme Court issued a decision severely limiting the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate greenhouse gases. The court didn’t eliminate the ability of the executive branch to take climate action; there still are a wide range of things...

UK Rail Workers Prepare for Second Round of Strikes

Our summer Sustainer drive ends July 31, and right now we're halfway to our goal of 300 new members. Once you've finished reading, take a moment to check out the new Sustainer program. Last month, roughly 40,000 UK rail workers with the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers...

After the Fist Bump

We wanted to make sure you didn't miss the announcement of our new Sustainer program. Once you've finished reading, take a moment to check out the new program, as well as all the benefits of becoming a Sustainer. President Biden’s fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS),...